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"You can't trap a trapper."
—Breacher to Cisco Ramon[src]

Josh, better known as Breacher, was the former leader of the Collectors and the father of the late Cynthia. He later retired at a dragon farm on Earth-47. Much like Cynthia and Cisco Ramon, he is a Viber.

It remains unknown if he resides on the restored Earth-19, or one of the new Earths in the rebooted multiverse.


Early life

Josh at some point became the leader of the Collectors and became known as Breacher, in his time having hunted down some of the worst breach criminals in history, such as Marla the Dark Lord, Soolunga of Sheerdra, and the Sand People of Scar. He also fought and killed a hunter-killer from Earth-48, taking a blade from his body.

At some point, he had a daughter, Cynthia. Prior to her dating Cisco, Cynthia apparently dated another suitor, whom Josh hunted; he would later claim that he did not know what happened to that individual shortly after, as he is an apparent atheist with little regards to life after death.[1]

Proving Cisco's worth

Having discovered his daughter, known under the moniker "Gypsy", to have a boyfriend on Earth-1, Breacher traveled from Earth-19 to attack him. He was quickly stopped by Gypsy, who was in the other room. Breacher was taken by her boyfriend, Cisco Ramon, to his place of work, S.T.A.R. Labs, and attempted to impress him, claiming that Barry Allen was his personal assistant. Breacher soon grew bored with S.T.A.R. Labs, so the pair joined Gypsy at CC Jitters, where Cisco grabbed them coffees. Breacher, however, claimed to have abstained from drinking coffee, after all of the coffee crops had been wiped out in his universe. Because of this, Gypsy offered to go get him a tea. While she was gone, Breacher began counting down, deciding to give Cisco 24 hours to prove his worth as he hunted him; neither were allowed to use their powers during this time. Cisco returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Breacher followed.[1]

Cisco spent some time running from Breacher, before deciding to use his smarts to build a trap for Breacher. Breacher was tricked by a hologram of Cisco but was able to get out of the prison by using the blade from the Earth-48 hunter-killer he'd taken down. Breacher made his way back to the main cortex, where he saw an old video of Ralph Dibny with elongated limbs. Mistaking him for a Plastoid, the same species that had nearly destroyed his Earth, Breacher went after him, knocking him and the Flash down with vibrational blasts. Vibe intervened, explaining the situation before the two watched the Flash and Ralph save Joe West from Anthony Bellows as he had ran from Breacher after seeing him blast the two and took Joe hostage while running away. The following day, as Breacher and Gypsy prepared to leave, Breacher admitted to respecting Cisco, if not like him. He received notification of a code 17 breach, proceeding to call Gypsy by her real name. When asked of his real name, Breacher told Cisco that it was Josh, before the two Collectors stepped through the breach.[1]

At some point, Josh tracked down all of Cisco's living dopplegangers in the multiverse; to his disappointment, they were all meek pencil pushers.[2]

Breacher returned and asked for Cisco to help him, as his powers no longer worked following a confrontation with a vampire named Crucifer. Caitlin determined that Breacher's powers no longer worked due to old age. Not wanting his chances with Gypsy to be ruined, Cisco lied and gave Breacher allergy medication, convincing him it'd cure his powers and shooting a vibe blast from behind Breacher to make him believe his powers were restored. To Cisco's horror, Breacher went to confront Crucifer again but Cisco saved him just in time. Cisco finally confessed the truth to Breacher and he told Cisco that he hates him out of hurt and anger. Breacher returned again, dressed in casual clothing and announced his retirement as a collector, planning to spend his retirement at a dragon farm on Earth-47. Breacher recommended Cisco to replace him as a collector so that he could work alongside Gypsy and spend more time with her.[3]

Hunting Echo

Josh was informed that Cynthia had died on the job, trapping the notorious Echo on Earth-1 for the Collectors. He sought Cisco's help, but learned he had given up his Vibe powers. After briefly believing Cisco was Echo due to mistakenly thinking he suffered Breach Psychosis from removing his powers, the real Echo (a Cisco from Earth-19) was captured by Cisco to clear his name. In gratitude, Josh invited Cisco and his current girlfriend to Cynthia's remembrance ceremony, granting them permission to visit Earth-19.[2]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

Josh later died when the multiverse was wiped out by antimatter; though the multiverse was restored a month later, albeit not separated by vibrational frequencies. It remains unknown if Josh was revived as well.


