Joanie (born 1998)[1] is the daughter of Cecile Horton and the older maternal half-sister of Jenna West. She studies at Coast City University. Joanie is also a former stripper at The Golden Booty, where she went by the name "Jasmine".


Original multiverse

Meeting the Flash

In February 2017 at CC Jitters, Joanie and her mother, Cecile Horton, met with Joe West, Wally West, Iris West, and Barry Allen for coffee. When asked about school, Joanie explained she would attend Coast City University in the fall, but is undecided about her major. They then discussed The Flash and Kid Flash, with Joanie believing Kid Flash was a better superhero. Iris revealed to her that Joe knew Kid Flash, and when Joanie asked for his opinion, he couldn't decide which hero he liked more. Suddenly, they were attacked by Clive Yorkin, but Kid Flash "got there" in time and saved Joanie and the others.[2]

Nine months later in November 2017, Joanie returned home from Coast City University the weekend of Barry and Iris's bachelor/bachelorette parties. At the West house, Joanie and her mother looked at a sonogram of Cecile's unborn baby and the former expressed delight at finally having a sibling. As Joanie dropped her mother off at the restaurant where Iris's bachelorette party was being held, Cecile invited her to attend but the latter declined, explaining she already had plans.

That night, Barry, Joe, Cisco Ramon, Harry Wells, and Ralph Dibny went to a strip club/bar/restaurant, The Golden Booty, and found Joanie dancing there. Joe kindly but firmly discouraged her from being a stripper, to which she revealed that she was writing a book about the female experience, which included condemning male gaze. Joe encouraged Joanie to tell Cecile about her research. Afterwards, Joanie quit her job.[3]

Several weeks later, Joanie attended Barry and Iris' wedding. However, the ceremony was interrupted when Nazis from Earth-X attacked. During the subsequent battle, she and the other guests escaped. Joanie was then presumably taken to safety by Wally along with Joe and Cecile after having her memories of the attack erased.[4]

Joanie spent Thanksgiving in 2018 with her family, including her new baby sister, Jenna.[5]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Joanie as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[6] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[7]

New multiverse

"I sent Jenna to stay with her sister Joanie, so we know she's safe."
Cecile Horton[src]

Joanie looked after Jenna after Joseph Carver tried to kill Joe.[8]


Joanie is a studious, opinionated, savvy, outgoing, and friendly young woman. She appears to be slightly health-conscious, as shown by her refusal to drink coffee. Joanie is also blunt and straightforward, never afraid to speak her mind. She is a fan of Kid Flash and is always eager to talk about the superhero should anyone ask.

Joanie is also very socially aware and a feminist, being in the process of writing a book about the strength of a woman's character. She has developed a close relationship with Barry Allen, Iris, Wally, and particularly Joe West, whom she has accepted as a father-figure.


The Flash

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Stretched Scene


  • Joanie doesn't drink coffee since discovering that roasted coffee beans contain cancer-causing levels of acrylamide.[2]
  • Joanie is a fan of Doctor Who. However, her interest in the franchise was only piqued when a female was cast in the title role.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • Joanie is possibly named after Joanie Swift, a one-time speedster from Earth 2 who used Johnny Quick's speed formula.


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