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For Jonathan's namesake and his adoptive grandfather, see Jonathan Kent Sr..

"Jonathan... you're a really great brother, you know that? I know how much you gave up by saying yes to coming here. Your whole life's in Metropolis. Your girlfriend's there. Your entire identity is there, but you said yes to coming here anyway 'cause you wanted to help your brother."
Lois Lane to Jonathan Kent[src]

Jonathan "Jon" Kent (born 2019 pre-Crisis; 2006[1] post-Crisis) is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, the twin brother of Jordan Kent, the boyfriend of Candice Pergande, the ex-boyfriend of Eliza, and a student at Smallville High School. He is also the paternal first cousin once removed of Kara Danvers, the nephew of Lucy Lane, the grandson of the late Jor-El, the late Lara Lor-Van, Sam Lane, and an unnamed woman, and the adoptive grandson of the late Jonathan Kent Sr. and the late Martha Kent.

Jonathan lived in Metropolis with his family and attended Metropolis High School, where he played on the school team and started dating Eliza, but after Martha Kent died, Jon and his family attended her funeral in Smallville, where Clark revealed he is Superman and Jordan developed powers. After his father was fired from the Daily Planet by Morgan Edge, Lois also ended up resigning and so they decided to move to the Kent farm and Jon and his brother went to Smallville High School, where Jon befriended Sarah Cushing and joined the Smallville Crows. He and Eliza ended up breaking up due to their long-distance relationship and Jon struggled to adjust to his new life, but ended up adapting.

Eventually, Jon developed a relationship with Tegan Wickhem, and Morgan Edge ended up revealing himself as Tal-Rho, Clark's Kryptonian half-brother who wanted to turn Earth into the new Krypton, but he was defeated by Superman and John Henry Irons. Follow Tal-Rho's defeat, Jonathan broke up with Tegan and started a relationship with Candice Pergande. At Lois' request, Natalie and John Irons began living on the Kent farm and Jon ended up befriending her. After finding out Candice was selling X-Kryptonite to one of his classmates, Jonathan doubted their relationship till he decided to buy some from her. After using them, Jonathan told Jordan his powers were manifesting when in reality it was the drugs he was taking. He was eventually found out and moved to online classes by the school board.


Original multiverse


Jonathan was born in 2019 in Argo City to Clark Kent and Lois Lane;[2] who were moved there as they feared that the pregnancy would strain Lois's health the longer they stayed on Earth.[3]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

"Jonathan really has your eyes, huh?"
"I'll take it so long as he has your everything else."
Lois Lane and Clark Kent on their son, Jonathan Kent[src]

Jon with his parents in Argo.

Clark and Lois, who were enjoying their peaceful time with their son in Argo City, received a holographic message from Kara Danvers, warning them of the city's impending destruction by antimatter. They evacuated Jon to his pod with help from Alura Zor-El.

Jonathan's pod took off just seconds before the city perished. Though his evacuation was successful, the antimatter knocked Jonathan's pod off-course, which in turn landed him on Earth-16. Lois traveled there with Querl Dox and Sara Lance in tow, and found Jonathan inside the Arrowcave, where he had been rescued by Oliver Queen. Lois, Jonathan, Brainy, and Sara then returned to Earth-38.

Jonathan in his mother's arms.

Soon after, they evacuated to Earth-1 just before Earth-38 was destroyed by the antimatter. Lois and Jonathan reunited with Clark just before Oliver Queen died.[2]

While Clark and Lois ventured the multiverse in search for the Paragon of Truth, they left Jonathan in the care of Mick Rory from Earth-74,

Clark, Lois and baby Jonathan during the Monitor's explanation.

who is revealed to be surprisingly good with children. Mick decided to read his own novel, Caged Passion, to the baby in order to calm him down. Ray Palmer commented on how the book doesn't seem too "kid-friendly", to which Mick objected, claiming that Jonathan does "love" it.

