Dr. Jonathan Crane is a patient at Arkham Asylum and a former colleague of August Cartwright. He eventually became the villain known as the Scarecrow.[1]


J. Crane's hallucinogen

Jonathan Crane's hallucinogenic serum spilling on the ground.

At some point, Jonathan Crane was admitted to Arkham Asylum and was designated as patient #856220. Crane's belongings, which included test tubes filled with a strong hallucinogenic serum, were put in a box, placing it in the evidence room. When Oliver tried to hit Nora Fries with a lightning bolt, he accidentally shot Crane's box of belongings, spilling the hallucinogen inside the room and making Barry and Oliver see their worst fears.[2]

In 2020, Luke Fox referred to an incident where the Scarecrow was involved where he attempted to hack the internal computers on the Gotham City's trains. This incident caused Gotham trains to be modified to run on an "independent analog system".[3]

Scarecrow also became colleagues with August Cartwright who shared with him his Fear Toxin.[1]


Former equipment

  • Fear toxin: Jonathan Crane at some point came into contact with fear toxin, utilising it to the point where he was the most known individual with the substance in Gotham City.



Season 7


Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the main DC comics continuity, Jonathan Crane is a criminal in Gotham City who takes pride in spreading fear using his specially-designed fear toxin, and is an adversary of Batman named "Scarecrow".


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