"In my long life, I have met some of the most skilled interrogators in history, but—but since we are in the Soviet Union, let me tell you a story about a friend of mine, Joseph Stalin. He became quite skilled at breaking a man—carefully aimed strikes to the bridge of the nose, along the shoulder blades, and right underneath the chin. Stalin gave me this as a gift."
Vandal Savage to Martin Stein[src]

Joseph Stalin was a dictator of the Soviet Union and a friend of Vandal Savage.


Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union as a dictatorship during the years of World War II. At some point, presumably during or after the war, he met Vandal Savage and the two became friends. Stalin taught Savage a great deal about the methods of torture and gave him a torture device as a gift.[1]


Stalin's methods of torture continued to be in practice thanks to the work of KGB and the facilities like Koshmar prison.[1]

Stalin's soul coin was seen among Neron's collection in Hell. Astra Logue proceeded to take his coin for her own, where she presumably released Stalin's soul back into the mortal plane along with many other coins she had taken, believing they had all died before their time.[2]


  • Master interrogator/Torturer: Joseph Stalin was incredibly skilled in the use of torture, so much so that he could teach Vandal Savage in the "art" of torture. Stalin used carefully aimed strikes to the bridge of the nose, along the shoulder blades, and right underneath the chin to "break a man", along with emotional torture. Stalin possessed many torture devices, one of which he granted to Savage as a gift.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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Behind the scenes

  • Historically, Joseph Stalin was a dictator of the Soviet Union, who managed to concentrate power in his hands in 1930s and ruled undisputed until his death in 1953. Under Stalin, the secret service of USSR became a ruthless machine of repressions, as referenced by making him a master of torture in DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • In DC comics, Joseph Stalin appeared in a number of stories. One of his most known appearances is from Earth-30, the home of Soviet Superman, described in the 2003 3-issue, Superman: Red Son.


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