After Lois and Clark returned to the Earth-74 Waverider with the Clark Kent of Earth-96, he met his counterpart's son, commenting he looked a lot like his own son, Jason.[4]

Later Jonathan, as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[5] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[6]

New multiverse

Early life

"Clark, I need you to get to Metropolis now; it's the boys."
"The boys?
Lois Lane and Clark Kent[src]

As a result of the merging of Earth-38 with Earth-1 and Earth-TUD5, the timeline was changed, resulting in Lois and Clark having twins instead. They were born in 2006 instead of 2019.[7]

Young Jonathan.

Jonathan was a happy, athletic kid, while Jordan had destructive outbursts and tantrums that were eventually diagnosed as social anxiety disorder.

As a child, Lois and Clark took Jonathan and Jordan to spend a summer in Smallville, where they met Sarah Cushing. There, he broke a rope by throwing a football, surprising his parents. So, Clark took him to the Fortress of Solitude to see if he had superhuman abilities, but the Fortress tests said it was unlikely.

In his teens, Jonathan was on the Metropolis High School football team, which included Jimmy Cutter.[8] Jon was slated to be the first freshman to be starting quarterback for his varsity football team at one of the most competitive high schools in the United States. At some point, Jonathan started dating Eliza.[9]

Moving to Smallvile

Discovering Clark's secret

Jonathan talks to Clark.

One night, after having dinner with Jordan and Lois, Jonathan went to his room and made a video call with Eliza, when Clark returned home, he went into Jonathan's room and asked if he had any news, Jonathan said that he actually had starting QB for varsity. His father congratulated him and after an embarrassing minute, he left the room, leaving Jonathan and Eliza talking. The next morning, while drinking coffee, Jonathan overheard his parents talking about his grandmother Martha, he asked if they would see her in Smallville, Clark said they were late and Jonathan said Smallville is boring. When Jordan came in, Jonathan questioned him about his outfit, with Jordan answering him sarcastically. Then they went to school.

Jonathan at Martha's funeral.

When Martha died, Jonathan went to her funeral in Smallville, There, Jonathan asked his brother, Jordan if he had taken his pills, Jordan said he was not his mother, with Jonathan saying that someone had to look after him, when Jonathan saw Sarah Cushing and her family arriving, he warned Jordan and they went over to meet them with his parents, Sarah said she was sorry for his loss, when his parents left, they talked about the summer they met.

Jonathan and Jordan take Sarah to the barn.

Then Sarah asked what had in the Kent Farm barn, so he and Jordan accompanied her there. While in the barn, Sarah said that almost anything there could kill them and that Smallville sucks. Jonathan said that Clark kind of loved living there and that it can't be that bad.

Sarah then asks for a phone number from one of them, Jonathan thinks it's his but actually Jordan's. Sarah then picks up the phone and says that there will be a bonfire tomorrow and he can go. Jordan tries to impress Sarah by climbing on the scaffold without a ladder to reach the router, but he falls hard on the ground when the straps that hold the steel beams are broken. Jonathan then tries to save his brother from the steel beams by jumping in front of him, but Jordan manages to turn them over and save them both. Sarah alerts Clark, who finds the boys, and quickly takes the steel beams off of them.

Jonathan and Jordan are examined.

Then, a doctor examines them and says that they only have mild concussions. Jonathan asked the doctor if his diagnoses are correct and Clark says the two are lucky. Then they go to their rooms. Jonathan says he missed training for the week and Jordan asks him if he really cares about it now. Jonathan said that if he wants to stick to something, it must be Sarah Cushing. He takes Jordan's cell phone and mocks the message the other one sent to Sarah, calling him freaky.

Jonathan and Jordan find Kal-El's pod.

The next morning, Jonathan and Jordan investigate the barn; Jordan finds it strange that they are not dead. Their search reveals a spaceship, which scares Jon. Jordan takes a crystal from the ship and Jonathan asks what it is, with Jordan responding that whatever it is, it is not from Kansas.

