John Trujillo is a former employee of Tulsa Fair Housing and the best friend of Ray Terrill.


Early life

John minored in Physics in college.[1]

Working at Tulsa Fair Housing

At one point, John started working at Tulsa Fair Housing. He then got fired by Donald along with Ray and Jenny Knight. Angry, Jenny and him started arguing with Donald.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Business acumen: John had some knowledge of business practices, allowing him to help out Ray Terrill in preparing for presentation.[2]
  • Keen intellect/Physics: John's knowledge of physics allowed him to identify Ray's mutation and power source as photokinetic energy.[2]
  • Squawking noises: Even though they were never heard, it is revealed that he does loud, obnoxious publicly embarrassing squawking noises that annoys his best friend, Ray Terrill.[2]
  • Memory: John can remember a text after hearing it a few times.[2]
  • Public speaking: John is comfortable when talking in public.[2]


Freedom Fighters: The Ray

Season 1


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