"I hate you."
"Wow. Really thought that one would work."
"But, I respect you. You're a steadfast warrior who would fight the fiercest of enemies to protect your friends. And the only person I love.
—Josh and Cisco Ramon[src]

Josh can accurately be described as gruff, serious, and incredibly aggressive. Due to the traumas he suffered on his Earth, he is extremely hostile towards anything and everything he deems as a threat; this includes a strong hatred of Plastoids. His hostility extends towards his daughter's boyfriends, as he has a history of hunting them and has been known to kill at least one. However, he values loyalty, as it was the quality Cisco demonstrated that ultimately caused Josh to cease his hunt for him. He loves his daughter, saying he would do anything for her. He also respects fellow lawmen such as Joe West.

Josh has a dark sense of humor, stating he didn't know where his daughter's last boyfriend was, making Cisco think he escaped; however, he then stated: "I don't know where you go when you die". He is not above taunting his prey if he knows he has the advantage, such as calling out to Cisco in a sing-song voice.

He seems to consciously try being manly as possible; Josh took offense to Cisco innocently asking if he never used a mirror for grooming (as he said he only recently noticed his reflection while cleaning his knife), snapping that "[Josh] [was] not a teenage girl."

When his powers started to fail, Josh thought he was ill. However, it turned out he had just hit the point in his life where his body couldn't keep up with his job as a Collector anymore. Despite initial denial, Josh accepted he had reached retirement age and offered Cisco a job as a Collector (to both replace him and give Cisco more time with Gypsy).

Breacher has a strong affection for dragons, as he mentioned to Cisco that he planned to visit a farm that breeds them that he's always wanted to visit, following his retirement. This shows that Breacher has a soft spot for animals of a certain caliber.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Josh's physiology was altered and his DNA augmented, allowing him to access his powers.
    • Dimensional energy manipulation: Josh has a psychic link to the natural energies of reality, allowing him to connect with various vibrations of the multiverse and manipulate them for various effects.[1]
      • Interdimensional travel: Josh has the ability to open breaches through space, both between different universes and within the same universe, allowing him to instantaneously traverse tremendous distances.[1]

Former powers

Josh firing vibrational blasts from his hands.

  • Vibrational blasts: Josh was able to generate powerful, red, concussive blasts of vibrations from his hands, strong enough to throw a fully-grown human quite a distance. The intensity of his blasts can even produce a super-heating effect. He cannot use this power anymore due to old age.[1]
  • Dimensional awareness: Josh can perceive events throughout time and space through the kinetic sense.[1] However, Josh claims he lost his Vibe powers when locating the weapon that killed Gypsy; likely a temporary side-effect set up by Echo.[2]


  • Expert knife-wielder/thrower: Josh is able to throw his blades with pinpoint accuracy, notably throwing one into the forehead of a cutout of Cisco Ramon out of frustration.
  • Intimidation: Josh commands an intimidating presence to the point where just staring at those around him was often enough to make them back off; he commanded an even greater intimidating presence over those with knowledge of his history such as Cisco Ramon and Sherloque Wells.
  • Expert scout: Even without his powers, Josh is an incredibly hard to escape individual. Despite Cisco's various attempts to hide, Josh was able to still easily find him.


  • Hunter-killer blade: Josh stole this deadly weapon from an unnamed individual who was a hunter-killer operating on Earth-48. He used it to escape from Cisco's prison. He also used it to cut through the barrier around Earth-1, giving the effect of walking out from behind a curtain.
  • Interdimensional extrapolator: Josh possesses one of these devices, allowing him to travel between universes without having to rely on his powers,[2] which he's begun to lose in his old age.[3]


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  • Josh swore off ever drinking coffee again after all its crops on Earth-19 were wiped out from a Plastoid attack.[1]
  • Josh's successor as leader of the Collectors tracks down spouses who don't pay alimony to their exes.[4]
  • Josh hunts Cynthia's boyfriends when he doesn't think they are worthy of her. It seems he's uncaring that this annoys her.
  • Josh's exact age is unknown, but it may be between late 60s to early 70s. Cisco was stunned to learn his age (which was determined by Caitlin's medical examination) meaning Josh would have to be WAY past his 50s (which would be normal for parents who had children around Cisco and Cynthia's age) to shock him.

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