Jonathan and Jordan discover that their father is Superman.

When Lois and Clark return home, the twins confront their parents and Clark reveals his origins; to prove his alter ego, he lifts his car over his head while flying, surprising the twins, who feel they have heard lies all their lives. Jordan stormed out and Jon followed him, warning Clark to stay away from them. At that night, they go to Sarah's party at Shuster Mines. Jordan kissed Sarah,

Jonathan protects Jordan.

so Sarah's boyfriend tries to hit Jordan, and Jonathan steps in front, but soon several boys are beaten up, until Jordan uses his heat vision out of rage and explodes the bonfire. When Clark gets there, he hugs him and says that Jordan powers are manifesting. At the Kent Farm, Jonathan asks what will happen to Jordan and Clark says he doesn't know. Jonathan then says that Jordan can control, which is like learning to drive, if the cars were indestructible and with giant lasers. His parents scold him and he goes to his room. Jonathan is happy that he does not have powers; it proves that his athleticism is human, not half-alien. The next morning, the twins talk to Sarah about what happened the night before. He asks after privacy for them to talk alone.[9]

Starting from the ground up

Jonathan sees Jordan and Clark go to Fortress.

"You and I both had lives we left behind."
—Jonathan Kent to Lois Lane[src]

Later, Lois and Clark decided to move to Smallville with their children, to be closer as a family and allow Jordan to explore his powers. His parents also decided to keep Jordan out of school until he could control his powers, so Jonathan went to the new school alone, while Clark took Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude, leaving Jonathan a little jealous. In school, Jonathan was talking to Sarah when Sean, Tag and Timmy stopped him.

Jonathan and Jordan at Kent farm.

At the time of football training, they sabotaged and humiliated him, preventing him from receiving the team manual, frustrating him and making him angry for having moved. When Clark and Jordan returned home, he heard his brother complain that he was not special as he believed, and the two started to argue until Lois appeased the situation and the two went to their rooms. Then they went to the Cushing family barbecue, where they met Sarah and Sophie Cushing. He also talked to Eliza in a video call. That night, they reconciled and Jonathan promised to help Jordan discover the truth about his powers.[10]

Jonathan in training.

The next morning, they were trying to paint the house until Clark heard something and had to leave. Then they went to school, where Sean and other members of the football team intimidated Jordan, despite Jonathan's efforts to protect him. Then his father suddenly showed up at school, making the bullies go away and making the twins angry. Later, Jonathan was at football practice when Tag warned him that his brother was coming to participate. Jonathan tried to convince Jordan that it was a bad idea, but he was insistent and secretly using his powers, he proved to be dominant on the field. Jonathan then got angry because his brother suddenly decided to succeed in something that was always outside of him,

Jonathan and Jordan in their room.

and asked why he was playing and that he always hated sports. They also chatted with Sarah at Victoria May's, until Lana came out and yelled her out. When his parents learned that Jordan had joined the team, they forbade him to play. Jonathan was initially pleased but when he spoke to Jordan to make sure he was okay, he realized how depressed Jordan was. He realized that another player sent a message to Jordan, who had never had friends, and then he realized that playing on the team was the best for him. Jonathan then convinced Clark to let Jordan play for the team, telling him how his confidence and social skills had improved while playing on the team.[1]

Jonathan and Sarah at Corey Wellnitz's lake house.

