Joe Pantoliano is a known actor on Earth-1.


At some point in his life, Joe Pantoliano became a known actor and risen to prominence in The Matrix.[1]

Pantoliano's likeness and name were used on the posters of the movie, which has since became a popular culture staple. Until 2017, a poster of the movie hanged in Cisco Ramon's apartment until it was destroyed by Breacher.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Skilled actor: Pantoliano was able to become an actor in a popular movie.[1]
  • Gun handling: Pantoliano was proficient enough with guns to look authentic with them in the movie and on the poster.[1]


The Flash

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • In the real world, Joe Pantoliano is indeed a character actor who starred in The Matrix.
    • Although not noted anywhere in the Arrowverse as of now, Pantoliano portrayed a character named Cypher in the movie. On top of Cypher being a prominent nickname of several DC Comics characters, Pantoliano's Cypher had a cameo on an advertisement billboard for a pharmacy in Smax #1 published by DC's imprint America's Best Comics.


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