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John Trujillo is a former employee of Tulsa Fair Housing and the best friend of Ray Terrill.


Early life

John studied physics at the University of Tulsa, and after graduating from school, he joined Tulsa Fair Housing, where he met Ray Terrill and Jenny Knight.[1]

Woking with Ray

John on Tulsa Fair Housing.

John worked at the company watching Ray receive a client. During recess, Terrill prepared a speech for the conference in front of the friend. Ray was much nervous despite the fact that John told him to relax. After a moment, Jenny entered the room and told her friends to get ready. Before Terrill got the speech right, one of the entrepreneurs interrupted him and revealed that the company would close soon, banning Jenny, John, and Ray. The reason was property losses, which could lead to serious tax cuts. Therefore, it was only profitable to suspend operations. After the conference, Terrill and Trujillo went to a nearby bar to drown their sorrows in alcohol. John decided to change the subject after seeing one of the clients staring at his friend. The man was amazed that Ray still did not reveal his orientation to his parents, but he still wanted the boy to have fun, ordering him to speak to the client watching him. But Ray wasn't ready to flirt for professional reasons, so he decided to head home, to John's surprise.[2]

A hologram from another world tells Ray and John a story.

During the night, John was visited by Ray, who told his friend about what happened to him in the evening - pointing to the existence of a double. Trujillo, however, did not believe his friend, considering his story to be invented and unsupported by evidence. When Terrill showed him the secret core, the man still didn't believe him, until the device was accidentally activated. The friends got scared and ran away from him, and finally a hologram of the robot's stature appeared. Red Torando's hologram quickly noticed that he was on Earth-1 and introduced the male theory of the multiverse, noting that he came from the cruel world of Earth-X. He told a story that distinguishes both worlds from each other, adding information about a group of fighters called Freedom Fighters, as well as their enemies in the New Reich. Terrill's task was to destroy the core that contained secret information that would not fall into enemy hands. Ray, however, did not intend to destroy the device, which resulted in a small argument between the friends, during which the boy unknowingly activated his abilities and put on a suit. It was then that John realized that when a double from another world exploded, he passed on to Terrill his abilities, which the men, after a short discussion, decided to test by destroying Trujillo's apartment.[1]

Ray practiced shooting light rays at geese, which he didn't do very well. John started joking that the friend would only be fit for fireworks displays for the holidays. After a short discussion, Terrill decided to practice flying again, discovering a new ability that he showed his friend right after landing. For he could manipulate light to such an extent that his body was invisible. After training, the men returned to the bar, where Trujillo was finally going to persuade his friend to meet the boy watching him. Terrill finally succumbed and shooed Jacob away from the table with his abilities, giving himself the opportunity to talk to him alone.[3]

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  • Business acumen: John had some knowledge of business practices, allowing him to help out Ray Terrill in preparing for presentation.[2]
  • Keen intellect/Physics: John's knowledge of physics allowed him to identify Ray's mutation and power source as photokinetic energy.[2]
  • Squawking noises: Even though they were never heard, it is revealed that he does loud, obnoxious publicly embarrassing squawking noises that annoys his best friend, Ray Terrill.[2]
  • Memory: John can remember a text after hearing it a few times.[2]
  • Public speaking: John is comfortable when talking in public.[2]


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