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Judy Gimlin (died 2012) was a resident of Central City and the wife of Reagan Gimlin.


At some point, Judy married Reagan Gimlin.

In late 2012, Judy was found stabbed to death in her home. Reagan was the prime suspect but the murder weapon was never found.[1]


Ralph Dibny was assigned to be the leading detective on Judy's case. He "discovered" the knife used to kill her, which contained Reagan's fingerprints, and seemingly closed a clear open-and-shut case. However, rookie CSI Barry Allen did a thorough examination of the murder weapon and learned that the knife did not match the one used to kill Judy; Ralph had planted the evidence to frame Reagan, believing him to have murdered his wife. Once the truth came to light, Reagan's name was cleared whilst Ralph was dishonorably kicked off the police force for good.[1]

It is unknown if Judy's murder was ever solved.


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