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"There was a time when he had men like me running scared all along the timeline."
—Jon Valor on Rip Hunter[src]

Jon Valor is a former captain of the Acheron and the former leader of a gang of time pirates.


At some point in time, Jon Valor became the leader of a group of time pirates, capturing time-traveling space ships and acting against the interests of Time Masters. During his activity as a time pirate, he learned of Rip Hunter's reputation as a member of Time Masters.

After receiving a distress call from another timeship stranded in space, Rip Hunter's team decided to answer the call in order to take over the other ship and use its computer to track Vandal Savage. The distress call came from Eve Baxter, another Time Master. When the team managed to her ship, they found out that it's been assaulted and taken over by Time Pirates, who used it as a bait to capture other unsuspecting vessels and prisoners.

Jon Valor holds Rip Hunter at gunpoint.

With Rip Hunter imprisoned, Valor decided to take control of the Waverider, contacting Ray Palmer, who was left in command by Rip. Seeing the opportunity, Rip gave Gideon a secret voice command to activate defense protocols, saying "He once managed to outrun Kanjar Ro himself". The Waverider fired back and lead the Acheron on a pursuit, which ends up damaging the Waverider.

Mick Rory, angered by Rip, called out to the Time Pirates to cut a deal with Valor, who freed him and gave a squad of Time Pirates to capture the unsuspecting Waverider. Tired with Rip Hunter's stalling for time and confident in Mick Rory's ability to take over the Waverider, Valor tried to kill Rip, but the ex-Time Master and his team members under the guidance of Martin Stein initiated their trap and vented all of Valor's men out of the Acheron and into deep space.[1]


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a time pirate, Valor was in top physical form and excellent conditioning.
  • High-level intellect/Master tactician/Leader: Valor lead the time pirates on heists throughout time. He concocted the plan to use a distress call from Eve Baxter as bait for other time-ships. [1]
  • Proficient marksman: Valor was skilled in the use of firearms.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, Jon Valor, also known as The Black Pirate, is a legendary pirate from the 16th century. He also appears in recent times as a ghost tormenting the superhero Starman. He debuted in Action Comics #23 (April, 1940).


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