"Police suspect that the Joker is behind the attack. The coroner’s office representative described the scene as the worst mass-casualty situation in the city’s history. "
—Daily Planet article[src]

The "Joker" was an attention-seeking reject from Gotham who attacked the Daily Planet with toxic gas, killing dozens of people.


Original multiverse

The Joker, a Gotham criminal, felt that the Daily Planet in Metropolis didn't give him enough attention, so he paid them a visit to play what he called a "practical joke" on them. Deploying a noxious gas, he slaughtered at least 48 employees and injured dozens more. This despicable act of terror would take Clark Kent's friends and wife away from him in one fell swoop, putting him through more loss than what any mortal man could endure.[1]

New multiverse

Since Clark never changed his crest's yellow color to black, it is likely that either the Joker presumably failed to do his attack or the attack had never occurred.[2]


Original multiverse

What the Joker's massacre put Clark Kent through would go on to ensure he would be the Paragon of Truth when the Anti-Monitor Crisis dawned upon the multiverse, although it was ultimately in vain as Lex Luthor used the Book of Destiny to usurp his position among the Paragons at the last second.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • While "Joker" was not mentioned by name, his name was written within the article describing the attack on the Daily Planet.


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