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John Thomas "JJ" Diggle, Jr.[1] (born November 2014) is the son of John Diggle and Lyla Michaels in the post-Flashpoint timeline.

In an erased future in 2046, he adopted the name Connor Hawke and operated as the new Green Arrow. In another possible future in 2040, he instead became Deathstroke and the leader of the Deathstroke Gang.


Early life

John Jr. was born to John Diggle and Lyla Michaels in November 2014.[2]

In November 2016, JJ turned two years old. He had a birthday party, but his father was unable to attend due to being a fugitive. Lyla and Rene Ramirez arranged another party for JJ at the H.I.V.E. bunker in which his father was temporarily staying.[2]

JJ was present at the Arrowcave for Christmas Eve dinner with his parents and the new recruits of Team Arrow.[3]

In May 2017, JJ and his mother went to Chicago to visit his aunt.[4]

Possible future

Becoming Deathstroke

File:Future John Diggle, Jr..png

When Connor Hawke was in middle school, a couple of guys trying to get him to run their drugs for them, when JJ found out, he tried his best to convince his adopted brother not to get involved, stating that the latter that he was better then that, but Connor didn't listen, after which JJ's father, John Diggle grounded him and held responsible for his adopted brother's actions. This not only eventually lead to JJ despising Jonh and Connor respectively, but also resulted in him severing all ties with his family.

By the time of 2040, JJ had become estranged from his family and had started a gang which imitated Slade Wilson with him as their leader.

Fighting against his brother

Deathstroke (John Diggle, Jr.)

JJ as Deathstroke.

"You think you can save this city? I got news for you: I own this city now."
—JJ to Mia Smoak.[src]

After the wall in Glades was destroyed, JJ had his gang moving up in their attacks. During a party where William was discussing his about the future of Star City, JJ had his men attacking them and kidnapping one, while he distracted Mia Smoak by portraying as a security guard. After successful kidnapping, JJ defeated Mia and escaped with his men and his target.

After sucessfully torturing and getting codes from his target, JJ and his gang was attacked by his brother, Mia and Zoe Ramirez. He was able to escape the scene and with the codes.

Erased future

Grant Wilson's uprising

File:Connor Hawke (John Diggle, Jr.).png

In an alternate timeline visited by the Legends, there is a different version of John Diggle Jr. with this one having taken the name Connor Hawke. Around 2031, Grant Wilson/Deathstroke lead an uprising on Star City, which saw numerous people dead and those that weren't soon abandoned it. Around this time, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow engaged Deathstroke in a climactic battle in the streets, which ended with Deathstroke severing Green Arrow's left arm. Oliver soon vanished after this, leaving John to believe he had died. Sometime during the uprising, most of Team Arrow either abandoned the city or were killed, including John's father, which John believes he could have prevented. Blaming himself for his father's death and feeling undeserving of having his name, John started going by the name "Connor Hawke". At some point in the next 15 years, Connor took up Oliver's mantle and became the next Green Arrow, trying to hold the city against Deathstroke's army by himself and soon became the latter's archenemy.[5]

Encountering Rip Hunter's team

"My dad is dead because I couldn't save him. I don't deserve his name. I'm Connor Hawke."
—John/Connor to Oliver Queen.[src]

In 2046 Green Arrow saw a group of strangers approaching and perceived them as a threat and approached them. However they mistook him for Oliver and Sara Lance/White Canary of them tried to remind him who she was, while Ray Palmer/The Atom tried to remind him that Rip Hunter recruited them to become legends. However since Green Arrow had no knowledge of these events he proceeded to engage them anyway. Despite Leonard Snart/Captain Cold and Mick Rory/Heat Wave returning fire Rip ordered everyone back to the ship, and they escaped Green Arrow.[6]

Green Arrow (Connor Hawke)

Connor as Green Arrow.

Later while several rival gangs erupted into a street war Green Arrow attempted to break up the fight engaging them all at once but got shot by one, though wearing high-density kevlar, and barely escaped. He later came across White Canary and cornered her and upon her asking who he is introduced himself as Green Arrow, but she refused to believe him as Oliver Queen is Green Arrow. However Green Arrow told her that Oliver had been dead for years, after the uprising, but the two were confronted by Deathstroke. Green Arrow and Rip stood ready to fight as White Canary was stunned to see Deathstroke was Grant rather than his father Slade, but they were soon cornered by dozens of Grant's men though the three escaped. 

Retreating to safety Green Arrow revealed to Sara that Oliver had tried to oppose Deathstroke by rallying the city but with no success. When overhearing Rip and Sara discuss getting to Smoak Technologies Green Arrow revealed the building had been shutdown for years, but most of Felicity Smoak's projects were relocated to the, now destroyed, Arrowcave. Green Arrow accompanied the two there but the three were stunned to see a still-alive Oliver, still referring to Connor by his real name, but Connor expressed anger towards him for letting everyone believe he was dead, as Oliver expressed disapproval of Connor taking his suit. After being told that Felicity's projects were relocated to a warehouse in Adams and O'Neil Green Arrow accompanied them, briefly expressing annoyance when Rip referred to him by his real name. However they were attacked by Deathstroke's men and Green Arrow was taken captive.

Oliver and Connor stand over Grant Wilson

Connor and Oliver stand victorious after defeating Grant.

