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"I saved you from the orphanage and provide for this family everyday, so keep your mouth shut Frankie! You got it?"
—John to his foster daughter, Frankie Kane[src]

John James is a resident of Central City, the husband of Karen James, and the former foster father of Frankie Kane.


Early life[]

John had a criminal record of a few disorderly conducts. At some point, he met and subsequently married Karen, and the couple later became foster parents to an orphaned girl named Frankie Kane.

John soon became physically and emotionally abusive towards both his wife and foster daughter, often demeaning Frankie as a weak, pathetic and horrible person.[1]

Abusing Karen, Frankie and eventual incarceration[]

One night, John arrived home from work and demanded Karen and Frankie prepare him dinner. The former immediately complied, afraid what her husband might do. Frankie, at first, refused until he threatened to beat her up, causing Magenta to take over Frankie. Magenta had a lamppost to crash through the window and injure John. He was subsequently taken to Central City Hospital.

While there, John was visited by reporter Iris West, hoping to uncover what had happened. This led to him stating his intention to injure Frankie if he ever saw her again. As this happened, Frankie appeared outside of the hospital, intending to drop a tanker on the building. Iris attempted to wheel him to safety, despite his horrible nature, but they were stuck in the foyer. Frankie eventually calmed down, returning the tanker to the ocean.

Not long after, D.A. Cecile Horton began to prosecute John for his actions against Frankie and Karen, ensuring that he will never foster another child again and likely serve time in prison.[1]


John is a rude, disrespectful, and angry man who abused his wife Karen and foster daughter Frankie for no clear reason. He also has no guilt or remorse for any of his abusive actions, going so far as to threaten to injure Frankie if he ever saw her again, openly admitting this. Barry Allen hypothesized that this is; due to John refusing to accept the mistakes in his own life; instead taking it both emotionally and physically out on others.[1]


The Flash[]

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