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John Le was an agent of A.R.G.U.S., kidnapped by Shadowspire in retaliation for his involvement on operations against them.


John Le graduated from Central City University with a Bachelor of Arts in French Literature and History. Some time after, he becomes involved in A.R.G.U.S..

In 2013, Le worked with fellow agents Alan Chang and Tim Sullivan on crippling Shadowspire, an organization of war profiteers posing as a Special Forces unit.

In January 2016, Le and Sullivan went missing two days before Chang was kidnapped, tortured and killed by Shadowspire, indicating they met the same fate.[1]


  • Genius-level intellect: Le had a confirmed IQ of 160.[1]
    • Bilingual: With a Bachelor of Arts in French Literature and History, Le had some familiarity with the French language. Being Mexican-American, he might have known Spanish as well.[1]



Season 4[]


  • Waller Files on Le, Sullivan and Chang

    Le's file provided by Amanda Waller to Lyla Michaels.

    According to his A.R.G.U.S. profile, Le is an avid reader and collector of fine wines.
  • Le's profile lists his hair as dark brown, though he is depicted bald on the photograph.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Le's photograph is actually a photograph of a writer Brian Ford Sullivan, who appears in a cameo in the episode in such way.