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"Every song's for you, baby. Every single one."
—Joseph West's last words to his daughter, Iris[src]

Joseph West (died February 2016) was a lounge singer from Earth-2, and the father of Iris West-Allen.


In February 2016, Joseph West was performing in Jitterbugs when his daughter, Iris West-Allen, and son-in-law, Barry Allen (who was actually Barry's Earth-1 doppelgänger in disguise), came to watch. After finishing his performance, Joseph was glad to see Iris but when Earth-1 Barry commended his singing and called him "Joe", he was unamused, stating his full name and addressing Earth-1 Barry by his full name, "Bartholomew". Iris urged him to be nice as she briefly left. Earth-1 Barry tried to make conversation but Joseph bluntly referred to him as an "idiot". He scolded Earth-1 Barry for being selfish and putting Iris's life at risk by letting her becoming a police officer to pay for his PhD tuition, insisting that she should be writing for Central City Picture News. However, when Iris returned, she reminded her father that being a cop was her choice and she enjoyed it far more than being a CCPN intern. Joseph agreed to enjoy the night, yet remained hostile towards Earth-1 Barry.  

Later while performing another song, Joseph was interrupted when Killer Frost and Deathstorm stormed in, looking for the Flash. When Iris tried to have them arrested, Joseph stayed behind as the other patrons fled, not wanting to leave his daughter. Earth-1 Barry occupied Killer Frost and instructed Iris to get to safety, but Deathstorm fired a blast at her. Joseph pushed Iris out of the way and took the hit, leaving him fatally wounded.  

Iris and Earth-1 Barry took Joseph to the hospital. Upon awakening, Joseph was glad to see they were both alright. Knowing he wouldn't make it, Joseph told Iris how much he loved her and asked Earth-1 Barry to look after his daughter, which he promised to do so. Moments later, Joseph's heart gave out and he passed away.[1] 


After Joseph's death, Iris became relentlessly determined to capture Killer Frost and Deathstorm to get justice for her father.[1] Barry soon learned of Joseph's death and was deeply saddened over it.[2]

Joseph's death was avenged when Deathstorm[1] and Killer Frost[3] were killed by Zoom, who would later be turned into an enforcer of the Speed Force.[4]


Much like his Earth-1 counterpart, Joseph shares a very loving relationship with his daughter, Iris, always concerned for her safety due to her job as a police detective. However, Joseph shares a mutual dislike with his son-in-law, Barry Allen, as he blamed the latter for Iris choosing to become a police officer, since she apparently did so to help pay for Barry's PhD tuition. Nonetheless, his relationship with Iris greatly outweighs this animosity, as Joseph is willing to grudgingly put up with Barry for his daughter's sake.

Joseph is highly protective of his daughter, as he refused to leave Iris behind in the midst of Deathstorm and Killer Frost's attack, willingly sacrificing himself to save her. On his deathbed, Joseph asked Barry if he was alright after the attack and even lightheartedly joked with him, hinting his dislike for the latter may have subsided, as he asked Barry to look after his daughter.


  • Singing: Joseph was a professional singer and popular musician at Jitterbugs.


The Flash

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  • Unlike his Earth-1 counterpart, Joseph prefers to go by his full name, a trait also shared by Francisco Ramon/Reverb.
  • Since the sixth season, he appeared in the opening sequence of The Flash where a clip of him appeared alongside clips of Joe West.