When Jordan became the star of the team, Jonathan was put in the background. After the game was over, they went to a party at Corey Wellnitz's lake house, where they met Sarah. When Jon realized that Tag Harris was behaving strangely, he tried to inform his father, but Tag insisted that he was fine and Clark left to deal with the fugitive criminal Killgrave. The next day, Sam Lane told the twins not to distract their father from his duties as Superman. Later, Jon and Jordan followed Tag when he ran off alone into the forest. They found him suffering immense pain due to the uncontrollable vibration. Jon wanted to call Clark for help, but Jordan reminded him of Sam's warnings, and blaming himself for Tag's situation, tried to help him. Tag threw Jordan away, knocking him unconscious, so Jon used the signaling device to call Clark. When he arrived, Jon saw as his dad carried Tag into the atmosphere, where he passed out. Back at home, Jonathan admitted to Jordan that he was jealous of him and assured him that he was not responsible for Tag's condition. Clark then asked why the twins waited so long to call him when they learned the truth about Tag and he and Jordan revealed Sam's order to disturb their father with their problems, to the joint fury of their parents.[11]

Jon is working on the farm with his family to prepare for the upcoming Smallville Harvest Festival. Later, he and Jordan go to school, where Jon receives a call from his girlfriend Eliza. Jon invited her to visit Smallville for the annual Harvest Festival, and although she initially agreed to come, but she breaks up with him. When they return home, Lois goes to console him. Jon later told his parents that he wanted to move back to Metropolis, as a friend of his had agreed to let him stay with them. At the Festival, Jon met up with Timmy Ryan and another boy, and got drunk on liquor they had brought with them. They drunkenly made fun of Jordan and Sarah Cushing, and Sarah stormed off in disgust at his behaviour. Jon apologised to Jordan but when their parents found them they found he was drunk and sent them to home. At home, Clark told him that he would not be punished, but asked him to give Smallville a chance, telling him they would discuss allowing him to move to Metropolis if he was unable to find happiness here.[12]

Back in Metropolis for a day

When Jordan was attacked by Tag Harris and started having headaches, Jonathan wanted to tell his parents, but Jordan begged Jonathan not to as he wanted to play with the Crows, which would be against Jonathan's old team in Metropolis. In the game, Jonathan was sent to replace the quarterback and the Kent brothers managed to rally the team and lead them to victory, with Jonathan scoring the final touchdown. While Jonathan was scoring, the Metropolis team beat Jordan up and he lost control of his powers, needing Clark to block his heat vision with his hand.

Back in the hotel room, Jonathan told Clark about Jordan's migraines and he berated them for not telling him. Clark had to leave when Lana called him. Afterwards, their teammates asked them to go out and celebrate, which Jonathan reluctantly agreed. Jimmy Cutter, who turned out to be Eliza's new boyfriend, and a few other Metropolis players approached them and began harassing Jordan, with Cutter trying to goad him into a fight. Jonathan tried to calm him down but Jordan tried to punch Cutter anyway, so Jon caught Jordan's fist in midair, which broke the bones in his hand and wrist. Upon returning home, Jon blamed Jordan for this.[8]

Learning about John Henry Irons

Jon and Sarah at school.

At school, Jonathan ran into Sarah, who asked about Jordan and was being cold to him because she knew the Kents were hiding something from her. Jon told her that Jordan had been injured by Tag and was suffering from headaches. Upon returning home, Jordan asked Jonathan if he was hitting on Sarah and Jon was annoyed that he was just trying to help him. Later, Jordan heard Clark being assaulted by a strange and told Jonathan, so they took a car and drove to the scene and managed to incapacitate him. After he was stopped, Jon used his hammer to destroy the solar flares that were weakening Superman. Clark and Lois ended up telling them the truth about the Stranger (John Henry Irons) and Morgan Edge.[13]

Jon and Jordan at school.

