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Jordan Moore is a resident of Gotham City, the youngest daughter of Diane Moore, and the younger sister of Sophie Moore.


Early life

Jordan Moore was born to Diane Moore and an unknown father. She has a older sister, Sophie, with whom she grew up together. She was raised in a conservative, working-class family. After her mother visited Sophie, she told Jordan that Sophie belonged to the LGBT+ community, which was something that Diane was apparently still struggling to accept; Jordan, on the other hand, took it all in stride.

Jordan was known by the local police as a graffiti artist and her popularity was extended through her social media account.[1]

Hunted by the False Face Society

In 2021, Jordan went after Commissioner Forbes and tried to get him to help Gotham's most needy community, without delay. She was tagging graffiti on a wall when she saw the False Face Society kill the commissioner. They went after her but she managed to escape. Then she got into Sophie's car at Crows Headquarters and waited for her to enter the vehicle to ask for help. Sophie asked her to testify to the Crows but Jordan said she just needed help from her sister, not the Crows. Then gang members attacked the car but they were stopped by Batwoman.

Jordan and Sophie went to The Hold Up to drink. There, she met Ryan Wilder, who said she heard her saying she was saved by Batwoman. Jordan then said that Batwoman was "cringe" and like the Crows. Later, she told Sophie that her mother said that she left the closet and that she supported her, even though her mother did not. She suggested that Sophie needed a new lover and Ryan seemed like a good option, but Sophie denied it. Later, after Sophie revealed that Angelique Martin was arrested for the death of Forbes, Jordan confronted Sophie about the injustice of the system; Sophie was legally helpless.[1]

Helping the community

Mary Hamilton and Ryan financed the building of the Sheldon Park Community Center that would specialize as a safe haven for vulnerable and at-risk youth; weeks later at the opening, though Mary and Ryan wanted to remain anonymous, Jordan praised them in a commencement speech. Horten Spence interrupted the speech by asking where was the security, causing Jordan to tell him that she felt that the youth would be uncomfortable with security there, given their status. When Horten insisted, Jordan listened as Imani gave statistics supporting the guards were not needed. Jordan later introduced Imani to Ryan and Mary. Imani and Jordan had had a conversation about Ryan leading a class, which Imani discussed. As Jordan went to talk to other people, the center was attacked by Kilovolt.[2]

Investigating the Jet Industries

At some point, Jordan began investigating Mr. Freeze's stolen liquid nitrogen and discovered links to Jet Industries. Later, she was invited to an event at Gotham Expo Hotel to speak about her community center; instead, she would reveal the whole truth about Jet Industries. At the event, she met Sophie and noticed that she and Ryan looked at each other differently. She hinted that they should stay together. She was later kidnapped by Virgil Getty, a member of the Black Glove Society, and frozen using liquid nitrogen from Mr. Freeze. Ryan and Sophie found her and took her to Mary Hamilton's clinic, where she was unfrozen with the help of the Bat Team.[3]


Jordan seems to have a sense of justice and contempt for corrupt organizations and vigilantes like Batwoman, who she thinks are the same thing as they both don't make so much effort in helping Gotham City, like building better community services; completely disregard the fact that it is not the job of the police and vigilantes to build community services, as their job is to only stop criminals or criminal operations, proving that Jordan is both self-righteous and short-sighted.

Jordan is very open-minded when it comes to LGBT+ individuals, despite being raised by a parent who despised the LGBT+ community for no clear reason, other than their sexuality. When hearing that Sophie is a lesbian, Jordan accepted this and continued to love her, despite their mother breaking off any ties to her.