Later Connor was dragged into the same place Oliver had lost his left arm where everyone had gathered to witness Grant execute him. Connor tried to trick Grant into letting him go, issuing a challenge to prove who is the tougher Green Arrow of him and Oliver, but Grant refused and prepared him. However they were interrupted when White Canary was seemingly captured also. However this was a misdirect so Oliver, using a cybernetic left arm and doning his Green Arrow suit once more, could surprise them. As White Canary and Green Arrow (Oliver) fought Deathstroke's men, Deathstroke told Connor he wasn't Green Arrow but an imposter to which Connor replied that same about Grant. While fighting they were aided by the rest of Rip's team including Rip himself, Atom, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl and Firestorm, while both Green Arrows defeated Deathstroke. As they stand victorious Oliver finally gives Connor his approval as his successor. 

After the battle, Connor returns to the Arrowcave with Oliver and Sara. Before Sara leaves, she asks Connor to take care of Oliver. He agrees, and he and Oliver get to work on restoring Star City.


Possible future

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Erased future

Connor is impulsive, as seen when he attacks strangers on sight and only asks questions after, but like his predecessor, Oliver Queen, he has a sense of justice, honor and good morals. 

Connor had a very close relationship with his father, John Diggle, as he blames himself for his father's death, refusing to go under his birth name; "John Diggle, Jr.". He also gets very annoyed when people call him by his real name, mainly Oliver.

Connor looks up to Oliver, taking it upon himself to carry on his legacy as Green Arrow after his presumed death, only to learn of his survival and feel betrayed, especially after Oliver discouraged Connor for using his suit. However, after Oliver came to Connor's rescue, the two seem to have made amends.


Possible future

  • Peak of human physical condition: JJ is in top physical condition, as he was able to kick and throw Mia Smoak and block her arrows easily.
  • Acrobatics/Free-running: JJ jumped off a balcony railing in order to escape from Connor.
  • Master tactician/Manipulator/Leader: JJ is an expert planner as he posed as a security guard to capture a scientist, he tricked the Canaries into meeting him at a black market place in order to capture William Clayton. JJ also efficiently leads the Deathstroke gang.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: JJ is proven to be an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. With this skill, he is able to hold his own against Mia and later defeat her.
  • Master swordsman: JJ is proven to be an exceptional swordsman; as he was able to successfully blocked Mia's arrow.
  • Expert marksman: JJ is skilled in the use of firearms.
  • Torture/Interrogation: JJ was able to torture a scientist to give him important codes.

Erased future

  • Peak of human physical condition: From his many years battling Grant Wilson and his army, Connor has conditioned himself to top physical condition in terms of physical muscle power, mobility and reflexes as well as a stronger healing rate than normal people. He is proven to be highly resilient, able to take many blows from multiple enemies and continue fighting effectively. He also has noticeable strength, able to carry himself along with Sara and Rip while using his grappling line.
    • Acrobatics: Keeping to the image of the original Green Arrow, Connor is very skilled in acrobatics. He is able to perform multiple flips as a means to dodge his enemies' attacks.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: If deprived of his bow, Connor is proven to be an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. With this skill, he is able to hold his own against multiple soldiers. His fighting style is similar to Oliver Queen's and is composed of eskrima, muay thai, karate and boxing.
    • Master archer: In his desire to continue Green Arrow's legacy, Connor trained himself to be an exceptional archer, noted to have comparable aim to Oliver's. He is able to constantly maneuver about against enemies while still effectively launching his arrows in rapid succession. 
  • Skilled engineer: Likewise with his conventional weapons, Connor is able to create many of the unique tools equipped to arrows that Oliver was infamous for.


Possible future

  • Deathstroke suit: JJ in a possible future uses a future Deathstroke suit when leading the Deathstroke gang.
    • Voice filter: JJ uses this device to disguise his voice as Deathstroke.
  • Sword: JJ in a possible future uses a sword resembling a katana when leading the Deathstroke gang.
  • Handgun: JJ used a handgun when posing a security guard and tried to kill Mia, but was disarmed.

Erased future

  • Carbon fiber longbow: While his arrows are advanced, Connor would make use of a simple carbon fiber long bow in battle.
  • Customized Oneida Kestrel compound bow: After Oliver regained his fighting spirit and helped to defeat Grant, in recognition of Connor as the new Green Arrow, Oliver passed on his customized Oneida Kestrel compound bow to the younger archer.
  • Customized hunting arrows: Connor is shown to use very sturdy arrows, able to easily pierce through the hood of a car.
  • Trick arrows: Connor uses many classic trick arrows Oliver did, including tranquilizer arrows, exploding arrows and grapple arrows.
  • Quiver: A green arrow container strapped to Connor's back, he uses it to carry his arrows as Green Arrow.
  • Knife: Connor has a combat knife attached to the back of his belt.
  • Green Arrow suit: Connor wears a protective suit and mask as Green Arrow, to hide his identity from his enemies, when he goes out fighting crime. It differs from Oliver Queen's original suit, but carries elements of it.
  • Voice filter: Connor uses this device to disguise his voice as Green Arrow.


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  • John's existence is one of the known side-effects of Eobard Thawne's correction of the Flashpoint timeline created by Barry Allen, which caused Sara Diggle to be erased from existence and replaced by John. Barry would learn of this and feel horrified, along with Felicity Smoak, Team Arrow, John Diggle, and Lyla Michaels.
  • In an erased timeline visited by the Legends, John was played by Joseph David-Jones who took up the identity of Connor Hawke. In the current future timeline, he is played by Charlie Barnett while Connor Hawke was made into a separate character reprised by Joseph David-Jones.[7]
  • John's birthday is stated to be in November.[2] This would mean he was born at a later date than Sara, seeing as her birthday was October 8 in the pre-Flashpoint timeline.[8]
  • Much like his uncle, Andy Diggle, he turned against his family.

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