At school, Jon advised Jordan to help Sarah with the musical revue. While Irons was imprisoned, Lois and Clark were given custody of his van. Jon asked to help Lois search the van and there they found out that in Iron's world, he and Lois were married and had a daughter named Natalie. Jon also saw footage of Superman from that world murdering Lois. Later, Jon searched the van for weapons, hoping to protect himself too, and accidentally activated the security system, which failed to recognize him and locked the van to kill him. Lois called Clark for help and he arrived and protected him from the bullets, destroying the security system. Jon said he wanted weapons to protect himself, which angered Lois, but they eventually reconciled.[14]

When Jordan got sick, Jon thought he was going to have to lie again to help him while he went to the Fortress of Solitude. When Jon arrived home, he found Emily Phan and Jasper Townes, who were sent by Morgan Edge to kill Lois. Sam used a Kryptonite gas to briefly incapacitate them and Lois and Jon managed to escape to the barn where he had hidden a number of weapons he stole from Irons. Kyle Cushing arrived, claiming to have followed Emily from school, and asked Jon to give him the gun. When Emily and Jasper entered the barn, Jon threw them away with the gun, but Kyle, who had also been altered by X-Kryptonite, blew up the gun and grabbed them both, threatening to kill Jon before Lois' eyes, but Superman arrived in time to save them.[15]

Jonathan, Jordan and Sarah watch the kryptonians fly away.

Jon eventually learns from his father not only that Morgan Edge is a kryptonian named Tal-Rho but that he is also Clark's brother and therefore his uncle. The next day, Sarah told Jon and Jordan how she believed her father's alcoholism had gotten worse. Believing she deserved to know the truth, they told her that Kyle was possessed by a Kryptonian and took her to see him at an army facility where he was being held by the DOD. Jon then gave them privacy to talk. When multiple citizens from Smallville who were converted started to group together to kill Superman, Jordan and his brother hid while his father dealt with the army, though Clark didn't return home afterwards.[16]

After Tal-Rho's attack Jon and Jordan go talk to Sarah, who thanks the two for being straightforward with her when everyone else seemed to have secrets. Sarah then requests a second alone with Jordan. When returning to their house, Tal-Rho droped from the sky before the three to tell them that his father won't be returning, after telling him to leave Jordan attacks Rho with his jeat vision but he was no match for the very experienced kryptonian as he got thrown to the ground by Rho's heat vision. His father eventually arrives in a weakened state to stop Rho from killing them and says that he will do anything he desires if it means saving his family, Tal-Rho agrees to this and takes Clark.[17]

Lois later reassures the two brothers by saying that his dad will eventually fight through this problem and he will win. The next day Jonathan tells Jordan that he can find their dad using his super hearing like he did the time Clark was attacked by John Henry Irons.

Jonathan reunites with his father.

After reassuring his brother Jordan managed to locate their dad with lot of effort, the boys later told Sam and Lois that Clark was on Tal-Rho's Fortress in the Badlands. When John Henry Irons decided that he had to kill Superman in order to stop him, as Clark was being controlled by consciousness of another kryptonian, Jonathan decided to talk to Irons by telling him that there was always another way of doing things. Irons eventually refused to kill Clark and instead saved him from Zod's control, Superman later comes back home to reunite with his family and thanks both boys for helping him.[18]

The kidnapping of Jordan

Three weeks after Tal-Rho escaped from containment, Lois asked Jon to go with Jordan while he spent some time with Sarah but he refused as he didn't wanted to act as his chaperone. The two brothers later went to a party at the house of one of their friends just as Tal-Rho and Leslie Larr started an attack on Metropolis. When Jordan received a call from their grandfather Jon told him to ignore it, believing that it was nothing too important.

Jon tries to shoot the Eradicator with a Kryptonite pistol.

Jon and Jordan later found out through a TV broadcast about the attack on Metropolis, worrying when his mother almost was killed by Leslie Larr the same way an alternate version of her died but she was saved by John Henry Irons. After watching the fight on Metropolis at the party, Sam Lane went to the house where they were at in order to bring Jon and Jordan back to the farm so that they could be safe along with Sarah, during the ride home they were attacked by the Eradicator who flipped the car, resulting in Jon's arm breaking again. Jonathan later tried to use one of Sam's kryptonite pistols that was in the car to shoot Tal-Rho, but he dodges the bullet and captures Jordan. Jon tells Sarah to go get his dad while he quickly found the ELT that was lost during the crash and called his dad telling him that Jordan was kidnapped.[19]

Jonathan holding the sonic weapon.

