"The multiverse has a way of aligning fates...It's written in the stars and in this book, or I wouldn't know that on this Earth, Clark Kent is Superman. Where I come from, that would be ridiculous. He can't see past his glasses."

Lex Luthor[src]

This article is about the character set in the Tim Burton universe. This article only contains information relevant to the Arrowverse. For information regarding that universe, please see Joker.

"Batman Captures Joker."
—A newspaper headline in the Gotham City Gazette[src]

An individual known as "Joker" was confronted and captured by Batman prior to the Anti-Monitor Crisis.[1]



Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • Despite being a reference to the Batman anthology, there is an inconsistency, as Batman never captured Joker in those films, but rather, he was killed at the end of the first film.
  • In the DC Comics, the Joker is the nemesis of Batman.


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