Joe, code-named Heatstroke, was a meta-human and one of the four members of the Masters of Disaster.


Joe and his fellow Masters of Disaster did black ops for the government.

Joe thawed.

Heatstroke was revived from his cryostasis on Tobias Whale's orders after he acquired all four of the Masters of Disaster pods in 2019. By this point, Heatstroke had been in stasis for thirty years.[1]

Tobias intended to sell the meta-humans to the highest bidder and dispatched Heatstroke into Freeland to wreak havoc. He broadcast Heatstroke's rampage throughout the dark web as a kind of marketing video. During the rampage, Heatstroke used his pyrokinetic powers to kill Councilman Kwame Parker and his police bodyguards during a public speech he was holding. After killing Parker, Heatstroke began heating gas pipes throughout the city, resulting in homes in West Freeland catching on fire.[1]

Black Lightning faced off against Heatstroke and the two proved to be a match for one another. The arrival of Thunder turned the battle in Black Lightning's favor, forcing Tobias to order Heatstroke to retreat to avoid losing one of his potential assets.[1] When Lala came looking for Tobias, he saw that Black Lightning was getting beat, so Lala shot Joe to death saying that him and Black Lightning have no beef.[2]


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Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Joe's DNA was altered and his cells supercharged, turning him into a meta-human and thereby allowing him to access his powers.[1]
    • Pyrokinesis: Joe has the ability to project and control the fire from his hands.[1]


  • Hand-to-hand combatant: Joe was a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant.[1]


Black Lightning

Season 2


  • Joe is the only member of the Masters of Disaster to be identified only by his first name. All of the other Masters have been identified by their full names. This is seemingly a nod to his comic counterpart, whose real name was only known as "Joanne."

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Heatstroke is a member of the Masters of Disaster, who often faced off against Black Lightning and the Outsiders. The comic version of the character is female, whose real name was only known as "Joanne."
    • Joe is also the second case of gender-bending in the Arrowverse where a female character was changed into a man. The first was Lucious Coolidge, a fellow fire-based villain.


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