Joe Watkins (died April 21, 2017) was a former lab technician of Spheerical Industries. He was killed by Beth Breen due to his knowledge of the truth behind Biomax.


When Kara Danvers excused herself to give Lena Luthor some privacy with Jack Spheer, she was pulled aside by Joe Watkins. He told her that she was the only one that he could trust and told her that he had information on Spheerical's new Biomax. He asked for her to meet later in private. When they met, she asked him why did he go to her. Joe told Kara that she had taken it upon herself to warn the people about Cadmus and their plans and saw that she wanted to do the right thing. He told her that he had been fired from Spheerical after he had looked into the human testing records and found that there weren't any. He told her that Jack Spheer was launching an unsafe product just before Kara heard a strange sound. The next moment, the car exploded with the two of them inside. Kara had managed to get out unscathed but Joe had been killed.

His testimony was later used by both Kara and Snapper Carr on a story that exposed the truth about Biomax and the CFO Beth Breen who had really been behind his death.



Season 2

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