Josie (born 1990) is a former student of Midvale High School. She is also the former lover of Samuel Bernard and the ex-best friend of Alex Danvers.


Josie became best friends with Alex Danvers at the age of eight. In high school, she also befriended Vicki Donahue. The three of them were all part of the popular clique in high school. Despite being Alex's friend, Josie was dismissive of her adoptive sister, Kara, along with less popular students such as Kenny Li.

At some point after turning 17, Josie entered into an illegal love affair with her history teacher, Samuel Bernard, which was outed after the death of Kenny, who discovered it.

When Alex confronted Josie over her illicit affair, she insisted that Samuel loved her and was innocent of Kenny's murder. That night after Alex reported their relationship to the authorities, Samuel was arrested for statutory rape. Once Josie's parents learned the truth, she lost their trust and was grounded until college. Due to Alex's betrayal, Josie then rejected her out of spite, ending their friendship for good.[1]



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