When Superman found Jordan and tried to help him, he learned that he has been eradicated and Zeta-Rho possessed his body now. Zeta-Rho/Jordan beat him while he refused to fight back but Zeta escapes when he heard Tal-Rho summoning the Kryptonian Defense Council. Lois Lane later opted to enter Jordan's mind and help him fight back the eradication and Zeta-Rho's consciousness, while Jonathan was handed a modified sonic weapon belonging to Thaddeus Killgrave to protect his mother if any Subjekts arrive to attack them.

He waited while his mother was inside Jordan's mind, and reminisces about happier times, promising to Jordan that he would never do the things that made him unhappy. He was rejoiced when he saw Jordan awaken, believing that his mother was successful. However, he was forced to shoot when he learns that it was Zeta who has awoken.

The Kent family sees Natalie's arrival.

He was able to keep him down but was soon overpowered. Zeta/Jordan choked him and was about to use his heat vision, while Jonathan says he loved Jordan, when Jordan finally awakened and they hug each other tightly. Later, Jon and his family arrived at the Cushings to celebrate, and he connected with Tegan Wickhem. After a memorial for Jor-El's A.I., he and his family saw Natalie Lane Irons crash land at the Kent Farm.[20]

Taking the wrong path

X-Kryptonite discovery

Over the summer Jonathan began dating a girl named Candice. When Clark left them unsupervised while he rescued a sinking North Korean submarine they made out on his bed and came close to having sex until Lois caught them. Lois was already shaken by the arrival of Natalie Irons on Earth-Prime and this caused a fight between her and Clark when he was less angry about it than her. That night, Jordan came home after a date with Sarah that had ended prematurely, and Jon warned him that Sarah may be planning to break up with him.[21]

Timmy Ryan, a previously substandard player, miraculously surpassed Jon over the summer and became the team's presumptive starting quarterback. When Jon saw Timmy bench pressing 315 pounds, he suspected that he had begun using steroids.[22] Jon confronted Ryan during practice, who admitted to using steroids and claimed Candice was his dealer. They got into a fight, which was broken up by Clark and Coach Gaines. Clark pulled Jonathan aside and was uncharacteristically angry, yelling at his son and experiencing an uncontrollable burst of heat vision.

Timmy was confirmed as the team's starting quarterback and, facing the prospect of another season on the bench, Jon approached Candice. She admitted to selling drugs as her family needed the money, and Jon asked her to sell him the same X-Kryptonite she was giving Timmy.[23] Jonathan started taking on the X-Kryptonite, Candice gave him, gaining enhanced vision and reactions. Back from school, Jon was acting strange and Natalie asked what happened, he said it was "his meds" and she replied that if they were the ones who made him like this, he better stop taking it.[24]

Lying to his family

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After using them, Jonathan told Jordan his powers were manifesting.[25] The sheriff's department became aware of the drug when Timmy Ryan's mother caught him taking it and Jordan ended up finding out the truth.[26] The police swept through Smallville High School looking for it. Jonathan took Candice's stash to protect her, intending to dispose of the drug. He was found out and moved to online classes by the school board, being scolded by his parents[27] and began working at Brit and Dunn's.[28]


Jonathan has been described as modest and kind-hearted, with an aw-shucks attitude that somehow doesn't seem dated. While his twin brother Jordan is quite timid and closed off, Jonathan is social and confident. His father has said that things seem to come easy to Jonathan, seen with how popular he is in conjunction with an athletic prowess that has given him a shot at being the quarterback of the football team as a freshman. Jonathan also seems to have inherited his father's bravery and compassion as he tried to help Tag despite how much of a hard time he had given him since he arrived.

