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"Barry, I lived a long life here on this Earth. I've been a spy, a vigilante, a soldier. Hell, I've even been the Green Arrow. The most important job I have ever had is as a dad. And there's not a bullet I wouldn't take, there's not a timeline that I wouldn't risk changing if it meant protecting my family. I know that now. Lyla... my kids, they're my heart, man. My soul. My entire world. How far would I go for them? As far as it takes. Everything else be damned. Don't be afraid to do the same."
—John Diggle to Barry Allen[src]

John Thomas "Dig" Diggle[1] (born c. 1977[2]) is a former high-ranking agent of A.R.G.U.S., a former bodyguard, a master sergeant in the United States Army and a founding member of Team Arrow. John is the son of a late unnamed man and an unnamed woman, the step-son of Roy Stewart, the older brother of the late Andy Diggle, the best friend/surrogate brother of the late Oliver Queen, the husband of Lyla Michaels, and the father of Sara Diggle and John Diggle, Jr..

As a member of Oliver's team, John was his partner and played a number of roles including field support, decoy, and guidance to Oliver in times of doubt. John was known in the Suicide Squad under the code-name Freelancer. Later, he took up a suit and was officially given the designation Spartan by Felicity Smoak.[3][4] Oliver would later temporarily retire from vigilantism and asked John to carry on the mantle of Green Arrow and leader of Team Arrow by extension until the F.B.I.'s investigation into his activities ended.

After Oliver discovered the nerve damage that John suffered in Lian Yu, he reclaimed the mantle of Green Arrow until John fully recovered from his injuries. John eventually left the team after losing faith in Oliver's leadership, until he rejoined Team Arrow to help battle Ricardo Diaz. He later returned to working with A.R.G.U.S. full-time after Oliver was arrested.

John worked with A.R.G.U.S. and the F.B.I. to catch Diaz after he went off the grid. After Diaz attacked Felicity, Team Arrow reunited to stop him and the Longbow Hunters within the law. Following Diaz's imprisonment and Oliver's release, John and Lyla started investigating Dante and the Ninth Circle, creating the Ghost Initiative to combat him. Team Arrow was later deputized by the Star City Police Department and John resigned from A.R.G.U.S. to work with them, as well as protect Lyla and her job as director. After the Ninth Circle's defeat and Emiko Adachi's death, John and Lyla helped Oliver and Felicity go into hiding. He later joined Oliver in fighting to save the multiverse during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.

John was killed aboard the alternate Waverider in the destruction of Earth-1 when the Anti-Monitor led the antimatter wave towards the ship on December 10, 2019. However, he was brought back with new memories on Earth-Prime until J'onn J'onzz restored his Earth-1 memories shortly after to help stop Mobius. John later attended Oliver's funeral, giving a speech to honor his best friend. He made the choice to disband Team Arrow and moved to Metropolis with his family. On his way to Metropolis, a mysterious green object crashed right in front of him.

John would travel to cities where his heroic friends worked to help them on behalf of A.R.G.U.S. and understand the headaches he suffered from the green object. Two years later, John ironically discovered the answers he was searching for from Eobard Thawne, who helped him open the mysterious box. While enticed by its power, he ultimately rejected this higher calling, as it had taken a toll on his personal life.


Original multiverse

Early life

John Diggle was born in 1977 in Starling City to an unnamed soldier and an unnamed woman. He had a younger brother, Andy, but their relationship was always very tense.[5] Growing up, John and his father would see Starling City Rockets games every weekend using the Starling City Subway until it was decommissioned.[6]

When John was a child, his father died during a Marine Corps mission in Vlatava alongside two other soldiers. John blamed his father's death on Lieutenant Roy Stewart, who ran said mission. Six months later, Stewart begun visiting John's mother, eventually marrying her and becoming John and Andy's stepfather. John continued to hold a lot of resentment towards Stewart, which worsened when the man began to force him and Andy to undergo intensive military training every day in order to toughen the boys up and prepare them to the hardness of life.[7]

Diggle and Lyla in Afghanistan.

In 2003, John joined the United States Army and was stationed in Afghanistan.[8] In 2005, he held the rank of Sergeant.[9]

On July 23, 2005, John's unit was driving to the front lines in Afghanistan when they noticed a young girl standing in their path. John stopped the convoy and tried to help her, but the group ended up in a trap and were attacked by Taliban insurgents. During the fight, all the men in John's unit were eventually killed. Guilt-ridden and angry, John ruthlessly massacred the remaining insurgents. Afterwards, he saw the girl from earlier was injured from the battle and tended to her. John brought the girl to safety with him and later narrated the experience to a superior.[10]

When he discovered that Andy was a drug dealer, John angrily beat him until his knuckles bled and convinced his brother to enroll in the army as well, hoping it would set him on the correct path.[5][11]

John and Andy went on a mission in Afghanistan, hoping to stop the local arms trade. On the way, their armored truck was attacked and their group was pinned down. John rushed out and planted a land mine while Andy and the rest drew the hostile truck towards it. The truck ran over the mine and exploded. Back at base camp, John and Andy were on guard duty. Lt. Joyner approached them and offered them a deal to confiscate some of the opium they recovered and sell it off. Andy appeared to reject the offer which pleased John, but John later caught Andy talking to Joyner. Andy played it off as a casual conversation about teaching Joyner to count cards, but lied to John and was actually helping Joyner steal opium.[12]

At some point in Afghanistan, John met a tribal leader who told him stories about the League of Assassins, an ancient group of warriors comparable to ghosts. However, John dismissed the League as an urban legend, mainly since the tribal leader "was smoking what he was selling".[13]

After one of his times back home, John saw the "ghost" of a fellow soldier who had died, a symptom of survivor's guilt, and only made it go away once he figured out what the ghost was trying to tell him.[14] During his time in Afghanistan, John met Ted Gaynor, a fellow soldier who saved his life from the enemy.[15]

First marriage with Lyla Michaels

Lyla Michaels and John met in Afghanistan, and then got married. At the end of John's second tour, they rotated back Stateside, where their marriage could not survive the peace, and they divorced. John went back to Afghanistan for a third tour, while Lyla joined A.R.G.U.S..[9]

Around 2008, John retired from the army[16] and was honorably discharged. In February 2010, he got a job for personal security with connections from Andy, guarding Tommy Merlyn's birthday party.[17]

Later on, Andy was killed while on duty by the assassin Deadshot (unbeknownst to John). After this, John grew closer to his brother's widow, Carly.[18]

A bodyguard for Oliver Queen

John realizes Oliver escaped on his watch.

In October 2012, John was hired by Moira Queen to protect her son, Oliver, after the latter was kidnapped following his recent rescue from an island. As John was driving Oliver into town, the two made conversation over the former's experiences in the army. John informed Oliver that his main priority is to protect his client, regardless of personal discomfort. Just then, Oliver suddenly vanished from the car, much to John's shock.

John intercepts Oliver.

The night after, John accompanied Oliver to his homecoming party, choosing to sit with him in the backseat to make sure his client wouldn't disappear again. At the party, John surveyed the area and watched on, impressed, as Oliver pickpocketed and disposed of his sister Thea's drug stash. Later, he caught Oliver trying to leave the party through the kitchen, not buying his client's excuse of wanting a moment alone. As they headed back inside, Oliver quietly knocked John out in order to confront Adam Hunt.[16]

Moira threatens to fire Diggle for not keeping an eye on Oliver.

Over the next week, Oliver continued to try and avoid John, even driving off in the car alone following his legal resurrection. That evening at the Queen Mansion, John was reprimanded by Moira for not protecting Oliver. He tried to explain that his client didn't want his protection, which Moira was unsatisfied with and threatened to fire him. After Oliver returned home and agreed to accept his bodyguard, he apologized to John for giving him so much grief. John quipped that having served three tours in Afghanistan, he can handle Oliver's antics, but stated he will quit himself if his client runs off again.

John reflects on the fallout of his own 5-year journey.

The next day at Queen Consolidated, John witnessed Moira and Oliver's argument about the latter refusing to work at the company as was expected of him. While riding home with his client, John subtly empathized with Oliver's dilemma, reflecting on how after spending five years in Afghanistan, he realized that his home was just as much of a "battlefield"; your loved ones always try to get you to open up and be your old self again, which may not be possible anymore. John then noted that Oliver seemed unusually mentally strong for someone who spent five years cut off from civilization.

Diggle knows Oliver is more than he seems.

Later one night at Laurel Lance's apartment, John realized something was off when he went to get a light from two officers parked just outside of the establishment, finding them slain in the car, and protected Oliver and Laurel from the Chinese Triad when they broke in. He briefly dueled with China White, who eventually overpowered and was about to kill him but Oliver saved John's life by throwing a knife, shooting the blade out of her hand. When the police arrived, Detective Quentin Lance thanked John for saving his daughter. Afterwards, Oliver gave John an ice pack and also thanked him. John likewise reciprocated for his employer saving him, in turn, during the confrontation and commented on Oliver's ability to accurately throw a kitchen knife from 10 feet away, refusing to drop it when Oliver tries to make it sound like he got lucky when he threw it like that; but Diggle knows the difference between a beginner's luck and the skill of a legitimate expert, and Oliver's knife-throwing exhibited back at Laurel's place was definitely impressive as far as anyone with military experience like John is concerned. Suspecting there to be more to his charge than previously thought, John gets upfront with Oliver and cryptically stated he is "just beginning to understand the kind of man [Oliver] [is]". Sure enough, after Oliver visited his father Robert Queen's grave, John was visibly unsurprised when his client confirmed to be "going out" that night.[8]

John vows to keep a closer eye on Oliver.

After Oliver ran out again on his watch by escaping through a bathroom window, John met him at the mansion the next morning and stated he would now be "watching [Oliver] pee", much to the latter's amusement. When Oliver decided to open a nightclub in his father's old factory, John was skeptical of the idea, pointing out his club's desired clientele wouldn't want to come into The Glades so late at night. Oliver insisted they would due to his notoriety and the business would soon gentrify the neighborhood. Amused at "the white knight swooping in to save the disenfranchised" on his own, John praised how "perceptive" Oliver was.

Diggle talks with Carly about being a bodyguard.

That night after Oliver and Tommy Merlyn got into trouble with Max Fuller at Poison, John brought them to Big Belly Burger where his sister-in-law, Carly, was a waitress. Carly warned him to be careful when protecting Oliver, reminding John how her husband and his brother, Andy Diggle, was killed while working as a bodyguard.

Diggle is rescued by the Hood.

At the Unidac Industries auction, John lead the Queen family's security detail. When Oliver arrived, he warned John to stay vigilant since the sniper responsible for targeting the bidders would attack before the event, eliciting confusion and suspicion from the bodyguard. Suddenly, a shooting suddenly commenced. John took Moira and Thea to safety before pursuing Oliver, only to end up caught in the crossfire of the Hood's battle with Deadshot. John's shoulder was wounded with a curare-laced bullet. The Hood brought John to his lair and healed him with an herbal concoction.

Diggle learns Oliver is The Hood.

Once John recovered, he learned the Hood was in fact Oliver, much to his shock.[18] Angered, John attempted to attack Oliver, who easily dodged his shots. Oliver explained he wanted to save the city and offered John the chance join him. However, John adamantly refused, deeming Oliver a "murderer", and left. The next morning, John tendered his resignation as Oliver's bodyguard, citing that he "didn't approve of the way [Oliver] [spent] [his] evenings".

Oliver explains his crusade to Diggle.

A couple nights later, John was eating dinner at Big Belly Burger when Oliver arrived in an effort to change John's mind about his offer. John was initially dismissive until Oliver showed him The List, which he found on Robert's body while burying him. Oliver explained he is atoning for his father's sins by helping the people of the city who were wronged by the criminal deeds of the elite. Oliver then revealed that Deadshot, whom he took down at the Unidac auction, was Andy's killer, much to John's surprise.

Diggle agrees to help Oliver.

Over the next day, John began to rethink his role as a bodyguard. He talked with Carly about his desire to make a difference again, like back in Afghanistan. Carly encouraged John to pursue something he believed in, which was what mattered the most. The next morning, John showed up at the Queen Mansion to see Oliver. Accepting that Starling City needs someone to fight for it, he agreed to join Oliver, acknowledging how the latter needed someone at his side when fighting a "war". Just then, John witnessed Lance arrest Oliver.[19]

Working with the vigilante

After Oliver was put under house arrest for being accused of being the vigilante, which was actually true, Diggle was told about a crime lord that was in trading arms. Diggle thought Oliver intended to head out himself but Oliver told Diggle himself to observe his closet men. Later, Oliver, had Diggle go out himself donned the Vigilante costume in order to save Oliver from incarceration.[20]

Felicity helps Oliver and Diggle find Derek Reston.

