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"Playtime's over. Anybody's got a problem with that, they answer to me."
—Jonah Hex to the brawling occupants of a saloon[src]

In the original multiverse, Jonah Hex was the sheriff of Salvation and a former bounty hunter. He is an old friend of the late Rip Hunter and an ally to the Legends.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

At some point, Jonah became a bounty hunter. Sometime prior to 1868 Jonah met Rip Hunter, a time traveler from the future on a mission, who became distracted by the opportunities for heroism the era offered and the two became close friends. However, when the two were in the town of Calvert they encountered a ruthless outlaw named Quentin Turnbull. However, Rip left when Jonah needed him most. Due to Rip and Jonah's actions, the people of Calvert were inspired to stand up to Turnbull. Angered, Turnbull gathered the entire town, Jonah included, into a church and set it on fire. Somehow, Jonah escaped with a disfigurement on the right side of his face as a result of being burned. Angered at Turnbull's actions, Jonah started tracking him down. 

Encountering the Legends[]

Jonah Hex on The Waverider

Jonah Hex on The Waverider

Jonah made his way to Salvation, a town in the Dakota territory. Sometime after, Rip Hunter's team arrived in town, attempting to hide out from a group of mercenaries known as The Hunters. While Rip stayed aboard the Waverider pondering the team's next move, the rest decided to explore the town and eventually ended up in the local saloon, which Jonah also happened to be frequenting at the time. After Leonard Snart killed an outlaw over a game of cards, the saloon erupted into a bar fight, which Jonah put to an abrupt end when he fired his gun into an overhead chandelier. After sending the outlaw's friends on their way, Jonah informed the team that he knew that they were time travelers judging by their actions and that he had encountered time travelers before. He then asked where Rip was, asking for him by name.

Jonah Hex wields an energy gun

Jonah Hex wields an energy gun.

Jonah was subsequently brought aboard the Waverider for the first time. After informing Rip of the previous altercation at the saloon, which annoyed the ex-Time Master. Though Jax justified Snart's actions, Jonah added that the Stillwater Gang would be looked for revenge. Ray Palmer desired to stop them but Rip was vocally opposed, as further interference in this time period would alert the Hunters to their location; Jonah commented that Rip was running away again. Palmer then offered Jonah a chance to use the Waverider 's facilities to heal his face, but Jonah didn't know what he was talking about.

Later, the team went after the Stillwater Gang, capturing the leader Jeb Stillwater, but Jax was apprehended as they are escaping. The team set up a quick draw duel between Rip and Jeb to barter for Jax's life. Rip won, but the Hunters arrived before the team could leave. Jonah, given a spare version of Rip's futuristic revolver for better effectiveness, fought back along with the team against the Hunters and together swiftly defeated their adversaries. Afterward, after an exchange of words, Rip and Jonah part ways hoping to see each other again one day.[1]

The Legends approach Jonah Hex and Nate Heywood

The Legends approach Jonah Hex and Nate Heywood.

When an aberration appeared in Liberty, Colorado in 1874 the Legends went there to fix it. Once the Team arrived they noticed a man being hung, who they recognized was Hex. As Nate intercepted the men, Sara Lance shot the noose around Jonah's neck freeing him. They found out that Jonah went after Quentin Turnbull and got caught. The Legends then found out that Turnbull caused the aberration by steeling dwarf star alloy from a time pirate and using it to create his own country. Jonah Hex then agreed to help the Legends and stop Turnbull. At Turnbull's saloon, a fight broke out between his men and the Legends due to Hex not following the plan. Once the Legends stopped Turnbull, Hex fought him and nearly killed him but instead, arrested his enemy and turned him over to the authorities.[2]

Nora ready to fight alongside the Legends in Salvation

Hex ready to fight alongside the Legends in Salvation.

Later in his life, Jonah encountered the team again, joining them in their decisive battle against Mallus and his minions. He formed a bond with Zari, even giving her his hat. It was also revealed that Jonah Hex has become the sheriff of Salvation.[3]


In early 2016, Barry Allen caught a glimpse of Jonah in the Speed Force when traveling between Earth-1 and Earth-2.[4]

At some point in the 22nd century, Rip named his son, Jonas, after Jonah Hex.[1]

New multiverse[]

Jonah Hex wanted poster

Jonah Hex wanted poster.

An old "Wanted" poster of Jonah Hex hangs in the Waverider; Atropos used it while she practiced knife-throwing.[5]


  • Expert marksman: Being a bounty hunter and a seemingly intimidating figure of the West, Jonah is an extremely skilled marksman, being able to use both 1800s and future weaponry, specifically a spare gun given from Rip, with deadly precision.[1]
  • High-level Intellect: Jonah is very intelligent. He quickly deduced that some of the occupants in the saloon were time travelers due to their behavior, and also rightly guessed Rip Hunter was their leader.[1] Furthermore, he managed to wrap his head around the concept of time travel and futuristic technology, and was able to re-purpose his skills to work with the team. His quick analytical skills allowed him to remain in control during a confrontation with minions of Mallus from different time periods.[3]
  • Intimidation: Jonah managed to break up a bar fight involving Rip Hunter's team without getting physically involved, simply by stating that whoever had a problem about it, could take it up with him. This shows that Jonah intimidates most inhabitants of the Wild West, likely due to his reputation as a bounty hunter.[1]


  • Guns: Hex had guns to defend himself against his enemies.


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Concept artwork[]


  • Jonah was indirectly referenced in the first season episode of The Flash, "Fastest Man Alive", in which Barry Allen investigates the robbery of a store called Hex's Gun Shop. This was more than likely intended as a simple nod to the character, who had yet to appear in the Arrowverse.
  • Interestingly, Jonah's final battle with Turnbull is similar to Patty Spivot's encounter with Mark Mardon.
    • Both lost family members as a result of their enemies' actions: Jonah's mother was killed by Turnbull's fire, while Mardon killed Patty's father.
    • Both held personal vendettas against their respective foes.
    • Both had the opportunity to kill their foes, but ultimately decided against it: Jonah knocked Turnbull out due to his earlier talk with Sara, and Patty arrested Mardon after being dissuaded by the Flash.
  • Jonah must have served in the Confederate army at one point in his life judging by the Confederate officer uniform and hat used by the rebel forces from 1861 to 1865 unless he got hold of the uniform in another way.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the comics, Jonah Hex is a gritty violent bounty hunter with a terrible facial scar who was active during the 19th Century on the American western frontier. 
    • The origin of his scars are different from the comics, where his face was burned by his adoptive father after cheating in a trial by combat.