Joslyn "Joss" Jackam, nicknamed Weather Witch by Caitlin Snow, is the estranged daughter of Mark Mardon and an unnamed woman, and the niece of the late Clyde Mardon.


Original multiverse

Early life

Joslyn Jackam was born to Mark Mardon and an unnamed woman when they were still in high school. Mark left Joslyn and her mother while they were both in the maternity ward to focus on his criminal career. As a result, Joslyn grew up hating her father for his abandonment.[1][2] Joss implied that her mother had emotionally abused her, which resulted in her running away from home at the age of 13. Joss stayed with a group of other teenage runaways until she was caught and put back into her custody.[3]

Joss later became a self-taught amateur meteorologist, but lost her grant after too many dangerous experiments.[1]

Revenge on her father

On the night of the Enlightenment, Joss' weather van was struck by the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite. A component of the van was transformed into a meta-tech staff with the ability to control the weather, similar to her father and uncle's powers. She would later attack a power plant in her plan to kill her dad and broke into Iron Heights to kill him, but the Flash intervened and took Mardon away and she demanded him to be brought to her. She was tricked by Team Flash after dropping a truck on a hologram of Iris West, who was impersonating her dad. She planned to destroy the whole of Central City but was stopped by the Flash and incarcerated in Iron Heights, with her staff being stored away within the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator by Team Flash.[1]

Trial and young Rogue membership offer

Joss finally got her day in court, however, she was riddled with guilt of her actions, even proclaiming so after Nora's testimony of CSI evidence became heated of the potential damage Joss could done at the airstrip she attacked. However, the transport van was stopped by a woman Raya Van Zandt who wanted to use Joss's services as The Weather Witch for a newer younger Rogue group she was pulling together. However, Joss wanted to serve her sentence and not be molded in a career criminal like her father. She summon a fake hurricane to get the Flash attention but she got XS instead who was distrustful of her despite genuine sincerity of cooperating with Team Flash and CCPD about her taker.

However, Nora turns her over in the police station, not giving Joss a second chance or backing up her claims of having nothing to do with the escape from the van. Joss is in her holding cell and hears the commotion Raya is causing for a distract to let Joss escape. Given back her staff, she this time agreed to help Raya. They broke into A.R.G.U.S and steal a car. Joss turns around when XS hacks the car commutation system and gives her a heartfelt apology and urges Joss to give her a second chance at well.

Moved by this, Joss makes the road icy leading the car veering off to the side before it hits XS. Killer Frost and XS learn of this after the latter initially thought it was the former leading them to change their mind about Joss after thinking of her as only a criminal.[2]

A couple months later though, it seemed as is Joss had fully turned her back on redemption, scoffing at Nora's no killing rule and eventually betraying her. She also left Raya, who was implied to be her girlfriend, in Bolivia and alluded to killing her, however it's not certain that she was telling the truth. Joss accidentally broke the power dampener, giving XS and Flash their abilities, and was run off to prison.[3]

New multiverse

Attack on Downtown National City

In January 2020, Weather Witch attacked downtown National City, but was confronted by Supergirl. As she was about to attack Supergirl with lightning, The Flash appeared and knocked her out, apologizing to Supergirl for the incident as she was "one of [his]". Weather Witch's presence in National City, combined with The Flash's appearance, caused Supergirl to realize she was not on a restored Earth-38, but an entirely new Earth containing elements of Earths-1, -38, and, as it later emerged, -TUD5.[4]


Joss largely seems to blame her father for her life going wrong, when in fact he barely was in it. Her mother was said to largely abuse her emotionally, comparing her with her father, which may have caused her vitriol. She has quite the short temper, and will fight people, regardless of whether the opponent is stronger or more powerful than herself. Joss, regardless, is a highly intelligent individual, as she is a self taught expert in meteorology at a young age, and has come up with plans for being a criminal which were executed near flawlessly, such as when she dropped a truck on her father's head and ensured the Flash and XS couldn't come after her.

Powers and abilities


  • Abilities via Weather Staff: All of Joss' powers come from her staff; which allow her to harness the power of atmokinesis.
    • Atmokinesis: The staff is able to control the weather in various ways; such as summoning lightning and conjuring storms.


  • Skilled markswoman: Joss showcased great accuracy when using a tranquilizer gun, able to shoot three guards before they could react.[3]


  • Weather Staff: Joss' staff allows her to control the weather and generate tornadoes, thunderstorms, etc. similar to her father and uncle's powers.


The Flash

Season 5

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5


Behind the scenes

  • Joss is an amalgamation of two characters from the comics: Josh Jackam and Weather Witch.
    • Joss' comics counterpart, Joshua "Josh" Jackam, was the son of Mark Mardon and Julie Jackam. He had the same powers as his father and was later killed by Inertia under the alias of Kid Zoom.
    • In the comics, Weather Witch (which is Joss' alias in the show) is an ex-prostitute who worked for Penguin and a group called the New Rogues, a group of criminals who used the original Rogues' gimmicks as seen in Gotham Underground. They were later used by Libra in Final Crisis to get the Rogues back into the Secret Society of Super Villains and were killed by the Rogues.


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