"I had the most brilliant minds in the world study that Mirrorverse. You know what they found? It's incompatible with the human brain. That place warps the mind until the person is no longer recognizable. Your Iris is long gone. I suggest you accept that and move on."
—Joseph Carver to Barry Allen[src]

Joseph Carver (died 2020) was the corrupt CEO of McCulloch Technologies, the leader of Black Hole and the estranged husband of Eva McCulloch. Joseph used Black Hole to commit crimes while avoiding being caught by the law, which pitted him against Team Flash. He was ultimately killed by his wife, Eva as revenge for betraying her, stealing her tech, weaponizing the tech for profit and several of his other misdeeds, before she took back control of her company.


Early life

At some point, Joseph became the CEO of McCulloch Technologies alongside his wife, Eva McCulloch, as well as the leader of Black Hole.[1] On the night of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, he watched as his wife was abruptly blasted into a mirror and got trapped in the Mirrorverse.

Carver had multiple scientists study the Mirrorverse; they learned what physical effects that reality had on a person, but not a way to release Eva.[2]

Confronted by Iris West-Allen

"You weren't robbed by Black Hole; you are Black Hole."
Iris West-Allen[src]

After learning of Black Hole and McCulloch Technologies' affiliation with them, Iris West-Allen went off to interview Joseph in order to find a lead. However, Carver rebuffed her and denied any relation to them. Afterwards, he decided to sue The Central City Citizen for defamation. Carver sent his personal assassin Kimiyo Hoshi to kill Iris. Despite this, Iris obtained information from an informant that could place his company into jeopardy and Carver was blackmailed into dropping the lawsuit, and the hit on Iris.[1]

Later, Joseph hired Rag Doll to kill Joe West at the CCPD precinct.[3]

Hunted by Eva and death

"You're not my wife; she died in the particle accelerator explosion."
"I've never felt more alive."
"You're not even human.
—Joseph and Eva's last conversation[src]

Carver called Sue Dearbon's parents and she decided to work for him, if he would stop blackmailing them, to which he agreed.

The morning after one of Black Hole's warehouses, which contained files on its employees, was destroyed, Carver sat with Maurice at Jitters to discuss what to do; Barry Allen entered, wanting to talk. Barry told Carver that his life was in danger, but Carver did not believe him. Carver revealed what he knew about the Mirrorverse from his scientists, that he knew that Iris West-Allen was there through video footage he had procured, and he lied about owning the warehouse that was arsoned.

Carver set up a meeting of his assassins at a safe house, but when he arrived, they were gone, so he decided to take Barry seriously and went to Team Flash for protection. Barry called to A.R.G.U.S. to have Carver placed in witness protection, but, before they could arrive, "David Singh" appeared and wanted to talk to Barry. Suddenly, Nash pushed "David" and teleported them from the precinct to S.T.A.R. Labs, claiming that he was saving Carver's life. Carver accepted that explanation, but he also wanted the teleportation device; he was denied. Carver and the team decided that he would be safer in McCulloch Technologies.

Eva infiltrates Joseph's panic room

Eva taunts Carver.

Ultraviolet, Dr. Light and Sunshine joined Eva's side for revenge on Carver; they infiltrate McCulloch Technologies and fight with Team Flash. Eva enters the safe room in which Carver was hiding, and begins to taunt and to kill Carver with the mirror shards. However, the Flash jumps in front of them to save his life. Despite this, she sends the pieces through the Flash's chest mortally wounding Carver. They share a conversation together and Carver succumbs to his wounds.[2]


With Joseph dead, the R.I.C.O. case against him was no longer warranted, so Joe West was able to leave witness protection and was reunited with Team Flash.

Eva McCulloch renewed her leadership of McCulloch Technologies. Although she often said that she hated him, Eva made sure that Joseph was given a good legacy by saying, at a press conference, that he saved her from a terrorist organization at the expense of his life. Eva also framed Sue Dearbon for his murder.[2]


"Technology is a fickle mistress."
—Joseph Carver to Joe West[src]

Joseph was proven to be an immoral, selfish and disloyal individual who would only do anything for his own self-interests. While he seemingly once loving his wife, Eva McCulloch, he quickly abandoned all loyalty and compassion towards her after she got stuck in the Mirrorverse, somehow priding himself and doesn't care about anyone.

Joseph was extremely arrogant and egotistical to the point that he (delusively) believed himself to be untouchable, he was also ruthless, as he had no concerns ordering his agents to kill individuals who pose any threat to his status in society.[3] Joseph's arrogance was also to the point of being quite delusional; believing that he was saving the world by facing the dangers of it, when in truth, everything he did was for himself.

Underneath Joseph's arrogant and egotistical traits, he was proven to be quite cowardly, when facing matters he could not control, as he had the audacity to ask Team Flash to protect him from his vengeful wife, Eva who had become a vengeful meta-human, after all the grievances he caused them.

In Joseph's final moments, he shamelessly pleaded with Eva, insisting that he had no choice in his actions, even more, upon dying he had no guilt, shame or remorse for his despicable actions, viewing his wife as the monster, when he was actually the monster himself; proving just how delusional he truly was. These negative traits of Joseph's were what led to his painful yet deserved death at the hands of Eva McCulloch.



The Flash

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Joseph Carver is a well-known member of Black Hole and a scientist working to weaponize the Speed-Force.


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