Joey Toledo (died 2018) was a member of The 100 and the right-hand man of Tobias Whale.


The return of Black Lightning

After Lala attempted to escape, Joey and a henchwoman stopped him in his tracks, pointing guns at him. They then took him to Tobias Whale.[1] Sometime following, Toledo watched as Tobias hired an assassin, hurting him in order to strike fear into him.[2] Later, he was ordered by Tobias to kill Leonard, the doctor who had claimed to have done an autopsy on Black Lightning.[3]

Joey was eventually found by Black Lightning, who discovered him to be the major supplier of Green Light in Freeland. He tricked him by stealing his girlfriend Caroline's phone, luring Toledo out. Black Lightning began beating him up, but was caught off guard by a sudden rush of pain, allowing Joey to gain the upper hand, beating Black Lightning before running off.[4]

Toledo tipped Deputy Chief Cayman, before returning to Tobias. Tobias was displeased that Joey had not finished Black Lightning, lifting him up by the neck, but let him go once he'd told him about the police tip off. Tobias requested he find out straight away when Black Lightning had been caught. Some days later, Toledo and Syonide accompanied Tobias to a checkup with his doctor, Henry Mayfield.[5]


Gambi kills Toledo.

Sometime later, Toledo organized a fight for Tobias. Unbeknownst to both, the opponent was on Green Light, causing him to last longer than they'd expected. Two days later, while counting cash at a club, he was shot dead by Peter Gambi, on the advice of Lady Eve, as a method to suppress Tobias.[6]


Lady Eve says that because of the death of Joey Toledo, she was killed by Tobias Whale; as revenge, she put a hit out on Peter Gambi.[7]

Upon seeing Tobias with Red and Val Seong, Jefferson Pierce told Tobias that they were replacements for Joey and Syonide, respectively.[8]



Black Lightning


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