Diggle learned that Officer Stan Washington was shot while attempting to stop a robbery by the Royal Flush Gang and tried to convince Oliver to branch out from The List to help the city. Oliver at first refused until Diggle arranged for him to pay Stan's medical bills at Starling General Hospital. John tricked Oliver into coming to the hospital and see Stan's wife, Jana, who thanked him for helping her husband. Oliver then agreed to help catch the Royal Flush Gang. That night, they hacked the bank cameras and attempted to find footage to help identify the members of the gang. However, the camera footage isn't enough and Oliver decided to break into the police station to get the information needed. Upon identifying the members of the Royal Flush gang, Oliver and Diggle found out they were one of the families hurt by Robert's corruption in selling a factory that employed them. Oliver attempted to give them a second chance by offering Derek Reston, the father of the gang, a new job. Upon being refused, they decided to take down the Royal Flush Gang.[21]

While Oliver trains at the hideout, John suggests that he take some time off, given the recent events. Oliver tells John that Paul worked for a man named Frank Bertinelli. John pulled Oliver out of his dinner because Nick has been going around town violently anyone who owes Frank protection money. Back at the hideout, Oliver is adamant that Helena must have a good reason for targeting her family. John isn't interested in her reasons, just that she's a killer, who will start a mob war if she isn't stopped. Oliver insists he knows what he's doing, but John doesn't believe him.[22]

John tries to convince Oliver that Helena cannot be saved and that she is very dangerous, but Oliver refuses to listen. Oliver then brings her to his lair and tries to teach her archery, with John still trying to convince Oliver to think things through about her. John then tries to comfort Oliver over dinner.[23]

After Oliver failed in taking down the Dark Archer, Diggle drove Oliver to a hospital and told everyone he was hit by a semi while riding his motorbike.[24]

Oliver tells John about his contact with Laurel and asks him to look into Danny. He wants John to alert the police to anything he finds. John wants the Hood to get back to work. John has found a pickup truck he can link to the fire deaths. Oliver pauses when John tells him this is a time for the Hood. John isn't happy Oliver left Laurel by herself to battle the killer. This leads to a brief fight between the two as John tries to figure out what is wrong with Oliver. He thinks the other archer got into his head. Oliver talks to John about what happened to him during his battle with the other archer. In past years he'd never been worried about death because he had nothing to lose. But his life is different now because of what would happen to his loved ones if they lose him. John thinks having something to live for should give him an edge. Oliver tells John it's time to return to The List.[25]

John tried to convince Oliver that his former commanding officer, Ted Gaynor, was a good man. Unfortunately, he was wrong, and it nearly cost him Carly's life.[15]

Oliver tells John of his mission to find "The Count". John reminds him that Thea's hearing is coming up in a few hours. Oliver and John meet with The Count. Oliver claims he wants to have something to offer his night club customers. The Count reveals that 56 people died to perfect his product. The Count gets away, on his way injecting Oliver in the chest with the pure form of Vertigo. Oliver and John manage to get away. John mixes up an antidote with Lian Yu herbs and gives it to Oliver. Oliver wakes up from his drugged state, with John telling him that The Count only got a half dose into him.

John and Oliver arrive at Queen Consolidated. John suggests Oliver go to the hospital but he declines. Oliver brings the Vertigo sample to Felicity Smoak, claiming it is an "energy drink" manufactured by his friend "Kevin" to cure hangovers. Oliver hopes she can analyze it and find out where in the city it was produced. When Felicity wonders why the "energy drink" is in a syringe, Oliver replies, "I ran out of sports bottles", much to her and Diggle's exasperation. Against John's wishes, Oliver goes after The Count.[26]

At the Arrowcave, Oliver shows John Diggle the notebook that he got from Felicity Smoak. John finds it suspicious that Moira would have a copy of Robert's list, but Oliver attempts to write it off as a coincidence. John understands Oliver wanting to believe that his mother is innocent, but the evidence is suggesting otherwise, especially Walter's recent disappearance. Oliver returns to the Arrowcave and tells John about the destruction of the notebook. John sees it as a confirmation that Moira is hiding something, and says that if it were anyone else, Oliver would be donning his Hood gear and confronting them. Their conversation is interrupted when Laurel calls Oliver's ghost phone. As Oliver leaves to help her, John asks if he is just using this as an excuse to run away from the truth about Moira. When Moira's regular chauffeur mysteriously calls in sick, John arranges to take his place. Moira has him drop her off at a restaurant. Once Moira goes inside, John follows her in, only to discover that she's attending a friend's birthday party. When Moira asks why he's there, John lies that he was looking for the restroom. Oliver tells John about the ambush, and John suggests that Oliver "cannot see straight" with either Laurel or Moira. He has been keeping Moira under surveillance, because someone with an unbiased perspective needs to keep an eye on her.

Oliver initially disapproves, but John convinces him that there is nothing wrong with driving her around for a few days. John drops off Moira, who claims to be meeting with her accountant. Once she goes inside, John follows her and sneaks into a supply closet next to the office. Using a listening device, John overhears Moira talking to Malcolm (although John doesn't know who it is), telling him that she's made sure that Carl Ballard won't interfere with "The Undertaking". Malcolm's bodyguard comes into the closet and sees John, and asks what he's doing there. John claims that he was looking for a place to smoke and shows the bodyguard a cigarette lighter, which he substituted for the listening device. John plays Oliver the recording of the conversation between Moira and her contact (whose voice is distorted and unrecognizable), and Oliver is shocked that the accident with the yacht was no accident. However, he insists that Moira couldn't have been involved. John doesn't believe it and figures that the recording shows that she's involved, but they are interrupted when Quentin calls on Oliver's cell phone. Oliver reviews John's recording and is devastated to learn of Moira's complicity in his father's death. John suggests that blind trust can be dangerous and they figure that they need to know what "the undertaking" is and how Moira is involved.[27]

Diggle was surprised to see Felicity Smoak come to the Arrowcave but discovered Oliver was shot. He saved Oliver's life with blood that Oliver stored away for a "Rainy Day" which Diggle referred to as it "Pouring" as Oliver was near death. He later used defibrillators to resuscitate Oliver when he went into cardiac arrest. Afterwards, he was talking to Felicity, about him and Oliver, and she commented on how bad all their lies had been and Diggle told her that it was thanks to her, that they'd been able to do half of their work.[28]

Concerned with the rising danger of their missions, John tried training Felicity, wanting her to be capable of defending herself.[29] After Oliver's return from an earlier mission, John asked how it played out, and Oliver answered "Bad for him". Oliver then informed John and Felicity that his target was Guillermo Barrera, an assassin, and he needed Felicity to hack his phone in order to figure out who Barrera's target was. When Felicity hacked Barrera's phone she was able to see that the last number that was called was to a restaurant called Jade Dragon, and John revealed that it is a front for the Chinese Mafia. Then when Felicity had hacked the phone they saw that the target is Malcolm Merlyn. He interrupts Oliver and McKenna Hall's date and informs Oliver of who the target is. After Oliver got back from saving Malcolm, Oliver informed John that Malcolm was taken to the hospital stating that it was good he wore a bulletproof vest. Oliver tells him that Malcolm is not at the hospital for being shot, he is there because of being poisoned by curare. John then realized that Floyd Lawton, his brother's killer, was still alive.[30]

John was reading a Starling City Sentinel report of Deadshot's kill until Oliver arrived and John showed him a video of Helena Bertinelli killing Gus Sabatoni, and he warned Oliver of that she might tell someone about them and their operation. Oliver told John he wanted him to get in touch with their contacts in the Bratva and ask anyone in the street if they know why Helena is back and what she wants. Later Oliver told him that Helena paid a visit to his house and made a treat and he wants security on his mother and sister. John told him that he was way ahead of him. Later when Helena had blackmailed Oliver into helping her kill her father, John talked to him about Helena thinking Oliver should kill her, the Oliver asked him what he would do if it was Floyd Lawton and he answered not what Helena is doing. Oliver called him and when he came to Felicity's office where he found Oliver freeing a tied up Felicity.[31]

Oliver tried to take down John Nickel, a corrupt real estate developer, but Nickel had already been kidnapped by someone else. After Oliver attempted to go after another name on The List, John took the notebook from him and insisted that Oliver take a break. The two went to Big Belly Burger, where Dig expressed his concern about how Oliver is handling the drama in his life while being the Hood, such as his failed relationships with McKenna and Helena. Suddenly, everyone in the restaurant got a video streamed onto their phones from Glades Betrayed of a man who had Nickel tied up and executed him. Back in the lair, John used his contact at the NSA to verify the perpetrator as "The Savior", whom Felicity discovered was Joseph Falk. Joseph captured ADA Gavin Carnahan. Oliver tried to find him with Felicity's assistance, but was too late. That night while trying to find a way to track Joseph when Roy Harper was kidnapped, John noticed sounds of a train moving in the background of his broadcasts and realized they were in a moving subway car in the abandoned Starling City Subway. Oliver was able to save Roy and killed Joseph.[6]

When The Count escapes and Starling City is flooded with even more Vertigo-related violence, Oliver and Diggle make it their mission to track him down.[32]

John and Oliver planned to take down Deadshot. With Felicity hacking A.R.G.U.S.'s database, they learned that Floyd was returning to Starling City to meet a potential client, which really was A.R.G.U.S setting a trap for Deadshot. When John went to the mall, the trap was already taking place. He observed the A.R.G.U.S agents (including Lyla) while waiting for Floyd to show up and when Floyd was started sniping the agents John quickly ran towards Lyla and was able to save her and then he ran to stop Floyd from escaping. John ran into Floyd in the staircase, the two fought, and Floyd got hold of John's gun. Floyd held John's gun at his face, and he forced him to fall on his knees with his hands behind his head. John told Floyd "I'm gonna kill you for what you did to Andy". Floyd answered, "I would pull the trigger right now, but no one is paying me" and he told John, "I got space for you right here next to your brother", showing John his victim tattoo of Andy. Floyd then punched him in the face with his gun and left John on the floor. Felicity later tended to his wound and when Oliver came back, John was angry at him for not showing up when he needed him. When Oliver later tried to get on the same page as John, John told him they were done with each other and quit being a member of the team.[33]

Felicity went to John and told him about the new lead. He said he would come back as soon as Oliver apologized, but because of his stubbornness to admitting he had been wrong, he knew Oliver wouldn't. After overhearing Moira and Malcolm talking, Oliver realized that he would need all the help that he could get. Oliver apologized to John, and told him about Moira's involvement in The Undertaking, saying he needed John's help to stop it.[34]

John was back on the team. He pretended to be the Vigilante to get information from Moira, hitting Oliver to gain information. He was meant to draw back his punches, but Oliver came back limping and injured. Later Dig assisted in getting Oliver and Felicity into Merlyn Global to find out Malcolm's plan with Dig posing as a security guard and even helping Felicity out of trouble when she was almost compromised. Later Oliver confessed that once Malcolm was dead that he would stop being the Hood to a surprised John and Felicity. Later when Felicity found the device Oliver sent John to disarm it while he handled Merlyn. However, the device was gone and Oliver was overpowered and captured by Malcolm.[35]

Diggle saved Oliver from the custody of Malcolm Merlyn and the two returned to the Arrowcave with Felicity. Later Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity analyzed the date for Marlyn's timetable and discovered the device to be in the railway tunnel under the city and Diggle was present as Moria confessed the truth on the news. Oliver initially tasked Diggle to go after the device but he convinced Oliver to let him go with against Malcolm together while Detective Lance handles the device with Felicity's tech support. They briefly engaged the Dark Archer, but John got injured and has to let Oliver go without him. He managed to get up the stairs in time to see Oliver kill Malcolm. Before dying however Malcolm revealed that he had a second device which forces Oliver to left John as he realized that the earthquake was hitting Laurel's workplace.[36]

Assisting the Arrow

John and Felicity traveled by plane to Lian Yu, to convince Oliver to return home. Oliver initially refused, but he and Felicity convince him not to return as the vigilante, but as Oliver Queen, because he's needed more than ever as his mother's trial was coming up and a takeover of Queen Consolidated was imminent. Later, Oliver found out that John lied to him, and only wanted him back to catch the group calling themselves, The Hoods. In a board meeting, The Hoods came after Oliver Queen, trying to kill him, but John intervened. John and Felicity were later left wondering why Oliver avoided attacking The Hoods. Oliver told them that they aren't considering the body count, Felicity asked him why he cares now, and John realized it was "since Tommy". Later Oliver, Felicity, and John went to the upgraded HQ to plan to take down The Hoods, who have now captured Thea.[37]

John and Oliver visited the Glades Memorial Hospital, and he told Oliver how people from the earthquake ended up there. John and Oliver saw Sebastian Blood talking to press outside as they left the hospital. John told Oliver that Sebastian had very strong opinions and that he believed the Glades had been abandoned, and that no one gave a damn about the people in the Glades. After a quick chat between Oliver and Sebastian, they left, with some of the protesters becoming violent. Later, John and Oliver, as The Hood, take on China White and Bronze Tiger. John drove away in one of the trucks but is soon after attacked by China White, and they faced off. As China White gained the upper hand, Oliver shot a trick arrow at her, pinning her to a nearby pole.[38]

Quentin learns a criminal named Barton Mathis, whom he put away years ago, broke out of prison during the quake and is back to torturing and murdering women. Felicity offers herself as bait so Arrow, Diggle and Quentin can catch Barton.[39]

Diggle later approaches Lyla for information and they flirt a bit in between.[40]

During the invasion of one of the members of the League of Assassins in the queen mansion, Diggle said that he had heard of the organization in his time in the army. [13]

Deadshot, Lyla and Diggle in Moscow.

