For his Earth One equivalent, see Joe West.

Joseph "Joe" West was a musician from Earth Two, the father of Iris West-Allen and the father-in-law of Barry Allen.


Much like his Earth One counterpart, he shares a very loving relationship with his daughter Iris West-Allen and is concerned for her well-being due to her occupation as a police officer. However, while the Earth One Joe holds Barry in high regard and cares deeply for him, Joe and Barry's Earth Two counterpart share a mutual dislike for one another as Joe blamed Barry for Iris choosing to become a police officer and putting her in danger with the Zoom threat. However his dislike of Barry subsides when he tells Barry (masquerading as Earth-2 Barry) to take care of Iris shortly before his death. He was killed by Deathstorm after he was about to kill Iris.


The Flash

Season 2


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