John Byrne is a criminal whose name appeared on the List.


Dealing with the Hood

Engaging in human trafficking in Starling City, Byrne was attacked by the Hood, who handed him over to the authorities, instead of his typical method of murder, whereupon Byrne was incarcerated in Iron Heights.[1]

Kidnapping William Clayton

Seven years later, in 2020, wishing to seek revenge on Oliver Queen for his incarceration, Byrne kidnapped his son, William Clayton. However, he was hunted down by Team Arrow and found by the new Green Arrow. He was quasi-suicidal since he felt he lost too much when he spent eight years in prison and invited her to shoot an arrow through him. Upon seeing his desperation to end it all, she decided that a worst punishment would be to hand him over to the police, which she opted to do. She also spared him because Green Arrow spared him and she didn't want to undo his good work.[1]



Season 8


  • Byrne is both one of Oliver Queen's first antagonist that he took down as well as the final antagonist that Team Arrow had to bring to justice; before they disbanded.
    • Byrne is also the last antagonist from Oliver's list that was taken down.

Behind the scenes


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