Jonathan seems to have a healthy relationship with both of his parents. He seems able to talk with his mother about personal issues and seems to actively let his father know what's going on with his life. Though, he was upset when he learned that both of his parents were hiding the fact that his father was really Superman, lying to both him and Jordan all their lives. Yet, it seems that he is quickly adjusting to this new revelation.

Jonathan is protective of Jordan, encouraging him to socialize with his childhood friend, Sarah Cushing and impulsively jumping to try and shield him from the poles or defending him when he was attacked by teens at the bonfire. He also chose to leave his life in Metropolis behind as he realized that coming to Smallville would help his brother adjust to the new changes he seemed to be going through. While it was clearly a hard decision, and one that he is struggling with, he bares through it as best as he can for his brother's sake and even told Jordan that he would be there to help him navigate through whatever was happening to him if no one else would. He also on occasion teases and banters with Jordan like any other sibling though doesn't seem to mean any ill will by it. Though they did go on to have an intense argument, they quickly made up as they can't stay mad at each other.

However, despite this, Jonathan's patience and tolerance towards Jordan's antics does have it's limits, after Jordan broke his wrist while he was trying to prevent him from hurting Jimmy Cutter after the latter had taunted him, as Jordan let his emotions get the better of him again, he was extremely furious.

Later, when Jordan eavesdropped on Jonathan's conversation with Sarah (via super hearing) and accused him of trying to move in on Sarah, he became extremely furious and puts Jordan in his place, coldly stating that he has always had his back whenever someone called him stupid, weird or outward; as he never believed any of it; because it is not true, Jonathan also stated to Jordan to never spy on him again.

Jonathan has started to take the wrong path by taking X-Kryptonite. While the meteor rock grants him powers, it seems to have also an effect to his personality traits and humanity. For he acted more sarcastic, brutal, and brash towards his brother. However, over the next few days after being caught using XK inhaler, Jonathan withdraw from it and was at risk being expelled; due to keeping the Candice family from being charged. While withholding this from his family, he shows a very high extent of responsibility for sacrificing his life for his girlfriend's sake but also causing himself desperation and sadness as his willingness brought him to tears.

Powers and abilities

Former powers

"Wow, this is insane."
—Jonathan Kent[src]
  • X-Kryptonite enhancement: While exposure to the effects of the yellow phosphorescence endows normal humans with some kryptonian-like powers, Jonathan's hybrid DNA still may not manifest his latent powers as they only come through X-kryptonite alone and his natural abilities return to standard feats after each dosage of the meteorite dispenses from his body. Due to stop taking X-kryptonite, Jonathan has lost all his powers.[27]
    • Microscopic vision: After taking X-Kryptonite, Jonathan was able to see extremely small objects down to the atomic level, and magnify objects for his eyes to see.[24]
    • Superhuman strength: Jonathan's second dosage of it increased his strength to extraordinary lengths, as when he punched his brother to the ground a shockwave blow was visible.[25]
    • Superhuman durability: The X-K also seemed to increase Jonathan's endurance as he took strikes from Jordan and was rarely injured. He was even able to hit him without his fists breaking.[25]
    • Superhuman reflexes: Jonathan was able to dodge punches from Jordan.[25]
    • Heat vision: Jonathan acquired heat vision, but had no control over it.[25]