Lyla Michaels was missing in Russia, having been captured during an Intel operation in a Russian gulag. John was recruited to break her out, because A.R.G.U.S. did not have sufficient resources for the operation, and her superiors already consider her disavowed and dead. Oliver and Anatoly arranged to get John arrested and sent to the prison, where he found Deadshot, whom he teamed up with to break Lyla out of jail. Afterward, John chose to spare Deadshot's life rather than kill him in cold blood. In return, he was informed that an organization called H.I.V.E. hired Deadshot to kill his brother Andy. After returning to the States, John and Lyla rekindled their relationship.[9]

John collapsed after being unknowingly dosed with Vertigo. He was taken to the Arrowcave to recover. While recuperating, he and Felicity deduced that Cecil Adams was distributing the drug to the citizenry of Starling City through flu vaccination trucks.[41]

When Barry Allen arrives in the city to investigate the Cyrus Gold case, Oliver asks Diggle to investigate him. After a blood bank is robbed and Oliver fails to stop the thief, he recognizes the combination of blood and serum and realizes that the thief was enhanced using the same serum that Dr. Ivo was searching for on the island. He reveals this information to Diggle (who had previously suspected he knew more than he was telling) and Felicity adding that he destroyed the entire supply of the serum and all survivors were subsequently killed. He relays to Diggle and Felicity that the serum needs a strong sedative as well, which leads Felicity to find the next place the robber will hit. Felicity and Diggle arrive and find Oliver weak. Unable to identify what entered his body, Diggle tries to call 911, but Felicity stops him to protect the Arrow's identity. She says she know someone else who can help, Barry.[42]

John later went on a recon mission to gather information about Cyrus Gold. Cyrus found him and overpowered him in a brief confrontation, but John managed to escape.[14]

Team Arrow tackle a new threat to the city when bombs start to go off in Starling City. Felicity discovers the person setting them off is Mark Scheffer, a man who goes by the nickname Shrapnel. While Felicity helps Oliver, Diggle races to the plaza to find the bomb before it goes off. Oliver is able to apprehend Scheffer, not long after he shot Diggle, and the bombs are disarmed.[43]

At Queen Consolidated, Oliver, Felicity and Diggle discuss Laurel's claim that Sebastian is really not what he seems. They wonder if she is just setting another trap for him. Oliver tells Felicity and Diggle that he will not be inclined to believe Laurel in the future because in his eyes, she was wrong about his friend, and the Arrow could have paid Sebastian an unpleasant visit.[44]

When Oliver revealed his identity to Roy Harper, he remained skeptical about Oliver's choice. However, he later welcomed Roy onto the team.[45]

Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver comes in to see Sara is doing pull-ups on the salmon ladder as Felicity and Diggle watch. When Sara returns, she still considers trying to leave. Diggle shows up and reveals that Laurel was poisoned, as Tibetan pit viper venom was found in her blood, but no drugs. Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle return to the Arrowcave and find the Tibetan pit viper venom missing.[46]

While Felicity was growing jealous of Sara Lance, Diggle comforted her with little success. Later he went out with the rest of Team Arrow to stop William Tockman. After being told that the pressure valves would destroy three city blocks, he managed to cool them down just in time.[47]

Diggle and the rest of Team Arrow went to take down Slade Wilson at the Queen Mansion. After Oliver got him outside, he was knocked unconscious by an unknown accomplice before he could take the shot. Slade later assures Oliver that he is alive for now.[48]

John and Lyla are recruited by Amanda Waller to lead the Suicide Squad on a mission to destroy a nerve gas in the possession of Gholem Qadir. John argued with Lyla about Waller's methods when the A.R.G.U.S. director killed Shrapnel for attempting to flee the mission. He was disgusted by Waller's callous disregard for the lives of her agents, while Lyla supported her boss. He managed to get an invitation to a party at Qadeer's mansion, which Deadshot used to infiltrate the premises and locate the nerve gas. When A.R.G.U.S. sent a drone to destroy the mansion, John persuaded Deadshot not to sacrifice himself for the mission. He persuaded the guests to leave by denouncing Qadeer in front of them, and he, Lyla, and the squad flee. He later reconciled with Lyla, saying that she was more important to him than sticking rigidly to his principles. In a flashback sequence, John was seen serving as a soldier in Afghanistan. He helped capture Gholem Qadeer and saved his life when their group was attacked. He was also seen meeting Lyla for the first time.[49]

Diggle helps Team Arrow when the Huntress returns to the city. Watching the security system through the cave, Roy watches sadly as Thea leaves the club from above. Felicity and John are just about to leave but for a brief moment John comforts him before leaving with Felicity.[50]

John in the SCPD.

Diggle, Sara, and Roy track Slade after he leaves but learn that Slade had cloned the tracker they planted, with the sole purpose of screwing with them. In the foundry, Roy wants to leave and Diggle tries to stop him. Oliver returns to the Foundry and is surprised to find Felicity and Diggle. He says that Roy was right. Oliver realizes that he did so many wrong things due to focusing on Slade. Felicity and Diggle tell him that he isn't alone. "Now we fight back," Oliver says.[51]

John along with Sara, Oliver, and Felicity broke into Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences Division. Working to get everyone in outside before they set off the bombs. When Oliver went to kill Slade Wilson Diggle backed him up by shooting Isabel before she can kill Oliver.[52]

Felicity is searching the web for any reports regarding Isabel Rochev's death and she and Diggle are surprised at the total lack of news as it had been a week. Planning to go get dinner, Diggle leaves the room and Roy wakes up. Felicity tries to talk to him, but he destroys her computer desk and knocks Diggle aside while leaving. Later, Diggle has been following Thea and reminds her that Moira loves her.[53]

Diggle and Felicity attended Moira Queen's funeral. Afterwards, they continued to search for Oliver. They were forced to go to Amanda Waller for help. Later he along with Oliver, Felicity and Laurel went to cripple Slade Wilson's army. He was about to set off the charges before Isabel Rochev stopped him and threatened to kill him.[54]

Diggle and Isabel fight, with her clearly having the upper hand. However, Felicity shows up, and hits Isabel with a van so that Diggle is able to escape. Isabel however isn't dead as Isabel gets up. Felicity then begins to drive away. Laurel and Oliver then meet up with Felicity and Dig. Oliver, Dig, and Felicity are driving around with Oliver thinking Thea was gone from town, when The Arrow gets a call from Quentin, inquiring if he needs any help. Felicity, Dig and Oliver head to the clock tower. Felicity says goodbye to Oliver and Diggle, because she is watching over Roy at the clock tower. Oliver and Diggle leave with the cure.[55]

Oliver, Felicity and John are waiting for Roy to be cured. After leaving the clocktower, Diggle's girlfriend, Lyla, blows up the clocktower, killing the Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers. Roy, Felicity, Oliver, Lyla, and Dig head to the foundry and find it destroyed. Team Arrow and the Assassins head to cure the army as Dig and Lyla let the Suicide Squad free and tell them to attack without killing due to the bombs implanted in their spines. Later, the squad meet up with Amanda Waller who had ordered a drone strike on Starling City. She reveals that Lyla is pregnant. Oliver then meets up with Diggle and Felicity, telling them that A.R.G.U.S' prison on Lian Yu is more secure than any other in the world.

Diggle then leaves the two for a moment of privacy where Felicity praised Oliver's deception on Slade but confessed that for a moment she believed his feelings for her were real stating that he "really sold it". Oliver smiles then states "We both did". Then he asks Diggle about Lyla but Diggle diverts the topic, telling Oliver that it's not important. Oliver tells Diggle that he's flying back home.[56]

Return of the Church of Blood

After The Arrow and Roy grappled on to a drug plane, Felicity attempted to hack the plane's Wi-Fi, though when she couldn't get a clean signal, Diggle suggested "plan B", namely invading the plane and placing an auto-pilot device in the cockpit. However, while they were doing so, Roy was shot by one of the men they had not knocked out. As he fell from the plane, Oliver suggested Dig prep for surgery.[57] When they returned to the foundry they performed the surgery. Deciding that all they could do was wait, Dig left to tend to a pregnant Lyla.[58]

Sometime later, Dig went to visit Lodai, their supplier. He commented on Lodi's paranoid guards and promised to bring more money for the goods "next time", a claim that Lodai had heard numerous times. He called Oliver to update them, mentioning how their transactions were much easier when Oliver was a billionaire.[59]

Following her run-in with a member of the Church of Blood, Laurel returned to the base to tell the team of her news regarding a resurfaced Brother Blood. Despite the original Brother Blood, Sebastian Blood, being dead, Diggle suggested Oliver go check out St. Walker's Church, an abandoned orphanage that Sebastian had been raised in. After Oliver didn't check in, Dig went to provide backup. He attempted to enter the church, but was distracted by a follower, only for another to come up behind and knock him out, identifying Diggle as one of the two people Brother Blood had been looking for.[60] Diggle was then taken to Brother Blood himself. Blood revealed his identity as Clinton Hogue. He began questioning John as to why he was inquiring into Sebastian Blood but was interrupted by The Arrow. Dig was untied and they ran off, running into some more followers. Oliver threw down a flechette that caused an eruption of smoke, allowing them to climb to their safety.[61] Once they reached the surface, some Vertigo that had entered Oliver's system began acting, causing him to believe Diggle was various ghosts of people gone by. The two began fighting and Oliver gave Diggle a number of bruises and bad injuries. However, he was able to hobble away to Verdant, where he was found by Sara Lance. He was taken inside before she left to find Oliver. He explained what had happened while they placed Oliver on to a bed. Once Oliver woke up, he apologized for giving Diggle the injuries, before running a blood test and finding traces of mushrooms in Oliver's system.[62]

Diggle returned home, where Lyla told him of her mission to Kahndaq. He refused to let her go, instead suggesting that he should go. She was happy with the deal, but let him know that he'd be going with the Suicide Squad. He called Oliver to check in and let him know he'd be going before meeting up with the rest of the Squad.[63] They headed out to Kahndaq, during which time Diggle met Ravan Nassar. When they arrived, they all parachuted to the ground. They headed into a city, where they disguised themselves (except for Deadshot, who scoped from afar). Before someone could be executed, Deadshot shot him and the rest began eliminating Onslaught members. As they began to escape, a truck blew up due to an IED from Ravan. Dig was annoyed as they had no way to Onslaught leader Khem-Adam, but they managed to find a survivor to interrogate.[64] Inside a building in the city, Diggle ate some food provided by an old man, while the others interrogated the captured man downstairs. He headed downstairs and stopped them from torturing him, instead of talking it out. The man revealed Khem-Adam's location in the Ahk-Ton Desert. They headed out on camels before they blew through a side of the Amon-Shu Caves. They began eliminating Onslaught members, while Ravan and Diggle helped to rescue the kidnapped girls. Khem-Adam was taken by The Canary and Nyssa al Ghul,[65] and the Suicide Squad headed back to America, burying Ben Turner in the Iron Heights cemetery.[66]

Caleb Green's vengeance on Oliver Queen

Dig soon returned home, meeting Felicity and Roy in the base. He claimed to feel like sleeping for a whole week on Oliver's bed, but they were interrupted by the news, on which Oliver, masked, was fighting a man in the streets.[67] Before they could be caught by the police, Diggle suggested that Roy use a grappling arrow to climb up the building. They did so but were soon caught by police. However, Felicity was able to intervene, impersonating a police chief. They returned to the foundry, where Diggle joked about Oliver wanting a new look with the hockey mask, refusing the cover himself. They soon discovered the identity of the man, Caleb Green, and his motives. After Oliver decided that the only course of action was to return to Lian Yu, John was in disbelief.[68]

Becoming a father

Diggle's daughter, Sara.

