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"I know first hand the battle going on inside of you. I know what it feels like. When it happened to me, I lost. Alright? I was weak. And I let it win. And I did...I did horrible things to a lot of good people, and you don't have to do that."
—Julian Albert to Caitlin Snow[src]

Doctor Julian Albert Desmond,[1] known simply as Julian Albert, is a historian and a former crime scene investigator at the Central City Police Department, specializing in meta-humans. As a result of Barry's creating and trying to undo Flashpoint, Julian was assigned as his senior lab tech. During an expedition in the Indus Valley, Julian found the Philosopher's Stone. Once he found the stone, he woke up in his hotel room and learned his expedition team had been found dead. He then ran off to Central City while unknowingly becoming Alchemy under Savitar's control, being nicknamed Doctor Alchemy by Cisco Ramon.[2] As "Alchemy", Julian was possessed to restore the abilities of several meta-humans from the Flashpoint timeline. After being freed from Savitar's control, he joined Team Flash, using his scientific expertise to aid in protecting Central City. He also grows close to Caitlin Snow, eventually causing him to try to find a way to suppress her powers, and later to potentially cure her of her Killer Frost side. Their relationship becomes strained as Julian finds out that Caitlin recklessly tried to use a piece of the Philosopher's Stone in order to attempt to get rid of her powers, but when she suffers a life-threatening injury, he's quick to do all he can to save her.

Sometime after May 2017 when Barry Allen sacrificed himself to the Speed Force, Julian left Central City and relocated to his home in London.


Original multiverse

Early life

Julian Albert Desmond's Anthropological analysis of the Brahmastra

Julian's full name depicted on "Anthropological analysis of the Brahmastra.".

Julian Albert Desmond was born to a wealthy family in London, England. As the firstborn son, he was meant to inherit a large sum of money built up from past generations. However, Julian was an "odd duck" and would rather go outside and explore than deal with formalities.[3]

In adulthood, Julian eventually became a historian. He studied at the University of Oxford, with his dissertation "Anthropological analysis of the Brahmastra" being published by the university.[1]

Pursuit of the Philosopher's Stone

When Julian was 20, his sister Emma died of an illness. As a result, his parents stopped talking, driving the family apart. One night in 2012, Julian had a hallucination of Emma, who told him that the "Philosopher's Stone" could bring her back and where to find it in India. So, against his parents' wishes, he used his inheritance to form an archeological search team to find it in The Indus Valley.

Julian Albert is possessed by Savitar

Julian finds the Philosopher's Stone.

Weeks later without luck, Julian began to lose hope but a woman on his team told him they found it. They led him to an underground cavern where Julian opened the box containing the stone and screamed at the glowing light before blacking out.

Julian woke up the next morning in a motel where he saw a newscast reporting that the rest of his search team was found dead at the campsite. Afraid he would be blamed, he fled to America. Over the next few years, Julian would repeatedly black out and wake up in a different location with no memory of what happened. This would be the result of Savitar controlling his mind to become his deceitful "Alchemy".[1]

Meta-human expert and Dr. Alchemy

Eddie Thawne's photograph on the wall of CCPD

Hired by CCPD.

"Oh, wow. You've really got this good guy routine thing down, haven't you? And everyone just buys it. There is something not right about you, Allen. They don't see it... but I do."
—Julian Albert to Barry Allen[src]

Three years later, Julian got a job Central City Police Department as a CSI specializing in meta-humans. He shared a lab with Barry Allen (which Barry Allen was not aware of this situation due to Flashpoint), whom he developed a disliking of due to his mysterious disappearances and, "constant disregard for the rules".

At some point, Alchemy transformed four individuals into meta-humans, leaving behind husks of skin from each individual.[2]

Barry is confused by Julian working in his lab

Barry is confused by Julian working in his lab.

