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"Ritchie, Gary, Judith... Have they called you with their gratitude?"
Anne Marie Flynn to John Constantine[src]

Judith was a member of the Newcastle Crew.


Judith was a member of the Newcastle Crew, a group of magic users led by John Constantine and situated in Newcastle. Eventually the group was discarded and members of it estranged from each other and, especially, their leader, after the incident with Astra Logue being dragged to Hell during a botched exorcism.[1]

Powers and abilities[]



  • Occult knowledge: Judith was at least very familiar and experienced with the occult, as evidenced by her inclusion in the Newcastle Crew.[1]



Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Judith is a minor character and a member of the Newcastle Crew. She has made only a few small appearances and most of the time she is just mentioned by other characters.
  • Judith was set to appear in the unproduced episode "Final Girl".