"John, you're the best man I've ever known. Whatever happens, you're my brother."
Oliver Queen[src]

Diggle assisted The Arrow and Roy in the field as they captured Vincent Stilgrave. Later he got into a heated argument with Oliver, who forbid Diggle from putting his life in danger as he's about to become a father. When Oliver visited Diggle and Lyla in the hospital, Diggle admitted that Oliver was right that he should be with his daughter.[69]

Despite being told to be with his family, Diggle told Oliver he will help go after the man who killed Sara. Diggle had the belief it was a member of the League of Assassins who killed Sara but was told they'd never go after their own kind. Given access by Lyla, Diggle used A.R.G.U.S. in search of possible suspects for Sara's murder, to which he found Simon Lacroix, a mercenary archer who wears a full face mask. At Sara's burial, Diggle informed Laurel that he and Lyla decided to name their baby Sara, to which Laurel was thankful to hear. After hearing Simon Lacroix wasn't Sara's murderer, Diggle told Oliver he'll stay until the killer is caught.[70]

Lyla asked Diggle to follow Oliver to Corto Maltese and check up on an agent, Mark Shaw. Diggle made contact with Shaw and verified his identity with a security key that contained the identities of all A.R.G.U.S. operatives and their families, only for Shaw to double-cross him and steal the key in order to sell it. Diggle and Oliver inform Lyla and she told them to wait while she sends an A.R.G.U.S. tactical team to handle the situation. However, they ignored her and attacked Shaw as he met with his buyers. Enraged, Diggle chased down Shaw, beat him, and demanded to know what gave Shaw the right to endanger his family by selling the key. Shaw replied that it was his only escape from A.R.G.U.S. and Amanda Waller, who he felt had taken over his life. Later, when Diggle returned to his family, Lyla said she had to go to A.R.G.U.S. to report to Waller, and Diggle looked briefly troubled.[71]

After Nyssa returned and announced Malcolm is still alive, Diggle asked what her source was. Later Diggle along with Nyssa and the team went to Ken Zhi Jansen's temple though Diggle only found his grave. After Oliver tagged Malcolm with a tracker, he was told to track Malcolm and was told that even an idiot could run it. Later, Oliver had Diggle secure the perimeter as Oliver couldn't risk Thea seeing him.[72]

When Brother Eye shut down the power in Starling City, John arrived by Verdant to go down the arrowcave though he had to bring his child as Lyla was out on a mission and the nanny called in sick. Oliver told Diggle he wasn't comfortable with a baby down in the cave. John left his child in the care of Donna Smoak. When Oliver was worried Felicity was taking too long, Diggle told Oliver that an A.R.G.U.S. agent dropped by not too long ago to pick up his child and that he'd tell him to go back and check on them. Diggle later arrived to stop Brother Eye from robbing the truck of cash.[73]

Diggle, Oliver, and Roy looked for a drug dealer under the alias of "Pakko", where they found the word "Guilty" written with blood. Diggle later believed that Ted Grant was the culprit despite Laurel vouching for him. After Roy revealed his nightmares which he believed was true, Diggle stopped him when he tried to leave though Oliver told Diggle to let him go. Diggle later told Oliver that he should cut Roy loose as he believes he isn't fit to be on the team, believing he really did murder, Sara. Diggle and Oliver later went to rescue Laurel and Ted, who were kidnapped by Isaac Stanzler. Diggle later pulled Ted out of the car, who went unconscious briefly went Laurel lost control of the car.[74]

He later helped Oliver as Felicity was gone and a mysterious archer had killed Isaac Stanzler with an arrow with a spade-shaped point. Oliver was frustrated with Felicity hooking up with Palmer. John talked to him about it. Oliver discovered a small letter in the arrow that had killed Isaac Stanzler. The address of an apartment was in it. The two of them broke into the apartment and searched it. Surprised, they noticed there were articles of newspapers on the walls of the arrow. There was even a shrine where arrows of Oliver's were displayed. Without their knowledge, a red-haired woman was watching them from a nearby building. Oliver realized the spade arrow was actually a heart. Carrie called them with a cell phone that was laying on the table. She told Oliver she wanted to be with him and then send him a picture of a mob boss with a bomb vest she wanted to kill. Felicity identified the unknown woman as Carrie Cutter a former SWAT officer. John stayed at Verdant as Roy and Oliver went to Sherwood to confront Carrie and free the mob boss.

John found out Carrie had been obsessed with a former Colleague and had received therapy from a psychiatrist. John tried to comfort Oliver and invited them to dinner with him and Lyla. John later found out Carrie had killed a hacker and learned that he had made an algorithm for her that traced the Arrow his activities back to Verdant. He quickly informed Oliver after which he looked for Thea to protect her. Oliver went back and called her and managed to agree on a meeting with her and made her leave the club.

John and Felicity were following Oliver through his earpiece as he went to the place he first saved her. They heard the conversation through Oliver his earpiece as he tried to convince Carrie he could not be with anyone. Carrie called him a liar and attacked him. She made both of them fall down into a train tunnel which disrupted the signal of Oliver his earpiece. Diggle and Felicity were no longer able to follow Oliver his signal as he was down below. Oliver got defeated by Carrie who cuffed him. Carrie wanted both of them to get run over by a train in an attempt to be together in death.

Oliver managed to dislocate his thumb and pulled both of them away from the speeding train. John was relieved learning Oliver had survived and he later told him Carrie had joined the Suicide Squad. John told him he knew Carrie could notice it when people lie and said that perhaps Oliver was lying to himself when saying he could not be with someone. John invited Oliver for a late dinner and was joined by Oliver and Roy just as they begun.[75]

Diggle later joins Team Arrow, excluding Roy, to Central City to determine who committed a homicide involving a boomerang, given that the boomerang is made of iron oxide, which is highly abundant in Central City. When Oliver returned to their hideout, Diggle was startled by the sudden appearance of Barry, who had gained superspeed and was calling himself the Flash. The only things Diggle could say was how fast Barry had become and that he had a cousin who developed a stutter after being struck by lightning. Barry suggested they team up to find their boomerang murderer and to catch Roy Bivolo, a meta-human who could induce rage in people. As Barry carried Felicity all the way to STAR Labs to analyze the boomerang, a perplexed Diggle asks Oliver how he isn't freaked out by Barry's abilities. He still brings it up while waiting in the truck as Oliver searches the warehouse where Bivolo was last holed up, though Oliver assures him that Barry is still the same person they met a year ago. Later, after Barry becomes affected by Vivolo's powers and Dr. Harrison Wells subsequently deduces Oliver's identity as the Arrow, Diggle joins the others at STAR Labs. Cisco boasts that he suspected Oliver as one of the many he theorized to be the Arrow. After Wells and Joe West snap Barry out of his rage, he and Oliver captured Bivolo and imprison him in STAR Labs' Pipeline. Afterward, Team Arrow parts ways with Team Flash.[76]

A week later, Diggle keeps watching in a neighborhood where their boomerang suspect is held up while Oliver and Roy storm his hideout. Sadly, their man had already left and the pair is confronted by an A.R.G.U.S. squad, revealing that the murder victim was an A.R.G.U.S. agent. Though A.R.G.U.S. told them to let this go, Oliver refused to. Diggle was sent to Lyla to find out who the culprit is, expecting that she would remain tight-lipped. Though Lyla insisted that A.R.G.U.S. had it handled, the boomerang killer attacks A.R.G.U.S., forcing Diggle to call Oliver. They managed to drive the attacker away with the sudden appearance of the Flash. Under pressure from Oliver, Lyla identifies the man as Digger Harkness, an ex-ASIS agent who was recruited into the Suicide Squad, only to go rogue after a mission in Tanzania went south and Lyla ordered the Squad's termination, only for Harkness' bomb to malfunction. Returning to the Arrowcave to safeguard Lyla, with pieces of Harkness' boomerangs, Teams Arrow and Flash agree to another team-up. Barry then quickly reassembles the boomerangs and Cisco identifies their manufacturer, Klaus Markos.

Barry later consulted with Quentin on Markos' last known whereabouts. As the team prepared to infiltrate Markos' hideout, Diggle was assigned to guard the perimeter due to his concern for Lyla. The only thing the raid produced was a cellphone, which Felicity used to track Harkness. But upon arriving at his hideout, they only find his cell phone, revealing Harkness had played them. They returned to the Arrowcave, only to find that Harkness had found the place by tracking the cellphone, his attack leaving Lyla critically wounded. Barry quickly rushed her to the hospital. While the rest of the team tracked down Harkness, Diggle remained by her side until she regained consciousness. He then proposed to her.[77]

At the Arrowcave, Oliver informs the team of the League's ultimatum. Felicity tells them the DNA test that Caitlin Snow is running will take time due to the degraded sample. Diggle tells Oliver that they need to devise a contingency plan. Oliver realizes Merlyn and Thea both lied about them being in contact with each other. Diggle suggests Thea could be a suspect which would explain the similar DNA but Oliver dismisses the idea. Oliver tells the team that he is sure Thea didn't kill Sara. Felicity and Diggle both plead to him that he has a blind spot for Thea and that the Arrow should pay her a visit.[78]

Diggle donned Oliver's costume after the latter disappears fighting Ra's al-Ghul and masqueraded as the Arrow in order to make it appear that the vigilante was still protecting Starling. He advised Felicity to prepare for the possibility that Oliver was dead. He then went on a mission to prevent Brick from seizing police evidence that was being used to keep many of Starling's criminals in jail, during which he ended up facing off with Brick himself. Despite shooting Brickwell directly in the head, he was savagely beaten before Arsenal intervenes. Afterward, he discovered that Felicity let Brickwell escape with the evidence in order to save him and Roy, and angrily protested that she had no right to make that decision without their consent. When Malcolm Merlyn gave Team Arrow proof that Oliver indeed died at Ra's' hands, Diggle insisted on continuing Oliver's work without him; Felicity disagreed and said that there was no point in continuing. Diggle later spoke with Laurel, reflecting on his relationship with Oliver and admitting that he still thought of himself as Oliver's bodyguard, saying that he had failed to protect him.[79]

When Oliver is presumed dead at Ra's al Ghul's hands, Diggle leads Felicity, Roy, and Laurel Lance until his friend's return. After Oliver's return, Diggle accompanies him to Nanda Parbat to help him free Merlyn, but they are captured. Diggle and Lyla marry after a near-death experience with the Suicide Squad, when Lawton sacrifices himself for them.[80] Diggle and Lyla decide to quit Team Arrow and A.R.G.U.S. for their daughter's sake. After Oliver leaves the team to join the League of Assassins as part of a deal to revive a near-deceased Thea, Diggle becomes the team leader, though he is not yet ready to forgive Oliver for kidnapping Lyla as part of a deception to gain acceptance by the League.[81]

War against H.I.V.E.

John Diggle's first suit as Spartan.

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Months after Ra's al Ghul's attack on Star City Diggle took up a suit and became the leader of Team Arrow while the team was fighting thugs known as "Ghosts". After the city leadership was killed by the Ghosts Laurel and Thea brought Oliver back to Star City to help. Diggle was not pleased with the situation but accepted his help. When the team was able to locate the leader of the ghosts the team ambushed them but Darhk escaped. The Ghosts next target was the Star City train station so the team monitored the station before Diggle confronted Oliver and told him that he could not forgive him because Oliver was incapable trusting anyone. After Damien Darhk nearly killed Oliver, Diggle was able to save Oliver before his death and stopped the bomb threat.[82]

When the Star City Dam was under attack from H.I.V.E, the team saved the dam from them and stopped the bomb before it could explode. The team started looking into Lonnie Machin, who was hired by Damien Darhk to kill mayoral candidate Jessica Danforth. While Laurel and Diggle were staking out the police station, Diggle revealed that he believes that the ghosts were responsible for his brother's death. When the team were able to locate Machin, Diggle and Laurel took an injured Madison Danforth to safety.[83]

Oliver and Diggle were forced to work together as Thea and Laurel were away. The two track two members of H.I.V.E. but both got away before they could be interrogated. Later when Diggle returned home he found an A.R.G.U.S. agent who gave him a photo of the person who hired Floyd Lawton to kill his brother, Mina Fayad. Diggle tracked her to a meeting but got away while he was under fire. When Oliver was attacked by meta-human Jeremy Tell Diggle and Oliver finally talked and told Oliver about Fayad and asked for his help. However, when they were able to track Fayad she had been killed by Damien Darhk. The pair took on Tell and after Oliver saved Diggle's life from some of Tell's tattoo playing card projectiles, John was able to defeat him. Oliver earned back Diggle's trust for being willing to take a "bullet" (tattoo projectile) for him. He, Oliver, and Felicity celebrated with drinks afterward.[84]

Oliver told the team that he planned to run for Mayor which Diggle thought was a joke until he realized he was being serious. Diggle then joined the rest of the team in seeing the new Arrowcave. When a team of rogue police officers killed two police officers and started stealing drugs from dealers, Diggle joined Thea in buying some to lure them out. The team were later able to arrest to police officers with the help of Captain Lance.[85]

Oliver had Diggle and Quentin work together when Damien blackmailed Quentin into installing a data eraser into a federal server farm. They entered the server farm and saw the device begin erasing files on various people including Andy Diggle. Soon an alarm tripped and two guards spotted them. Quentin hit John and faked arresting him as part of an SCPD sting. The team later regrouped at the Arrowcave when Sara Lance attacked Thea again and devised a plan using Thea as bait to lure Sara out. Thea waited in Verdant until Sara burst through a window. Diggle rushed Thea to safety while Oliver and Laurel captured Sara. Later, Diggle was present when Oliver's old friend John Constantine performed a ritual of restoring Sara's soul to her body. Quentin later paid him a visit and gave him a file from Darhk about his brother.[5]

After Team Arrow discovered Ray was alive, Diggle accompanied the team in stealing a quantum manifold from Kord Industries. Later at the lair, Diggle tried to calm Felicity when she was angered by their insistence that they wait until Quentin could give intel on Darhk's hideout. After Oliver glumly returned from dinner with Felicity and Donna, Diggle fetched some whiskey (a replacement for the vodka from the old lair) he stashed and listened to Oliver vent about his relationship problems. Diggle realized Oliver was feeling jealous of Ray but assured Oliver that Felicity chose him, not Ray. The team later regrouped and formed their plan to rescue Ray. After knocking out a Ghost, Diggle took the uniform and masqueraded as one to infiltrate the base and the team was able to recover Ray.[3]

Diggle accompanied the team in fighting off a Ghost attack on a Star City Bank armored truck. However, the Ghosts were successful in destroying the money. After debriefing in the lair, John asked Oliver to stay behind so that he could show him the file that Lance gave him on Andy. Diggle later joined the team when they were breaking into Wolfman Biologics. After knocking out a Ghost, Diggle pulled his mask off revealing the Ghost to be his dead brother Andy. Andy then escaped. John was distraught that his brother was a killer and working for H.I.V.E. At the police gala, Diggle and Laurel talked over their shared experience with resurrected siblings. Diggle and Oliver then go after an H.I.V.E. gathering at the Docks, watching as Damien give new H.I.V.E. inductees mind-altering yellow pills. They are spotted so they fought off the Ghosts. After the debacle, Diggle told Oliver to drop it as he had lost hope in Andy. Oliver hadn't lost hope and refused to give up on Andy. Diggle also told him off for Oliver's plan to use his mayoral campaign to get in bed with Damien. Ray tracked H.I.V.E. to the Muller Psychiatric Center so the team attacked the base, looking for Andy. The team, with timely help from Ray Palmer, recovered Andy from H.I.V.E. Oliver also told John that he would take his advice and not use his campaign to get into H.I.V.E. He then went to Andy (who was being kept in a cage in the Arrowcave) and asked him if the bad things he did in Quentin's file were true, which Andy confirmed.[86]

Spartan, Green Arrow, Flash, Speedy, Black Canary, Hawkgirl and Hawkman defeat Vandal Savage.

