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"Knock knock, who's there? Batgirl, past tense!"
—Joker after shooting Barbara Gordon[src]

The "Joker" is the archenemy of Batman.


For many years the Joker and Batman fought against each other.[1] The Joker worked alongside an assistant, Harley Quinn.[2] Eventually, the Joker lost, but Batman didn't kill him, giving him the chance[1] to send Clayface after Selina Kyle, masquerading as him.[3] The Joker also went to Barbara Gordon's apartment, shooting her point blank, permanently paralyzing her from the waist down. The Joker was soon after caught by police,[1] and sent off far away.

Harleen Quinzel, who wishes she had his baby,[4] began hiring criminals to work for her as part of a plot to bring respect back to him.[2]


Birds of Prey

Behind the scenes

  • This version of the Joker was voiced by Mark Hamill. Hamill previously voiced the character in various animated movies, television, and video game series, starting with 1992 DCAU's Batman: The Animated Series.
  • In the DC Comics, the Joker is the nemesis of Batman.