John Constantine’s house is a manor located in Northumberland, England. It is the former headquarters of the Newcastle Crew.


In the early 20th century, the residence that would eventually become Constantine's home was a boarding house.[1]

In 2014 after Astra Logue was killed and dragged to Hell, her mother Natalie Logue's spirit resided in the house, locked in a room with a spell.[2]

Between 2017-2019, Constantine lived in an apartment he won in a duel.[3]

In 2020, Constantine returned to the house and found out Charlie was using it for parties. John sent them away and talked to Charlie. He later decided to go into the room and talk to Natalie.[2]

Since then, Constantine and the Legends have returned to the house frequently, almost using it as a secondary base of operations.

Damien Darhk came here as an Encore and was under the impression that Constantine and Nora Darhk shared the house. After Nora and Ray Palmer got married here, Damien left to return to Hell.[4]

Constantine planned to go to his house to find an alternate way for Clotho to use the Loom of Fate without her sisters, but, with the Waverider damaged, he could not leave.[5]

Using portal technology, the female members of the Legends turned the house into the temporary headquarters of Delta Chi Sigma.[6] The Legends later left to travel to London.[7]

After the Fates were defeated, Astra decided to live in the house with Constantine, giving him his soul token as rent.[8]


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  • Constantine returning home in 2020 may mean he never won his apartment on Earth-Prime.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the House of Mystery is the mystical manor where Constantine lives, having won it in a card duel. It is frequently used as the Justice League Dark’s base of operations.


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