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Jones, nicknamed "Jonesy" by his peers, is a former police officer of the Central City Police Department and a former ally of Orlin Dwyer/Cicada.


On May 4, 2017, Jones was among the CCPD officers who investigated the scene of a husband and wife killed by an exploding ATM.[1] The police found the couple's daughter, Grace Gibbons, hiding in her family's car and brought her to the precinct until they could locate her next of kin. Jones and his colleagues discussed the situation with Captain David Singh, ruling the couple's deaths as collateral damage in a meta-human attack.[2] That night, Jones and another officer brought Grace to her uncle, Orlin Dwyer. He revealed the circumstances and left Grace under Orlin's care.[3]

Almost a year later in March 2018, Jones was injured in the arm during a fight against Eden Corps.[4]

Several months later, on the day of the CCPD charity softball game against the Central City Fire Department, Jones saw a news headline sent from Spencer Young's phone that presumably contained information on XS saving the CCPD from a bomb explosion, hypnotizing Jones. Under hypnosis, Jones proceeded to the CCPD's evidence lockup and found a bomb they retrieved from the Jansen-Moretti case. He activated the bomb, stuffed it in a backpack and proceeded to the game. Jones entered the field with the backpack, but a hypnotized Nora West-Allen made it in time to throw the bag in the air before the bomb exploded. Jones, as the headline was fulfilled, was set free from the hypnosis and was taken into custody by the CCPD. When he was interrogated, he stated that he didn't remember anything before the bomb went off.

Later that night, Barry and Nora scanned his brain and sent the data to Caitlin Snow. He pleaded once more that he had no recollection, not even where he got the bomb from, to which Joe West replied that Jones was seen in the CCTV footage taking the bomb from evidence lockup and that he has lost his trust in him.

Jones was later cleared from all charges when Team Flash apprehended Spencer.[5]

When A.M.A.Z.O. was activated and tried to destroy Ivo Laboratories, Jones was the first responder to the scene. He called in all units to Waid and Augustyn, and tried to apprehend the robot along with Elongated Man and Killer Frost, but escaped when it proved to be too strong for them.[6]

Sometime after that, Jones leaked the information of the meta-humans to Dr. Ambres, to give to Cicada which led to the deaths of Kira May, Dwayne Geist, and Carl Bork. He later met up with Cicada in person to give him the information regarding the current location of all the other meta-humans on the list, when CCPD prepared to put them into the witness protection program, so he can kill them. After Cicada got away again after his attempts on Keisha Moore, Peek-a-Boo, Matthew Norvock, and those with them, Cecile Horton figured out the truth and arranged for Jones to come to David Singh's office. Cecile stated to Jones that she found evidence that Jones leaked the information to Cicada out of spite for what happened with Spencer Young. He tried to run but was soon apprehended by other CCPD officers before reaching the door, after Cecile realized his intentions. As he was taken away by the police, Jones stated that meta-humans have no respect for this city and therefore, they don't deserve to live. Disgusted, Singh reminded him that he swore an oath to protect every citizen in the city no matter if they were a meta or not, before having him removed from his sight.[7]


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