Spartan, Green Arrow, and Speedy took it upon themselves to stop Darhk and his ghosts from taking a nuke, but they were going to be beaten, until Barry came to save them, throwing up like he always does when Barry takes him running. Diggle met Kendra Saunders, whom they had to protect from Vandal Savage. The group encountered Carter Hall, a reincarnated lover of Kendra's, and were aided by Malcolm in stopping Vandal. After defeating Vandal, Diggle gathered everyone together so he could kill Vandal once and for all.[87] To help, Spartan brought Black Canary to help the rest of the heroes and kill Vandal together for good.[88]

At Oliver's bay cleanup, Diggle was down because his brother was finally home, but in a cage. He had another talk with his brother, trying to find out why he would abandon his wife and child and pleaded for him to renounce his ways. Diggle later supported Oliver's plan to expose Damien Darhk to the public. Diggle used his contacts to recruit marines for security detail at Oliver's campaign holiday party. However, Damien Darhk showed up, took out the security, and kidnapped Diggle, Thea, and Felicity. The three of them were put into a gas chamber. After Oliver turned himself in to free them (but Damien went back on his word), Laurel and Malcolm (dressed as Green Arrow) arrived and were able to rescue them from the chamber.[89]

After Felicity was shot by H.I.V.E., Oliver was unable to get a lead from any ghost so he had John beat up Andy to try to get him to give up information on Darhk. He went to see Felicity before her surgery. He then went home and had a talk with Lyla about Andy. Lyla told him that he was too busy seeing him as a traitor and that he needed to reach out to Andy as a brother. Team Arrow was able to find a lead on Lonnie Machin, who was already after Damien Darhk, at his foster parent's house so John accompanied Team Arrow to the house. After getting tangled up in one of Machin's traps, they disabled the auto-guns and captured Machin. Later, he revisited Andy who told him about how he was able to fool John into believing he was doing good during their time in Afghanistan. Andy also told him about Darhk's vision of a world reset and that he believed Darhk's message due to what he witnessed in Afghanistan. John pleaded with him that Darhk had hurt a friend of his and crossed a line. Andy thought about it and then gave John a lead, Stonehaven. John later checked in on Oliver and discovered that Oliver broke Machin out of police custody. John reminded him not to lose his humanity in going after Darhk. John forced Oliver to go see Felicity. Team Arrow discovered Machin's next target was Stonehaven, which was Darhk's place of residence. Oliver and Thea distracted Machin while Laurel and John untied and ushered Darhk's wife and daughter to safety.[11]

The Diggle family.

While John and Lyla were on a date, A.R.G.U.S. agent Alan Chang showed up asking for their help. A group of armed men then kidnapped him. John jumped into the van to try and save Alan, while Lyla opened fire but the van got away. After briefing Team Arrow and delivering food to Andy in the basement, John and Lyla went to A.R.G.U.S. to talk to Amanda Waller. Waller handed them a flash drive containing information on Shadowspire, a war profiteering group. Knowing that Andy used to be in Shadowspire, John had another talk with Andy about Shadowspire. Andy told him he wasn't a part of the organization anymore but that he could help Team Arrow capture them and told John that Shadowspire tends to use the nearest free port for its operations. Team Arrow discovered they had kidnapped two other A.R.G.U.S. agents and tracked Shadowspire to Pacific Freeport, but the agents were found dead. John then brought Andy to Amanda Waller where Andy could brief Waller on how Shadowspire worked. Later, Shadowspire attacked A.R.G.U.S. and held the command center hostage. Lyla was able to get a video feed down to the detention center where John was monitoring Andy. John used the TV monitors to broadcast a signal to the Arrowcave. John then planned for Andy to fake betraying him and tell Joyner that he was in the ventilation shafts. He was caught by Joyner's men and Andy double-crossed Joyner so a fight broke out. With the arrival of Team Arrow, they were able to stop Joyner from access A.R.G.U.S.'s Rubicon codes. John then took Andy to his home for dinner and had him meet his niece as gratitude for saving his life.[12]

When Team Arrow caught Roy after stealing a network mapper from AmerTek, a triode capacitor from Cadmus Tech, and Palmer Tech's new power cell from Curtis, Roy revealed to the team that someone named The Calculator found him in Hub City and blackmailed him to steal the web-nuke components. Team Arrow tracked Calculator's target to the Flint Hill Data Farm and with Roy's help, they were able to stop the web nuke.[90]

Nyssa and Malcolm went to war with each other over the Demon's Head ring and the Lotus elixir; their civil war started spilling into the streets of Star City. While initially supportive of Oliver's diplomatic efforts, John told him that the only way that the violence could end and Thea saved would be for Oliver to kill Malcolm. John then joined Team Arrow in witnessing a trial by combat between Malcolm and Nyssa. However, Oliver took her place and fought Malcolm, defeating him. John congratulated him on resolving the war without killing.[91]

Team Arrow followed Ruvé Adams following a mayoral debate rehearsal with John transporting Thea on a motorcycle in the back of a truck. However, the team got caught in an ambush by H.I.V.E. ghosts allowing Ruvé to get away. The team later traced another possible H.I.V.E. base. John was briefly knocked out during a fight with the Demolition Team and was ran out to safety by Oliver and Laurel. Diggle later got some intel from Andy pinpointing a warehouse that the Demolition Team were operating out of. At the debate, she got a call from Curtis who had decrypted the laptop and discovered the Demolition Team's next target was the debate hall. John attempted disarming one of the bombs but was blown back by a booby trap. The team was able to fight off the Demolition Team and disarm the bombs, allowing the debate to proceed. Afterward, John attended Felicity and Oliver's engagement party.[92]

Oliver revealed to John and the team that Damien had kidnapped William, Oliver's secret son. While looking for William, John supported Oliver's decision to keep William a secret since he was a father himself and understood the choices one makes for their child. John provided sniper cover when the team attacked a hotel that Darhk was keeping William, but they were unable to rescue William. With Mari McCabe's help, they located Darhk's compound where he was keeping William and the Khushu Idol for his magic. The team broke in, destroyed the idol, and rescued William leaving Damien to be arrested by the police.[93]

John and the team returned from patrol noting how quiet the city's crime was with Damien Darhk in jail. John later testified against Damien but Darhk's attorney was able to use John and Thea's purchase of cocaine (from their mission to stop Liza Warner's crew) to destroy John's credibility. The team then got a hit on Carrie Cutter, who was back in town after her stint on Task Force X, and had killed one celebrity couple and kidnapped a second but Carrie got away. Oliver then arranged a fake wedding with Felicity to draw Carrie out. At the ceremony, Felicity and Oliver distracted her long enough for John and Thea to arrive and defeat Carrie.[94]

Diggle kills Andy after the latter threatens to harm Lyla and Sara. He initially lies to Lyla that he killed Andy in self-defense, but Oliver encourages Diggle to admit the truth to his wife.[95]

At the nest, Team Arrow is taking a gander at potential atomic strikes everywhere throughout the nation. They have 21 hours to make sense of how to stop the strikes. Felicity says she needs to get her dad to help, and Oliver concurs, over Diggle's complaints. He says that if even one of the nukes hits, the passings that it causes will give Darhk almost unending force. At the spot where Felicity thinks Darhk is, Oliver and Diggle don't discover him. Rather, Oliver conveys a discourse about not deceiving Lyla (which he did, saying that he slaughtered Andy in self-preservation). At Ravenspur, Brick and friends have found Kuttler.

Brick offers him the entire "attempt to escape before I execute you" bargain yet before Kuttler can choose what to do, Oliver and Diggle appear in outfit to spare him. Kuttler makes his departure and Felicity gets him in the van, so Oliver and Diggle race to join her. Additional battling at the server ranch, with Green Arrow showing signs of improvement of Brick while Murmur attempts to get to Kuttler and Diggle takes out Ghosts. At City Hall, Oliver and Diggle show up and locate a mystery entry, which they follow into he ground. There, they discover a chamber where Darhk is drawing a monstrous measure of intensity from his venerated image.[96]

After the defeat of Damien Darhk and the death of Andy at his own hand, John felt he needed some time away from the team and Star City, and decided to reenlist in the Army.[97]

Effects from Flashpoint

When Barry Allen went back in time to fix the Flashpoint timeline back to normal, there were ripples in the current timeline. One affecting Diggle was that he never had his daughter Sara and instead he now has a son named John Diggle, Jr., nicknamed "JJ".[98]

Reenlisting in the Army

Once Diggle left the team he reenlisted in the army to find some clarity. Later, Oliver and Diggle are talking through Skype. Oliver asks Diggle whether he figures they should assemble another group, and Diggle says yes. Oliver is somewhat disillusioned Diggle isn't sticking to the past as was he, and Diggle solicits what the status is from Oliver's relationship with Felicity.[99]

Later, Diggle went to Chechnya to serve time there. He was commanded to take his men on a mission and obtain a piece of a bomb from Genesis Day before Chechen rebels could. On the mission, Diggle and his men were caught in a shootout killing everyone but Diggle and another soldier. The two found out it was all a setup so the U.S. Army could obtain the weapon and Diggle was blamed for trying to steal it.[100]

John was then sent back to the U.S. to be held in a military prison where he began to lose his mind. While in prison he started seeing hallucinations of Floyd Lawton, the man Dig thought killed Andy. When Lyla visited him she told John she would try to get him out, but John told her not to. Lyla then told Oliver the news and the two of them came up with a plan to break Diggle out.[101] Oliver broke into the prison to free Diggle with Lyla assisting him. Once Oliver got Diggle out of his cell they attempted to escape the prison. Once they got outside a group of soldiers stopped them in their tracks, not before Oliver and Diggle strapped on harnesses and were pulled into the air by a plane flown by Lyla.[102]

Returning to Star City

Once free from the military prison Diggle returned to Star City. John had to live in the old H.I.V.E. headquarters due to him being on the run. He later rejoined Team Arrow and took back his old role as Spartan this time with an upgraded helmet. Diggle also became a mentor to new member Rene Ramirez, giving him the respect and advice that Oliver didn't.[103][104] In November 2016, JJ turned two years old and had a birthday party, but Diggle was unable to attend due to him being a fugitive. Instead, they held another party for him, at the H.I.V.E. bunker in which he was staying.[105]

Diggle along with the other heroes facing down the Dominators.

A few days later, Oliver and Diggle were tracking down another vigilante showed up who goes by the name Vigilante and engaged him in a shootout. As Vigilante was about to shoot them The Flash came to their rescue and ran them to Felicity's apartment. Barry told Oliver he needed their help along with the Legends and Supergirl to fight the aliens known as the Dominators, who invaded Earth to exterminate all metahumans. It was at this time that John learnt of Barry going back in time and accidentally changing the timeline; he was shocked to hear that his daughter had been inadvertently erased from existence and, along with many of the other heroes, temporarily refused to work with him (and personally told Oliver he also wouldn't be coming with the others when he defended Barry by saying he wouldn't go without him). When the Dominators mind-controlled the heroes with the exception of Oliver and Barry, Diggle fought them until they managed to destroy the device mind-controlling him and the others. After this, the heroes decided to put what happened with Barry behind them and gave him their support.[106] Suddenly Oliver, Thea, Diggle, Ray, and Sara were sucked up to the Dominators' mother ship and placed in a shared hallucination where John operated as the "Green Arrow" after returning home from the war and leaving the Army as his penance for all the things he had to do over there. He worked alongside Felicity Smoak.[107] John, along with the others, slowly realized that this was fake and they all escaped the hallucination. Once they escaped, the team later defeated the Dominators and saved Earth.[108]

War against Prometheus

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Upon figuring out that Prometheus had connections to Justin Claybourne, one of the Hood's victims, John accompanied Team Arrow in investigating Claybourne Pharmaceuticals. Prometheus had been waiting for Team Arrow and let them through, where Team Arrow discovered Evelyn had been working with Prometheus and betrayed the team. Later that same night, John gets a call from Lyla telling him of trouble. John rushes into his home with his gun drawn, only to find it filled with armed snipers and he gets taken into custody.[109]

Adrian tells Diggle to punch him.

