For his Earth One equivalent, see Joe West.

Joseph "Joe" West was a musician from Earth Two, the father of Iris West-Allen and the father-in-law of Barry Allen.


When Joe was performing in Jitterbugs Iris and Barry (his Earth One counterpart disguised as Earth Two Barry) came to watch. Although Joe was glad to see Iris, he was instantly annoyed upon spotting Barry. While they were alone, Joe scolds Barry and called him selfish for letting Iris become a police officer to pay for his tuition, insisting that she should be working for C.C.P.N.. However Iris returned and told Joe that being a cop was her choice, that she enjoyed it far more than being a reporter, but Joe still expressed dislike towards Barry. Later while performing another song they were interrupted by Killer Frost and Deathstorm looking for Barry. When Iris tried to have them arrested, Deathstorm attacked Iris but Joe pushed her away, and was struck instead. Later Joe was admitted to the hospital but his injuries were too severe to heal. Joe told Iris how much he loved her and told Barry, who he seemed to partially forgive, to take care of her. Moments later, Joe's heart gave out and he passed away. 


Much like his Earth One counterpart, he shares a very loving relationship with his daughter Iris West-Allen and is concerned for her well-being due to her occupation as a police officer. However, while the Earth One Joe holds Barry in high regard and cares deeply for him, the Earth Two Joe and Barry's Earth Two counterpart share a mutual dislike. This is because Joe blamed Barry for Iris choosing to become a police officer to help pay for Barry to get his PhD which putting her in danger with Zoom. However Barry himself didn't appear to hate Joe and actually did seem to care about Joe, expressing sadness after learning of his death. However his dislike of Barry subsides when he tells Barry (masquerading as Earth Two Barry) to take care of Iris shortly before his death. 


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