John Loring is a gangster and black market arms dealer from Central City.


Early life

According to Sue Dearbon, a very good liar and storyteller, she and John Loring had a relationship until she discovered that he was a major arms dealer and, in most cities, he has police officers on his payroll. To keep his enterprise a secret, John decided to try to kill his girlfriend in her sleep, but was unsuccessful. John came to Central City for a major sale; in case Sue followed, he planted an explosive in an apartment she had there.[1]

Hunting Sue Dearbon

After being beaten up by Ultraviolet and after Sue Dearbon, whom John did not seem to recognize as he spoke to her, got away with a large diamond from his bank vault, John and his men try to attack Elongated Man only for them to be subdued by the Flash and arrested by the Central City Police Department led by Joe West himself.[1]



The Flash

Season 6


  • Since he possessed its diamond, John may be affiliated with Black Hole.

Behind the scenes


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