John is back in prison and to be charged with his treason against J.G. Walker, where in reality he was framed for a crime committed by the corrupt general. Oliver as mayor enlists Adrian Chase who reluctantly agrees to serve as John's lawyer and help exonerate him. After several attempts to delay John's transfer to prison, Adrian tells John to punch him. Under the pretense that John attacked Adrian, Adrian declares that committing such an offense against the district attorney was within his jurisdiction, which delays John's transfer for a week.[1] Diggle later befriends Oliver's chosen successor to Laurel's mantle, Dinah Drake, a Central City detective, and encourages her to set down roots in Star City. Shortly after Felicity's dealings with Helix allowed her to acquire what she needed to place criminal charges on Walker, which was sent to the NSA before Adrian received it and sent it to a judge, who allowed John to walk free.[110]

John was kidnapped along with his friends by Prometheus and taken to Lian Yu. With the help of Slade Wilson and Nyssa al Ghul they managed to escape and fought against Prometheus's team. Later, Chase detonates the explosive-rigged Lian Yu by shooting himself dead, with Diggle still on the island.[111]

Fight against Cayden James and Ricardo Diaz

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During the island's explosion, Diggle survived by taking shelter in a plane with the others.[112] However, he was wounded by bomb shrapnel and suffers a degenerative nerve injury that affects his motor control that requires taking daily medications, resulting him to develop a drug dependency.[113]

After Lian Yu, John returned to Star City together with the Team Arrow. Then, Black Siren invaded the SCPD and the Arrowcave at the behest of Cayden James, the man who rescued her from Lian Yu. John and Team Arrow tried to detain her but she ran away.[112]

John as the new Green Arrow.

After a docked photo of Oliver unmasked was publicly released, Oliver asks John to temporarily be the Green Arrow until they can find who released the photo although it was unknown to Oliver that Diggle had nerve damage after the fallout with Adrian Chase. Due to this, Felicity and Curtis made a crossbow so John could defend himself.[113]

Oliver returns to vigilantism until Diggle is fully recovered from his injury. John kept the damage a secret for several months, but when he finally decided to tell everyone, Curtis offered to make him a chip, similar to Felicity's, that would repair the nerve damage.[114] Curtis develops the chip for Diggle to help him control his tremors as he progressively recovers. The chip was implanted shortly after and John made a full recovery.[115]

After the Earth-X Nazis were defeated, Barry brought Diggle to request them to marry him to Iris. They said their vows, but before Diggle could declare them husband and wife, Felicity stopped Diggle and asked him to marry her to Oliver. When Oliver and Felicity acknowledged they could not do better vows than Barry and Iris, Diggle had both couples married.[116]

Spartan, Green Arrow, and Felicity confront Black Canary, Mr. Terrific, and Wild Dog.

Diggle and the team went on a quest to find Laurel's doppelgänger, however, he and Felicity were separated from the team by a fight between Oliver and Rene. John and Felicity found nothing. Later, he, Oliver, and Felicity were called by Quentin Lance, who convinced them to try to protect Laurel, which the trinity agreed to, but Rene, Curtis, and Dinah wanted to catch Laurel. In the woods, Spartan, Green Arrow, Felicity, Laurel, and Quentin encountered the new Team Arrow and had to face their own allies. After the fight ended, Diggle and Felicity tried to patch things up with Curtis and Dinah, but they refused to rejoin the team.[117]

Diggle and the team continued their investigation of Diaz with the help of Anatoly Knyazev. To investigate further, Diggle asked Oliver to become Green Arrow again, but he refused, which upset Diggle, causing problems between the best friends. Diggle got help from Lyla to investigate Diaz and his Vertigo dealing, though everything would go wrong, causing Diggle to mistrust Oliver's decisions, and he talked to Lyla about his fight with his friend.

Diggle and Oliver argue and fight over their differences.

Upon reaching the limit, Diggle argued with Oliver for having changed, and not making better decisions. Both said strong words about the dead that Oliver always leaves behind. Diggle and Oliver began to fight each other until Felicity interrupted. Diggle and Oliver apologized and donned their suits to successfully stop Vertigo's traffic. After finishing, Diggle talked with Oliver about his behavior and decided to leave the team because of the fight they had. He went to Lyla to ask her for a place at A.R.G.U.S..[118]

After Oliver and Diggle confronted Diaz, John was upset with Oliver and his leading methods and left Team Arrow on wrong terms. Diggle accepts the job offer from Lyla as one of the commanding officers in A.R.G.U.S., using his new position to lead his subordinates to maintain order in the city's police's place due to them having been compromised by Ricardo Diaz. Later, Diggle is fully healed and no longer needing Holt's implant. His A.R.G.U.S. team later joins forces with FBI agent Samanda Watson's subordinates, and working with Team Arrow, they ultimately take back the city from Diaz.[119]

Facing the Ninth Circle

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John remains working at A.R.G.U.S. and continues leading his manhunt against Diaz.[120] The combined efforts of Diggle, A.R.G.U.S. and the other members of Team Arrow result in the successful capture of Diaz.[121] After Oliver is released from Prison in exchange for Diaz, Diggle and Felicity are the first to receive him.[122] Later, Diaz is recruited by Diggle as a member of the "Ghost Initiative". Diggle plans to use Diaz to locate "Dante", the financier behind the Longbow Hunters.[123]

To find doctor Deegan, John, Kara Danvers, Caitlin Snow, Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, and Cisco Ramon snuck their way inside the Arkham Asylum. After Oliver and Diggle found Deegan in his office and attempted to convince him to revert reality to its original state, the doctor opened all the cell doors of the asylum to create a distraction, setting the prisoners free. With the help of Batwoman, the seven managed to bring the prisoners back to their cells and obtain the Book of Destiny from Deegan.[124]

Diggle returns to vigilantism along with Curtis and Rene Ramirez to capture Kevin Meltzer, the criminal known as "Chimera". Despite succeeding, the trio are arrested for violating the city's anti-vigilante law, but mayor Emily Pollard ultimately offers to drop the charges against them, provided they agree to be deputized and work for the police.[125]

The Ghost Initiative is successful in locating Dante, but when Diaz betrays the team and helps Dante escape, Diggle hands in his resignation to A.R.G.U.S. to save his wife's job, while sending Diaz back to prison.[126] John later meets Roy Stewart; who he blames for leaving his father die. They make amends when Diggle learns that his father died because of his own negligence and Stewart is the reason anyone survived the operation.[7] After Team Arrow thwarts the Ninth Circle's plan to destroy Star City, Diggle takes Oliver and Felicity to an A.R.G.U.S. safe house in the woods where the two can raise their daughter safe from the Circle.[127]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

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John shows Oliver how he got to Earth-2.

When the Monitor sent Oliver to Earth-2 as part of their mission to prepare for the impending Crisis, John borrowed an interdimensional extrapolator from Cisco to travel to Earth-2 to help Oliver out. When Earth-2 ended up getting swallowed by a mysterious energy wave, John and Oliver, accompanied by Earth-2 Laurel, used the instrument to escape the destruction by fleeing to Earth-1.[128]

John and Lyla partner on a special ops mission to save Connor and Sandra Hawke by Farzad Qadir. Later, Diggle, Dinah, Oliver, and Rene were transported to Arrowcave by the Monitor. There, they found future versions of Mia Queen, Connor Hawke, and William Clayton.[129]

After Connor and the others tell what happens in the future, Diggle is shocked and devastated to learn that his son is psychopathic and becomes Grant Wilson's protégé and successor as Deathstroke and kills Zoe Ramirez in the future. Though these revelations strain their friendship, Diggle and Rene are determined to change their respective children's fates. Despite Diggle learning that his future bond with his adoptive son is what possibly would cause JJ to take the path of vice, Diggle chooses to accept his destiny to Connor while trying to save JJ.[130]

After Oliver died, John, Constantine and Mia visited Earth-666 in a last attempt to revive Oliver claiming his soul from Purgatory.

During the Crisis, John as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[131] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[132]

Erased future

At some point in time after 2019, John and Lyla adopted Connor Hawke.[126]

When Connor was in middle school, a couple of guys trying to get him to run their drugs for them, when JJ found out, he tried his best to convince his adopted brother not to get involved, stating that the latter that he was better than that, but Connor didn't listen, after which, John grounded JJ and held him responsible for his adopted brother's actions. This not only eventually led to his son despising him and Connor respectively, but also resulted in JJ severing all ties with his family.[133]

At some point in the future, John, along with Lyla, founded Knightwatch.[134]

Rewritten reality

Spartan's mask with the fallen heroes.

In an alternate reality created by the Legion of Doom using the Spear of Destiny, Spartan had been killed by Damien Darhk, now mayor of Star City, along with Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Flash, Ragman, Wild Dog, Vigilante, and later Felicity. All of their masks were kept as trophies in Darhk's office.[135]

New multiverse

On Earth-Prime, John's life mostly remained the same. However, he and Lyla now have two children, Sara and J.J, since Sara was restored back into existence.[136] Before August 2011, Franklin Jet hired John Diggle as a security guard for the Jet family, but actually Jada Jet was in control.[137]

Battle on Earth-Prime

Diggele, Sara, Barry, Kara, Renee, and Dinah see a giant Beebo.

The day after the new Earth was created, Diggle had his old memories restored by J'onn J'onzz. After Oliver Queen/Spectre sacrificed his life to reset the multiverse and Sara Lance returned to Star City, John expressed sorrow and regret that he wasn't with Oliver during both the times he died. They argued in front of the computers when a giant Beebo attacked the city. Diggle still didn't understand the situation, but watched as Barry, Kara, Ray Palmer, and Mick Rory stopped the giant Beebo along with Sargon the Sorcerer. The team celebrated the win and Diggle talked to Mick about Rory Regan.

The heroes gets ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor.

Later, he went to Star City to join the final battle alongside Martian Manhunter, the Dreamer, Rene, the Flash, White Canary, Superman, Batwoman, Alex Danvers, and Supergirl, to stop the resurfaced Anti-Monitor from destroying everything once more. Later, John went home with Lyla and their children, where they watch the President deliver a speech in honor of Oliver.[136]

Visiting Central City

"Oliver died for more than this Earth's survival. Oliver laid down his life so the people he loved could live theirs. That includes you. Life's a marathon, not a sprint, Barry. Slow down and enjoy it."
—John Diggle to Barry Allen[src]

Later, Diggle went to Central City to give Barry the mask he gave Oliver the first time they met. Diggle told Barry and Iris that as a feature of Oliver's will and confirmation, Barry gets the mask. Barry examined it and noticed a peculiar smear imprint, and questioned if it's a mystery message from Oliver. He enrolled a hesitant Diggle in helping make sense of what it could be. Barry discovered dregs on the veil which coordinate Mirakuru and Lian Yu's dirt.

Diggle and Barry talk in Lian Yu.

Diggle and Barry traveled to Lian Yu but didn't find any Mirakuru. Barry became upset, wondering if he was failing Oliver. In Deathstroke's former cell, Diggle proposed that the dregs were from Oliver carrying his suit to battle Slade years back, and there isn't a crucial arrangement about it. Diggle advised Barry on pacing his life and appreciating the new world that Oliver died for in order to truly honor his memory.[138]

Oliver's funeral

John at Oliver's funeral.

"Of course, life will go on. It always does. But how? What twists and turns it will take, I can't say. I don't know what the future holds... except to say expect the unexpected. Oliver may be gone, but his mission endures. That mission lives on, Oliver lives on, in the people he inspired. Some will take that mission to the rest of the world... maybe even beyond that. Because if the past eight years has shown us anything... it's that this universe is far bigger than any of us could have dared imagine. Even if it is a little less bright without him in it."
—John Diggle's eulogy at Oliver Queen's funeral[src]

When Oliver's son William is kidnapped by John Byrne, Diggle assisted Team Arrow in finding William. Diggle later attended Oliver's funeral, where he made a speech in honor of the deceased friend and the impact he made on the universe. Diggle also chose to disband Team Arrow, as there wasn't any crime in Star City anymore.

John inspects a meteorite.

After the funeral, Diggle and his family moved to Metropolis to start a new life. On his way to Metropolis, a meteorite collided with the Earth close to Diggle's car. He raced out and hauled a substance out of the crater. When Diggle opened it, he found an object glowing green.[139] Diggle asked A.R.G.U.S. to help him try understand the object and open it. Unfortunately, A.R.G.U.S. was unable to do so.[137] Sometime afterwards, Diggle began to experience migraines.[140]

In his time in Metropolis, Diggle grew to be friends with the Kent family.[141]

At some point in mid-2020, Diggle, along with his wife, gave a positive recommendation to Cisco Ramon for the position of Director of Technology and Science at A.R.G.U.S..[142]

Helping the Kent family

Lois and Diggle confront Sam Lane.

Doing a delivery job for A.R.G.U.S, Diggle dropped it off for Lyla in Smallville. When it was successfully sent to General Sam Lane, Diggle reunited with his friend Lois Lane. They both caught each other up on the events of the last few months. Particularly Lois, who moved with her family to Smallville recently.

