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For her Worldkiller personality, see Purity.

"You stood in front of a car to save your friend Vanita because you love your friend. And you know that Supergirl wants to help you. You can fight this, because you... you are stronger than you think. I know that you can hear me, Julia. I see you in there. And I am so sorry that I didn't see it before. But I swear to God, I am gonna help you beat this. We... we all will. But you have to fight."
Alex Danvers convincing Julia Freeman to break through Purity's influence[src]

Julia Freeman (1979 – 2018) was a Kryptonian Worldkiller known as Purity, having been sent to Earth prior to Krypton's destruction. Julia lived a normal life as a musician in National City until early 2018, when her Worldkiller persona emerged, triggered by a combination of Reign's awakening and an accident where Julia was crushed between two cars whilst saving her friend.

Not long after, Julia was captured by Reign to fully awaken Purity. She eventually joined Reign and Pestilence to try and destroy Earth and make it into "New Krypton". In the final battle though, Supergirl and Alex Danvers were able to help Julia overcome Purity. Julia was fatally stabbed by Pestilence but took the latter out with a scream before dying, surrounded by Supergirl and Alex.


Early life

She was genetically engineered on Krypton as Purity, one of the three Kryptonian Worldkillers, along with Reign and Pestilence. In the wake of Krypton's destruction, she was sent to Earth as an infant to grow strong and awaken once Reign was ready.[1] Her pod presumably landed on Earth around 1989, the same time as Reign.[2]

In 1993, she was adopted by Lawrence and Molly Freeman, who named her Julia Freeman. As she grew up, Julia developed a passion for music and studied at the University of Cincinnati - College-Conservatory of Music. There, Julia met Vanita Ripson, who was her roommate, and the two of them became best friends.[3]

Gaining powers

Julia's powers manifest.

In 2018, Julia and Vanita discussed the latter's new job as they walked home. Julia playfully opposed Vanita's decision to spend her "youth, life, and vitality" in an office, preferring to strike out on her own. Suddenly, a runaway car came hurtling towards them and Julia pushed Vanita out of the way. When the car crushed her, Julia's Worldkiller powers manifested, enabling her recover after a few seconds and push the vehicle away, much to her and Vanita's shock. Julia's eyes briefly flashed white.[4]


Supergirl and the D.E.O. track down Julia.

One afternoon, Julia was singing along to Lisa Loeb at her house. Suddenly, she saw that Supergirl and the D.E.O. had broken into her house and screamed in alarm, backing into a wall. Recognizing the superheroine, Julia wondered what she was doing here. Realizing Julia was unaware of her Worldkiller persona, Supergirl promised she wouldn't let anyone hurt her. As Julia moved to take her outstretched hand, one of the D.E.O. agents, Alex Danvers, panicked and threatened Julia to stay still, frightening her. Supergirl attempted to calm her down and defuse the situation but Julia's fear triggered Purity to forcefully manifest. Julia screamed in pain as Purity took over, soon unleashing a sonic cry.

While Purity was in custody at the D.E.O. headquarters, Supergirl repeatedly tried to get through to Julia, knowing she was trapped within Purity. While reading Julia's file, Supergirl brought out a photo of Vanita, pointing out how she must be worried for her best friend. With the memory of her friend, Julia began to fight against Purity and take back control, but failed.

Julia overpowers Purity to save Supergirl.

During a battle with the Superfriends in the subway, Purity revealed Julia can be made aware of her Worldkiller persona's actions if the latter allows it and threatened to make her human half watch as she killed Supergirl. Julia briefly surfaced, trying to stop, but Purity suppressed her. Upon seeing Julia breaking through, Alex began to reach out to her. Emphasizing Julia's strength when saving Vanita, Alex urged her to keep fighting, apologizing for not recognizing her resilience and promising to help her. Upon hearing these words, Julia continued to battle Purity for control, eventually triumphing. She collapsed from the effort, freeing Supergirl.

Julia lets Reign capture her to save Alex.

Just then, Reign arrived. Alex attempted to fend her off but Reign quickly subdued and threatened to kill the agent. Realizing Reign wanted her Worldkiller half, Julia stopped her and, ignoring a weakened Supergirl's protests, made a deal with the Dark Kryptonian: herself in exchange for Alex's life. Pleased, Reign agreed and spared Alex. Promising Julia they would grow strong beyond reason once they found their third sister, Reign kidnapped her and flew away from the subway.

Julia tries to resist the hologram's powers.

Julia was brought to the Fortress of Sanctuary, the Worldkillers' headquarters. Terrified, she attempted to escape but the Fortress' hologram stopped her, preaching that it was time for Purity's awakening. As her powers began to manifest, Julia shouted in protest that she didn't want it, fighting back against her Worldkiller half.[3]

Final battle and death

Several weeks later, Julia's resistance began to waver as all the Worldkillers awakened, allowing Purity to exert control over the former.[5]

After the team found the Fortress of Sanctuary, a battle ensued between everyone and the Worldkillers. In the process, Julia and Pestilence killed each other. After her death, her and Pestilence's powers were absorbed by Reign who escaped before the fortress collapsed.[6]


Julia in her civilian persona.

Julia was a kind, caring, selfless and moral individual. She pushed her friend Vanita, out of the way when she saw a car (moving out control) coming at them, despite knowing the fact that she could be killed. Julia can also easily be frightened, like when she discovered that Supergirl and the D.E.O. were in her home.

Julia as Purity.