"Powers are overrated anyways. Plus this just confirms what I've known to be true all along."
"Yeah. My skills on the field are legit.
—Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent[src]
  • Peak of human physical condition: Jonathan is a physical specimen and a talented athlete. At a young age, he was able to easily rip through a rope by throwing a football at it. Before moving to Smallville, he was slated to be the first freshman to be starting quarterback for his varsity football team at one of the most competitive high schools in the United States of America. His performance on the field is so impressive that his parents speculated he might have inherited latent Kryptonian genes from his father and unknowingly used them. Jonathan is overall in excellent shape and sports a well-muscled build. He also has quick reflexes, as he went to cover Jordan when metal poles fell on him. He is also tough, as he only received a mild concussion from the poles landing on them, and strong enough to briefly overpower Sean and his friends in a fight, he was even able to easily pick up and swing John Henry Irons' hammer. Jonathan has also been referred to as a "star quarterback." His conditioning also allows him to recover quickly from injuries though not superhumanly as he received bruises from getting beaten by multiple bullies but each scar was clear by the time before starting school in Smallville a week later, he also got his arm broken two times in a year and completely healed without complaints.
  • Skilled driver: Despite not having a license yet, Jonathan is a capable driver as he is able to drive his parents' truck with his brother over to their father and crash into John Henry Irons.[13]
  • Skilled marksman: Jon has trained on how to use firearms from John Henry Irons. Later also being guided by Sam Lane on how to fire them.[19]
  • Hand-to-hand combatant: Jon is shown to be capable of handling himself in a fight.
  • Indomitable will: Jonathan has a strong sense of responsibility. Knowing Jordan can't be seen using his super strength, and how dangerous it is, he intervened and caught the punch meant for one of the bullies from Metropolis, though it cost him time in a cast. He was even eager to learn from John Henry how to work weapons from his arsenal Jon took in order to protect against foes. During the face of encountering humans with Kryptonian-like abilities, he was brave to shoot them head on including when it came to Jordan being brainwashed at the time and used his brotherly love to break him out of it. Jonathan also took the fall for Candice, hesitant, but believing her life shouldn't be ruined for dealing X-Kryptonite. He would soon regret this decision, as he broke down crying, as Jonathan has adjusted to Smallville and is at risk of being expelled, along with a strained relationship with his family.[27]


Former weaknesses

  • X-Kryptonite dependency: Jon requires X-kryptonite to use his powers. Since he stopped using the X-kryptonite, Jon has lost all weakness that goes with it.


Former equipment

  • John Henry Irons' weapons: After Jon found Irons' weapons, he hid them in the barn.[15]
  • Kryptonite Pistol: Jon temporarily tried to use one of Sam Lane's pistols that was loaded with Kryptonite against Tal-Rho.[19]
  • Thaddeus Killgrave's weapon: Jonathan Kent was handed a modified version of Killgrave's sonic weapon by John Henry Irons to protect Lois Lane while she was inside Jordan's Eradicated mind. He used it to fight Zeta-Rho who possessed Jordan's body.
  • X-Kryptonite inhaler: After buying from his girlfriend Candice, Jon uses an inhaler to ingest X-K to activate his Kryptonian powers.[24] After getting caught Jon stopped using and has gotten rid of his inhalers.



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  • Jonathan is the youngest known time traveler and breacher.
  • Jonathan is the fourth known hybrid of two different species, after Nia Nal, Elizabeth Hawkings, and Maeve Nal.
    • Jonathan is also the first ever human-Kryptonian hybrid (due to Ruby Arias' status as a human-Kryptonian hybrid being unclear since her mother's Kryptonian side was a separate persona).
    • Despite being a human-Kryptonian hybrid; for unknown reasons, Jonathan has not shown any Kryptonian powers.
  • Twins were very uncommon when it comes to Kryptonians, so Jonathan and his brother Jordan are an extremely rare case, even if they only half-alien. The last case of twins with Kryptonian DNA was thought to be Alura and Astra.
  • According to Jonathan's maternal grandfather, Sam Lane; he enjoys going fishing with him.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Jonathan Samuel Kent is the son of Superman and Lois Lane, who was born during the Convergence storyline.
  • Clark and Lois had a son who appeared twice in Superman live-action media. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman where someone delivers a child to Clark and Lois in the series finale, and Superman Returns where their son Jason appeared in the movie.
    • Clark Kent from Earth-96 even notes how similar the two look, implying that despite the different appearances of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Jason and Jonathan may still be doppelgangers.