When going inside to see Sam, Diggle found out along with Lois about what the equipment he is delivering is really being used for. To disable the powers of Superman. Along with this information, Diggle was introduced to John Henry Irons, that was from another Earth and Diggle objected to on the premise of his goals with Sam. He's additionally not excited that Sam was holding onto somebody from one more Earth without unveiling it. Then requesting that him and Sam have a talk on this situation.

Diggle argued his point to Sam, objecting to the latter's reasoning of Clark being too far gone to save, as well as using both Diggle and Lyla to achieve this goal. He then left as Irons came in to see Sam.[141]

Visiting Gotham

In mid 2020, John began getting migraines and researched that Gotham City had one of the best neurologists in the country.

John Diggle and Luke Fox play poker.

The day before his appointment, John went to a poker-game where only law-enforcement officials were permitted entry. Inside, he overheard a conversation between a young, black man and Russell Tavaroff, the two-time champion of the Crows poker tournament.

During the game, John folded on a hand while the young man decided to bet everything on his cards. John asked the young man what grudge he had against Russell because he was focused on embarrassing him. Russell was forced to borrow money to cover the bet. When the young man won and took all of Russell's money, the he left the contest.

When Russell followed the man outside, John noticed and researched the two. He learned that Russell had shot the man days earlier and was out on bail. John followed and the pair and saw them fighting. He intervened and defended the man until Russell left.

Diggle talks to Luke.

John and the man, Luke Fox, discussed their pasts and how much they loved their respective fathers. John told Luke that, when his time came to die, he should make sure that his father would be proud of him. The two then saw the Bat-Signal blinking in Morse code for the young man. John told Luke that he must be important if the famous Bat-Signal was summoning him, and the people behind it would be glad he's alive.[143]

Fighting the Godspeed clones

Spartan and Flash capture one of the Godspeed clones.

John arrived in Central City with an entropy trap designed by Cisco to help Team Flash stop the Godspeed clones, Diggle volunteered to go as he thought the team needed help from a soldier to stop the Godspeed war. John later had a headache while Barry was explaining their plan of reaching out to some of the other Godspeed clones that saved him.

Diggle and Barry managed to capture one of the Godspeed clones but said clone escaped, John helped a frustrated Barry to open up about his fears and insecurities. Diggle then went with Cecile on a quest to find August Heart but before leaving S.T.A.R. Labs he experienced a more painful headache that made him collapse to the ground along with Cecile when she tried to read their mind, though he later said that if there was anything really wrong with him the doctors at Gotham would have found it.

Diggle painfully hears a voice inside his head.

In the streets of Central City, John found another Godspeed clone and shot him with some nanites from Ray Palmer, but just when he had the clone on the ground Diggle experienced another painful headache, this time with a voice in his head that said that "worlds await". John along with Cecile and Frost later found a person who said that he didn't remember anything. Realizing that his headaches are probably related to the object that he found months earlier, Diggle decided that it was time to deal with it and leaves Central City.[140]

Helping Kelly Olsen

John traveled to National City, contacted by James Olsen to provide support to Kelly Olsen in her investigation of a mysterious respiratory illness infecting residents of the Narrows following the collapse of the Ormfell Building.

Diggle gives advice to Kelly Olsen.

In a pep talk, John related to Kelly about how he was offered the chance to become "a special kind of hero", which would have meant he leaving Lyla, his kids, and everything he love behind. He was struggling with that decision. John opened up to Kelly about how he was conflicted since the opportunity would've meant leaving his family and old life behind. John explained he needed to know what kind of hero did he really want to be.

After seeing Kelly step into the role of Guardian, using a helmet reminiscent of John's Spartan gear in the past, he passed on some words of wisdom to her from Jefferson Pierce about being a hero for the people. John affirmed to Querl Dox that he was heading back to Metropolis. Before leaving, he remarked, "worlds await".[144]

Helping Jada Jet

John received a call from Jada Jet asking for help in Gotham regarding her son Marquis. They broke into Renee Montoya's office under City Hall to search for the Joy buzzer in hopes of saving her son, they found and took the object.

Later, John met with Luke Fox at Gotham's cemetery, who he asked to help him open the box he found. Luke gave the box back to John after failing to open it.[137]


John in his civilian persona.

"You are fighting a war, Queen. Except you have no idea what war does to you. How it scrapes off little pieces of your soul. And you need someone to remind you... of who you are. Not this thing you're becoming."
—John Diggle to Oliver Queen[src]

Contrary to his seemingly tough exterior, John is a very perceptive and wise individual, being the first to notice that something was different about Oliver Queen after he came back from the Lian Yu, this was what prompted Oliver to have him as his comrade, John hated personal security because he was simply serving wealthy spoiled brats instead of making a difference in the military. This was what inspired him want to join Oliver Queen's crusade after Oliver saved him from poisoning by curare, learning from Oliver his brother was killed by the assassin Floyd Lawton and a conversation with his sister-in-law Carly Diggle made him realize Oliver was making a difference and was offering him a chance to do the same.

Since becoming Oliver's first partner in his crusade, John has provided Oliver with a greater sense of direction, such as when he suggests tracking down other dangerous individuals and providing protection for the innocents instead of simply hunting down the men in his father's book. John sometimes serves as the voice of reason for Oliver who, sometimes being impulsive isn't thinking his actions thoroughly, keeping him grounded and realistic. John was also very wise because even though he was against Oliver killing as a first resort at the beginning of his crusade, he still allowed Oliver to do so, hoping he would learn to show restraint in the future rather than force that lesson onto him.

John is very good friends with Felicity Smoak and the two have a sibling-like relationship, when Roy Harper was brought onto the team, he and John got along also with John providing a mentor-student relationship to Roy as well as Oliver.

Due to John's time in the military, he is a disciplined and level-headed individual who tries to approach everything with a calm demeanor, even in times of crisis, he also has a sense of justice and honor and, is extremely loyal to the individuals he cares about, particularly his ex-wife Lyla Michaels whom he latter decides to remarry. Later on Lyla gives birth to his baby daughter (to John's amazement describing the experience of becoming a father as his whole universe changing) whom is named Sara in honor of John's good friend Sara Lance.

John is able to isolate his emotions from his ability to think logically due to his time in the military, instances where he does otherwise occur when Floyd Lawton was involved once he learns Lawton is who killed his brother, his hatred of Lawton is what lead to the dissolution of his relationship with Carly, however, after the two made a deal to save Lyla in Russia, he prescribed to his sense of honor in letting Lawton walk free as his end of the bargain, he also refused to let his vendetta get in the way of his principles of never leaving a man behind when they were partnered together in Task Force X. He also tried to talk Lawton out of his death wish while on a suicide mission by bringing up his daughter, Zoe Lawton, and the chance to see her again one day, succeeding in doing so.

John later confessed that Lawton, the man who killed his brother showed much more character than Amanda Waller, the woman (supposedly) protecting the United States did during that mission, John's continued work with Lawton as well as the fact that Lawton has a daughter, to whom he provides money for with his job has had John experience a change of view of him, considering him something of a friend or at the very least, a comrade. When Lawton sacrificed himself during the mission in Kasnia, so he and Lyla could return to their daughter, John made peace with Lawton's memory sharing a drink with Oliver with a toast, "to Lawton".

Despite John's knowledage encounter with the Mirakuru soldiers, he is freaked out by Barry Allen's superhuman speed.

John has ever so viewed Oliver as his best friend, almost like a brother and, even had him as his best man at his second wedding to Lyla, however, when Oliver became "Al Sah-him" and kidnapped Lyla, leaving his daughter, Sara alone, their relationship crumpled heavily, angering him to the point where he nearly beat a criminal to death, despite Oliver attempting to explain to him that it was a ruse to prove his loyalty to Ra's al Ghul, John replied his action not only cost him John's friendship, but also his respect and trust, ultimately, after having defeated Ra's, saved the city from the Alpha-Omega bioweapon together and seeing Oliver's genuine regret in his actions, John has come to at least be civil with Oliver. It took him a long time to forgive Oliver, but he ultimately did.[82]

John as Spartan.

"Look, you don't know me that well. But I'm the type of guy who's only thought about one thing: how do I keep the people I love safe?"
—John Diggle to Cisco Ramon[src]

Few months later, after Oliver Queen returns from retirement, and their lives were on the line, Oliver states that he understands that he had lost John's trust, but asks that John give him a chance to earn it back, which John does by sharing all the information about his brother's death with Oliver. Later on, after Oliver notes that John kept details of Andy's death from him for two years, John completely trusts Oliver once more when he jumped in front of an oncoming attack that was meant for John.

Upon learning of the existence of meta-humans and meeting the Flash, John is shocked, immensely disturbed; he finds it the hardest to comprehend the more other-worldly fantastical elements in the world in contrast to Oliver and Felicity, he claims that he'll never get used to seeing and experiencing the Flash's speed, he has stated on at least one occasion that he hates it when Barry super speeds him anywhere, having vomited at that time, and also tells Barry that his life was completely normal before he met the latter. He has stated to Oliver many times that they live in a crazy world, and doesn't understand how he can be so calm about it. In contrast, John seemed to have little problem dealing with other worlds and doppelgangers of people he knows, not showing any concern at the thought of being in another universe when he travelled to Earth-2 to assist Oliver.

John is not a hypocrite in his unforgiving nature as he treats everyone equally, he made no exception with his previously assumed deceased brother, Andy, and the new persona his brother exhibited, even though Team Arrow volunteered to get Andy back, he was dead set against the idea. He cared more for the well being of his family in Team Arrow and only showed up to help liberate Andy from H.I.V.E. was because his brother, Oliver needed him.

After taking on the mantle of Green Arrow (albeit briefly) John is initially insecure of his position, as he finds it hard to make the decisions that Oliver would normally make, however, eventually overcome this insecurity, becoming more confident, being trusted with the hood meant everything to John, so much that he ignored his injury that was effecting his performance on the field out of fear that either he would disappoint Oliver and the team or that Oliver would rescind his offer discovering that John is not physically fit. To overcompensate for his injury, John developed an addiction to illegal performance enhancers supplied by Ricardo Diaz to the point where he almost ran through fire to save a box with them while Team Arrow were destroying his drug operation.

John can be self-righteous to the point of being a hypocrite; like the way he was talking to Rene, acting as though his testimony against Oliver was out of a whim, when he knew full well he did this for his daughter and nothing else. Especially when John is also a father himself and would've hypocritically done exactly the same thing.

Since John recuperating from his injury and returning to his Spartan persona, he developed a small degree of bitterness towards Oliver for teasing him with the position of Green Arrow yet also a degree of shame on his own part for losing that position do to hiding his injury then illegally self-medicating. However, John later realizes that the reason why he was so frustrated with Oliver, was not because of the mantle of Green Arrow, but instead because he lost faith in Oliver's leadership. This bitterness reaches a breaking point to where John places all blame on Oliver for Ricardo Diaz's growing criminal empire; due to breaking apart the team because of his mistrustful actions, eventually heading to a violent altercation between the two and him leaving Team Arrow to become a better person.

