"Technology is a fickle mistress."
—Joseph Carver to Joe West[src]

Joseph Carver is the CEO of McCulloch Technologies and a member of Black Hole.


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Early life

At some point, Joseph Carver became the CEO of McCulloch Technologies alongside his wife, Eva McCulloch, as well as a member of Black Hole.

Confronted by Iris West-Allen

After learning of Black Hole and McCulloch Technologies' affiliation with them, Iris West-Allen went off to interview Joseph Carver in order to find a lead. However, Carver rebuffed her and denied any relation to them. Afterwards, he decided to sue The Central City Citizen for defamation. Despite this, Iris obtained information from an informant that could place his company into jeopardy and Joseph was blackmailed into dropping the lawsuit.[1]


Joseph somehow prides himself and doesn't care about anyone. This is seen when he does not care that his estranged wife, Eva McCulloch, got stuck in the Mirrorverse. He is also ruthless as he orders Rag Doll to kill Joe West after he threatened him.


  • Bilingualism: Joseph is capable of fluently speaking English and Japanese.
  • Great business acumen: Joseph is presumably apt at making profitable business decisions due to the success and longevity of McCulloch Technologies in his wife's absence.


The Flash

Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Joseph Carver is a well-known member of Black Hole and a scientist working to weaponize the Speed-Force.


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