As Purity, Julia was cold, cruel, sadistic, ruthless and aggressive, she was unfazed by Alex Danvers' threatens of being incarcerated for months, as she saw right through the latter's arrogant and tough demeanor (mainly due to her empathic powers) she also mocked Alex by stating that "you want me weak, because you weak, you had your chance of happiness, but threw it all away, and now you're just a broken little doll", referring to a breakup with Maggie Sawyer; which is not entirely untrue.

Powers and abilities


  • Dark magic-empowered Kryptonian physiology: Julia's physiology was altered due to genetic experiments and dark magic from Kryptonian Polytheistic Witches. Normally Julia's capacities were no greater than a normal human of her physical conditioning. However, once charged by the energy of a yellow sun and metabolized into her body, she becomes able to perform a variety of otherworldly feats. Due to her dark magic enhancements, her powers were naturally greater than any normal solar-powered Kryptonian. It was said that she was born from Rao's fire. It was unknown if she was more powerful than Superman, but it was likely that she was just as powerful as him, as she had been on Earth for least 28 years; 10 years less that Superman has spent under the Earth's yellow sun, but had augmented, much more potent powers, making Julia one of the most powerful beings in the entire multiverse.
    • Sonic scream: Like Siobhan Smythe, Julia can vocally emit a focused, high frequency sonic scream that was powerful enough to knock a fully grown Kryptonain feet away into a wall. She was also able to knock Supergirl unconscious with her scream; after analysis done by Winn, he confirms that Julia emits a specific sound frequency intended to be particularly harmful to (presumably normal) Kryptonians. That said, it was also probably just as effective against Daxamites, seeing how Mon-El himself reacted after he became recipient to the world killer's augmented vocal outburst in Julia's home. Her scream can also be used as a force projectile, as she was able to break down a whole train station just by screaming at it.
      • Sonic inducement/Sound projection: With a slight clench of her hands, Julia, was able to induce vertigo, vibration, and a sonic sound in her immediate vicinity, extending outwards omni-directionally in an expanding sphere-like fashion from where she was. She was able to shake and vibrate the whole D.E.O. facility, and cause anyone near her to feel the effects of a migraine, and have ringing in their ears. The effects of the ability even allow her to stun, explode, and push back multiple objects at once, and even stun normal humans, as shown when she almost knocked out Winn while using this ability.
    • Empathy: Julia says she was able to "see" into people, and was able to read peoples personalities, and look deep into their psyches - though it was unknown if this was merely perceptive insight on her part when she mentally profiles an individual she meets. Unlike a telepath, she cannot see into their minds, or read thoughts, but she was able to feel emotions, experiences, and personalities from people within a matter of minutes, just like she did to Alex Danvers, noting that the human was antagonizing her in captivity because of the emotional baggage that Alex was carrying (from her break-up with Maggie) and that belittling someone as powerful as a world killer, despite being human, was the agent's way of voiding her own vulnerability.
    • Super strength: Julia had demonstrated a high level of super strength, as she was able to break Supergirl's legs by slamming them into the ground, after contending with and eventually beating Supergirl in a one-on-one brawl, and managed to nearly choke her to death, as well as punch Mon-El into a stand, which shattered on impact. It was unknown if her super strength is as powerful as Reign's, but from her demonstrations of super strength, she was likely stronger than Supergirl.
    • Flight: Julia had the ability of self-propelled herself through the air at tremendous hyper-sonic speeds. Though she had only been seen using this ability once, it was implied that she can fly at speeds as fast as Supergirl, and had been shown to be able to hover and levitate as another application of her ability to fly.
    • Invulnerability: Julia was able to take multiple punches from Mon-El and Supergirl, without being fazed. She was able to fly through a hard glass wall without showing any signs of damage as well. She also survived being crushed by two cars.
    • Worldkiller link: The Worldkillers appear to have a link with each other using Reign as a nexus point. This was evident as no Worldkillers awoke until Reign did. Julia did not have children so this did not inhibit the development of her powers like Reign and only woke after Reign did.


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Julia, as Purity, was a capable hand-to-hand combatant, she was able to keep with Supergirl, effectively dodging streams of the latter's heat-vision at close range, and Mon-El in hand-to-hand combat - culminating to even beat them; Purity even succeeds in putting the former through a head-locked back-breaker move that damaged the other Kryptonian's legs and compromising her locomotion, rendering Kara virtually helpless and putting her out of the fight by the time of Reign's arrival. She could also fight on par with J'onn J'onzz before defeating him.
  • Musical Acumen/Singing: Julia was adept at singing and had great knowledge on music, having studied at the Cincinnati Conservatory.[3]
  • Bilingual: Julia was capable of fluently speaking English and Kryptonese.


  • Split personality: Julia's full powers were not truly available to her own discretion. Apart from her invulnerability, only in moments of extreme stress can she access some of her other powers, and not at full capacity. Once her programming was awakened, as Purity, she had full access to her powers, but becomes completely unaware of it. Her separate persona as the Worldkiller is completely void of all her past memories as Julia and upon reverting to her normal self, remains completely oblivious to all actions as Purity. Though according to Purity herself, Julia was fully conscious even while the former was in control; the latter just doesn't remember it when Julia's conscience resurfaces. Just before she died, Julia regained control of her body and was able to use her powers, being able to kill Pestilence.
  • Vocal cords: If someone is able to grip Julia's throat tight enough, her vocal cords will be inoperable and she will not be able to scream.
  • Sonic dampener: This technology could dampen Julia's sonic scream but due to her augmented physiology, it probably won't dampen this power fully.
  • Power-dampening cuffs: Just like with any other alien, Julia's powers can be dampened by technology specifically designed to weaken his powers.[3]


  • Purity suit: Julia wears a protective suit as her super-villainess alter-ego, Purity.



Season 3


  • Julia was lactose intolerant.[3]