John still has not learned from his mistakes when it comes to holding grudges, as he was incapable/unwilling to accept Malcolm Merlyn and Slade Wilson's help, on several occasions, because of their previous actions; due to his short-sightedness, as John's refusal to work with Malcolm proved to be disastrous on several occasions, this even extends to Earth-2 Laurel Lance, who once pretended to be an ally well she was (secretly) working as a mole for Diaz, completely disregarding the fact that she later turned against Diaz (after realizing that he was nothing more than a cowardly psychopath and irredeemable monster who had no emotions left inside of him) and has (genuinely) reformed.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a former soldier, bodyguard, and vigilante, John is in top physical condition. He engages regularly in intense exercises and spars with Oliver Queen in the Arrowcave during his spare time. Due to his build and training he received from both his time in the military and with Oliver, John is remarkably strong. Oliver even commented that his arms "are the size of bowling balls".[145] He was an all state varsity track athlete who ran the 100 meters.[146] He was strong enough to punch Russell Tavaroff back several feet. John's physical conditioning has eventually developed enough to allow him to battle against some of the most physically powerful combatants in the entire multiverse.
    • Honed senses: Due to his time in the military, John developed sharp senses and can pick up on danger. For example, after entering his apartment with Felicity Smoak to find his daughter, Sara Diggle crying, John quickly felt something was off, which was proved (correct) when it was revealed that Lyla Michaels had been kidnapped.[147]
  • Master marksman: As a former soldier, John is proven to be highly skilled with multiple types of firearms, including pistols, rifles and sniper rifles. He is extremely accurate, as he was able to shoot Danny Brickwell in the head and kill his brother with a single around. John also has excellent marksmanship with crossbows, as seen when he used the Green Monster during his tenure as Green Arrow.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: John is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having developed his combat skills during his time as a soldier. He is well-trained in the armed forces disciplines and has mentioned that he was once a part of the Special Forces. He has considerable experience in live combat, having served three tours in Afghanistan. During his time as a vigilante, John's skills were already great enough to be able to stand up to China White, Floyd Lawton and Danny Brickwell before he was eventually overpowered, keep up with Oliver during their sparring sessions and alongside him, was able to overwhelm Malcolm Merlyn, forcing him to incapacitate John via a knife throw.[36] His style appears to incorporate Professional Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing, Tae Kwan Do, and Jiujitsu. Training with Oliver over the years have greatly improved John's combat skills, adding Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, and Eskrima to his style. John is skilled enough to defeat multiple members of the League of Assassins by combining his firearms skills with his combat training, go up against Oliver after he was trained by Ra's al Ghul for a time and land some blows,[147] take out multiple Shadowspire agents with ease while unarmed,[12] and even single-handedly defeat several of Talia al Ghul's acolytes unarmed without any injuries, despite the fact they were armed with swords.[111] When he and Speedy fought Carrie Cutter, who had defeated Oliver before, John was eventually able to knock her down. John was also skilled enough to overpower and nearly capture Earth-2 Laurel Lance (prior to Laurel improving her combat skills; after her last encounter with Silencer) forcing her to flee,[148] defeat Dinah Drake armed with her bo-staff, rival and eventually defeat Onyx Adams, a far more experienced hand-to-hand combatant/martial artist with centuries of experience and training as a member of the league since 1743; though it's possible that he simply caught Onyx off-guard,[113] and he has even proven to have come close to Oliver's own level of skill, as he was able to fight on par with Vincent Sobel, who proved to be a difficult challenge to Oliver, and could stand up to Ricardo Diaz whose skills proved to be nearly equal to Oliver's and was even able to kick him down after being briefly overwhelmed but was unable to defeat him,[149] along with later on able to compete with Oliver when they argued over their former comrades, albeit Oliver was holding back and eventually managed to begin gaining the advantage, having been able to land 3 square blows before being tackled and then tossed aside by Oliver, until Felicity interrupted them.[118] Being an A.R.G.U.S. agent has improved John's abilities even more, as he is capable of going toe-to-toe with and even knocking down Diaz in order to flee in their recent altercation when the latter was injured by a knife-throw to the shoulder, although John could not truly defeat him and struggled to force Diaz back.[150] He later on managed to compete with Diaz, this time without any advantage, before eventually being overpowered, and was able to swiftly knock him out when he teamed up with Emiko.
    • Expert knife wielder/Knife thrower: John is an accomplished knife wielder, when practicing kali knife-fighting techniques with Oliver, John was able to keep up and even complimented by Oliver on his pace.[21] In his second confrontation against Diaz, John accurately threw a knife into the latter's shoulder.[150]
    • Master stick-fighter: John is a highly skilled stick-fighter, capable of wielding an expandable baton as a close quarters combat weapon. John could match up to Oliver whenever they sparred using escrima sticks. In a training session, he and Oliver teamed up in a practice fight against Sara Lance using bo-staffs. John also regularly sparred with sticks against Dinah.
    • Expert swordsman: John displays a remarkable amount of skill in swordsmanship, presumably due to his escrima training over the years. He was able to wield the sword he took from a League member just well enough to defend himself against Oliver in a sword fight after he was trained by Ra's al Ghul for quite some time, blocking most of Oliver's sword attacks, although with visible difficulty, before ultimately getting cut in the arm and disarmed.[147]
  • Expert archer: John is a very skilled archer, proving high levels of proficiency in archery when he posed as the Arrow, though his skills are not at Oliver's level.
"You always were a quick study."
Amanda Waller to John Diggle[src]
  • High-level intellect/Military training/Master tactician/Leader: Due to his time in the military and with Team Arrow, John is highly skilled at formulating plans and executing them and also thinks ahead in case things don't go his way. When he was overhearing a conversation between Moira Queen and Malcolm Merlyn with a hearing device, John also had a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in his pocket in the event he was caught, which did happen; he pretended he was looking to have a smoke. As an ex-Special Forces soldier, John is well-versed in intelligence gathering, decoding ciphers and other coded messages, infiltration, espionage and explosives. When he was given the mantle of Green Arrow from Oliver, John was at first unsure of himself as he struggled with making the hard calls, but after a heart-to-heart conversation with Oliver, he became more confident in himself and successfully led Team Arrow on multiple missions.
    • Expert driver/Pilot: John is highly trained to drive multiple vehicles, such as cars and vans. John was also trained to fly helicopters during his time as a soldier and used this training to transport Arsenal and Black Canary during Danny Brickwell's takeover of the Glades. He also knows how to fly a plane, as shown when he attempted to escape with his friends from Lian Yu using Adrian Chase's plane.
    • Expert medic: John received medical training during his time in the army, allowing him to stitch up wounds and perform minor surgeries. With this skill, he was able to successfully remove a bullet from Oliver's chest with some help from Felicity.[28] John usually acts as Team Arrow's main medic, patching up their injuries from the field.
    • Multilingualism: John is capable of fluently speaking English, Pashto,[10] and Arabic.[30]
  • Network: As a former soldier and bodyguard, John has a wide array of contacts in the military and various intelligence-gathering establishments, including the F.B.I., Interpol,[145] and the NSA.[6] Through Lyla, John also became affiliated with A.R.G.U.S..
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: After his brother, Andy Diggle, tortured him, John was able to free himself and escape, despite experiencing some blood loss.[95]


  • Motion sickness: John's body cannot tolerate Barry Allen's superhuman speed; whenever Barry moves John from one place to another, he throws up every single time. When John realised he had little choice but to allow Barry to speed him to Lian Yu, he took sickness tablets beforehand in an attempt to prevent this.
  • Hacking: Due to the implanted chip in his right arm, John is vulnerable to hackers as they could deactivate the chip to prevent him from aiming any weapon properly, which also causes him severe pain and potentially life-threatening injuries; this was demonstrated during Team Arrow and the Outsiders' confrontation following Curtis Holt hacking the chip.
  • Debilitating headaches: Since coming into contact with the unknown green object, John has been experiencing intense, painful headaches. The cause appears to be of supernatural origin, as John hears voices yelling in his head - and Gotham's neurology department could find nothing wrong with him.[140]

Former weaknesses

  • Nerve damage: Following the final battle against Adrian Chase on Lian Yu, John was injured from shrapnel embedded in his right arm, which (permanently) damaged the nerves.[151] This causes severe tremors in the arm to the point that John can no longer aim a gun properly, even at close-range; this is evidenced by the fact when he failed to shoot at a man holding Wild Dog at gunpoint.[112] To remedy this, John had initially been injecting himself with some sort of drug to stabilize his tremors on a regular basis.[113] However, thanks to a chip implanted in his arm designed by Curtis and Felicity, John's tremors were permanently cured.[152]


Original multiverse

  • Spartan suit: Before Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak left Starling City, Oliver recommended that John take up some form of identity concealment should he continue to regularly go into the field. John took his advice and had a new suit made for him. The suit seems to a more civilianized form of military armor. It includes a protective chest-plate made of a leather-like material covered by a dark jacket likely made of the same material. The suit also includes dark army pants and boots. The wrists include a device that can unload and load a firearm onto John's hand, allowing him to receive his sidearm quicker and carry more artillery at once.
  • Spartan helmet: After Oliver and Felicity left Starling City, John had a new helmet designed for him along with his new suit. The helmet seems to only cover the face and forehead, making it more of a concealment device rather than an actual helmet. The helmet also includes a tinted visor that can be retracted through unknown means. The helmet was later modified by Cisco Ramon, with John putting it on for the first time during Team Arrow's clash with Tobias Church.[103]
  • Guns: John primarily makes use of a pistol, wielding it effectively. He also is proficient in using assault rifles, sniper rifles, explosives and grenade launchers. After John became Spartan, he started using a custom pistol fitted with either bullets or darts, as seen when he shot Nyssa al Ghul. It is shown that this weapon has a grapple line that slows descent similar to Oliver's grapple arrows. John often carries a Glock (or two) while in civilian clothing.
  • Implantable bio-stimulant: John had an implantable bio-stimulant designed by Felicity and Curtis Holt implanted into in his right arm to repair nerve damage caused by an explosion on Lian Yu.
  • Interdimensional extrapolator: Before going to Earth-2, John was given an interdimensional extrapolator as a present by Cisco Ramon. The device can create small breaches to allow travel between parallel worlds. It also has communication functionality that can allow contact between universes.

Former equipment

  • Ski mask: Before becoming Spartan; John sometimes used a ski mask when in the field to conceal his identity.
  • Telescopic baton: John had been seen to use a telescopic baton; specifically when fighting Ravager.
  • Original helmet: When John first became the vigilante Spartan, Cisco Ramon made him a helmet to go along with his suit. John apparently wasn't happy with the design, as he admitted it could use improvements. He later abandoned this helmet when given a replacement.
  • The Arrow suit: John wore Oliver's Arrow suit on a few occasions when impersonating the latter.
  • Green Arrow suit: John wore Oliver's Green Arrow suit while the latter was being investigated by the F.B.I.. The suit is composed of a high-density kevlar, able to withstand point-blank gunfire and high velocity impact.
    • Green Arrow mask: John wore a dark green mask to protect his identity and the identities of his loved ones.
  • Green Monster: While operating as Green Arrow, John used a modified crossbow designed by Curtis Holt and Felicity Smoak, which shot arrows instead of bolts (due to the fact that the nerve damage in his arm kept John from effectively using a normal bow and arrow). The Green Monster fires at a rate of 400 ft/s (272.73 mph) and can cut through solid concrete. The quality of arrows it can hold or how it reloads is currently unclear.
  • Flechettes: John regularly used the sharpened edges of these blades in close combat in order to neutralize targets quicker. He refrains from using them as projectiles, though, and prefers to use them for incapacitation.
  • Flick knife: Along with his sidearm and crossbow, John also carried a small flick knife.

New multiverse

  • Spartan suit: Like in the original multiverse, John wears a protective suit when he act as a vigilante.
  • Guns: John primarily makes use of a pistol, wielding it effectively.

Former equipment

  • Unknown green object: After Oliver's funeral, Diggle was packing up to move to Metropolis and a case crashed right in front of him. He walked closer and opened the case, causing the object to emit green light.



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  • John has the distinction of being the first person Oliver shared his identity with and recruited into Team Arrow.
  • John served as a member of Team Arrow longer than any other member of the team except for Oliver himself. He has been a member from "An Innocent Man"​ to "Schism"​​​​​​, and then again from "Human Target"​​​​​​ to "Brothers in Arms"​​​​​.
  • There is a running gag that John is the only one seen being freaked out by super-powered characters/objects in the Arrowverse such as The Flash, Supergirl and when witnessing the jumpship from the Waverider.
  • John has been killed in two erased timelines:
  • As a running gag, anytime Barry picks up John and runs with him at super speed, John throws up when they stop. Team Flash is even prepared to grab a trash can and water bottle for John in the event Barry needs to bring him to S.T.A.R. Labs.[154]
  • John loves Big Belly Burger.[18]
  • He hates ballet.[155]
  • Growing up, John was a fan of the Starling City Rockets.[6]
  • He enjoys hot cocoa with marshmallows.[49]
  • During his time as Oliver's bodyguard, John's email was "" and his phone number 555-PRO-TECT.[156]
  • John is the only main character during Season 7 known to be alive in 2040 to not appear in the flashforwards.

Behind the scenes

  • His surname Diggle is likely named after Andy Diggle, the author of Green Arrow: Year One, upon which Arrow​​​​​​'s first season is largely based, as is his brother who bears the exact name.
  • John's first name is a homage to Little John of Robin Hood lore, which Green Arrow is based upon, as revealed by David Ramsey.[157]
  • John Diggle was later adapted to the mainstream Green Arrow comics starting with Issue 24 of the New 52s first series.
  • Prior to his official secret identity being defined as Spartan, David Ramsey often jokingly referred to John's alter-ego as "Black Driver", referencing a line from John in "Identity".
  • In "Elseworlds, Part 2"​​​, the Barry Allen of Earth-90 wondered why John didn't have his ring, a nod to the Green Lantern, John Stewart.
  • At the San Diego Comic-Con 2014, David Ramsey mentioned the possibilities of making a spin-off of Arrow​​​​​​ featuring the members of the Task Force X in the lead roles, including John. However, co-producers Keto Shimizu stated that with the Suicide Squad film in development at that time, it doesn't seem like a possibility. It's currently unknown if this planned spin-off will be made in the future or not, because a sequel to the mentioned film was announced, which could cause more delays.
  • John has appeared in almost every series within the Arrowverse at least once, including Batwoman and Superman & Lois. The only shows where John does not appear are Black Lightning and the retroactively added Constantine​​​​ and The Flash. Because of these appearances, John is one of the most recurring characters throughout the Arrowverse.
  • Before being officially adapted to the mainstream DC universe, John Diggle could have been inspired by Lewis Peters, an African-American bodyguard who worked for Oliver Queen while he acted as the mayor of Star City. Peters was also a former member of Checkmate, a governmental organization which bears many similarities to A.R.G.U.S..
  • In the Green Arrow: Year One storyline, another bodyguard working for Oliver Queen is introduced, named Hackett. He also had a past military career, but was later revealed to have been involved in a drug scheme, which was the catalyst for Oliver to end up on the island where he became Green Arrow.
  • Diggle gaining a drug problem in Season 6 is reminiscent of the Green Arrow storyline Snowbirds Don't Fly, though it was Roy Harper who developed the addiction.


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