"If you can't trust your money launderer, who can you trust?"
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Johnny Sabatino is a well-known mobster in Gotham City and a former associate of Tommy Elliot, for whom he managed the Lookout.


Working for Tommy Elliot

Johnny Sabatino became an infamous mobster in Gotham City. Around 2018, he started to work for Tommy Elliot as a money launderer, being appointed as the manager of a nightclub the latter owned, the Lookout.

After Tommy was arrested and sent to Arkham, Sabatino was entrusted with Lucius Fox's journal and kept it in a vault inside his office at the Lookout. [1]

Capturing Batwoman

A few months later, Sabatino was informed by Tommy that Batwoman could try to steal it that evening, prompting him to set her a trap, catching both the vigilante and Julia Pennyworth. While Julia was interrogated by his employees, Sabatino organized an auction inviting all of Gotham's criminal families, using Batwoman's head as the prize.

When Tommy called asking for the journal, Sabatino betrayed him, revealing that he had no intention to return it since Tommy's assets were frozen. Sabatino instead planned to sell the journal, which was likely more valuable than Tommy let him know.

Later at the auction, Sabatino sold some of Batwoman's weapons to his fellow mobsters. Mary Hamilton then arrived, wanting to buy the Batsuit for Hamilton Dynamics for $10 million, with $2.5 million paid upfront. Sabatino agreed to her offer and decided to give her the suit after they killed the vigilante. Suddenly, a blackout occurred in the club, freeing Batwoman and allowing her to knock out Sabatino. Afterwards, Sabatino was arrested by the police and sent to Blackgate Penitentiary.[1]


Sabatino was shown to be cold, stern, and business-like, always putting his interests first. For example, he betrayed Tommy Elliot after realizing how valuable Lucius Fox's journal was. Once Sabatino captured Batwoman, he decided the best way to make money off of the vigilante was by auctioning her gadgets, suit, and her very life to the highest bidder. Sabatino's professional demeanor did not crack in the presence of a captured Batwoman, as he did not speak to nor unmask her, despite having a lot of opportunities to do so.[1]


  • High-level intellect/Great business acumen/Expert tactician: Sabatino was able to launder Tommy Elliot's money for years and successfully ran Lookout while staying off the radar from the police and the Crows. He also set traps ahead of time after learning that Batwoman would break into the Lookout and managed to secure both her and her accomplice, successfully predicting and countering their plans.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Johnny Sabatino is the husband of Peyton Riley after an arranged and loveless marriage orchestrated by her father. Johnny soon got tired of his wife and tried to murder her, leading Peyton to became the second Ventriloquist.


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