Almost a year later, he began working on a case involving dermal husks appearing around Central City, unaware they were a result of his being controlled by Savitar. He attended a meta-human conference for two days, before returning to a surprised Barry. The following day, he went to the scene of a fifth husk, refusing the help of Barry and instead taking his own samples, finding DNA belonging to Edward Clariss. The following day, Barry came to see him about the case and he ultimately allowed him to look at the file, albeit begrudgingly. The day after that, Julian gave Barry the finished Edward Clariss report, revealing he never told Barry the name belonging to the DNA, which meant Barry stole a sample at the earlier crime scene, and that he didn't like him as he couldn't trust him.

Alchemy and Rival vs Barry

Alchemy and Rival vs Barry.

As Alchemy, Julian communicated with Edward Clariss through unknown means and led him to his lair where he and his followers awaited him. Alchemy also forced Clariss to remember his Flashpoint life and manipulated him into agreeing to serve him in exchange for restoring his powers, allowing Clariss to become "The Rival" again. After the Rival's first encounter with the Flash, Rival led the Flash to a sawmill where Dr. Alchemy attacked the Flash. Dr. Alchemy claimed that he is helping people achieve their true potential to prepare the world, and had Rival fight Flash again. However, the Rival was defeated by the joint efforts of the Flash and Vibe. When Clariss was imprisoned, Dr. Alchemy scolded him for his incompetence and Savitar came into the cell and punished him for his failure.[2]

Frankie transforms into Magenta after Julian calls her out

Frankie transforms into Magenta after Julian calls her out.

Alchemy later awakened another Flashpoint meta-human, Frankie Kane, recreating her Magenta persona as a split personality. After Magenta attacked her foster father, John James and was confronted by the Flash at CCPD, Magenta came to Alchemy's lair, complaining that Frankie was fighting to gain control. Alchemy then told Magenta that once she showed Frankie's foster father that Magenta was in control, Frankie would also. This led to Magenta to attempt to destroy the hospital her foster father was in with a tanker, but the Flash managed to coax Frankie back to the surface, repressing Magenta.[4]

Alchemy and Magenta

Alchemy and Magenta.

Julian went to Captain David Singh, reporting on Barry about his tardiness, leaving work without information and inviting visitors to the lab. But the captain only gave the criminologist a lecture, which upset Albert. Sometime later in the lab after the monster's first attack in the city, Barry asked the man to teach him what he knows and what he can, and he will leave the lab in return. He later called Allen to the scene of the investigation, where they solved part of the puzzle together, and it was then that they both began to appreciate each other and talk more about each other. When the monster attacked again, the young man saved Julian from being crushed by an advertising banner. Back at the Police Department, Albert discovered where the monster would attack next time. During the raid he broke away from the police cordon and went to the abandoned floor of one of the skyscrapers, where he found the person responsible for controlling the beast. When he tried to escape, Julian fired a shot. Luckily, the bullet didn't hit the enemy thanks to Flash, and as it turned out, a little boy was responsible for the fuss in the city. Back at the police station, Julian let Barry stay in the lab and told about himself and the change he had undergone following recent events. Allen, seeing the broken investigator, decided to go with him for a drink, to which he agreed.[3]

Alchemy's lair

Alchemy's lair.

In the wake of another failure, Alchemy decided to target the Flash directly. Sending another of his transformed meta-humans, dubbed "Shade", to spread fear and panic and attract the Flash's attention, Alchemy reached out to Wally West through dreams/visions and his telepathy, imploring West to seek him out so that he could restore West's Flashpoint powers. As the pain of Alchemy's communications worsened, Team Flash and the CCPD used West to infiltrate Alchemy's lair and then stormed it with the Flash's help. The Flash went to grab Alchemy's stone from a pillar but Alchemy telekinetically stopped him from moving and summoned the stone to blast Flash repeatedly with beams of blue energy until it was shot out of his hand by Joe. Forced to his knees, Alchemy derided their efforts as the Flash moved to unmask him.

Cult of Savitar

Cult of Savitar.

Suddenly, an earthquake shook the lair and Alchemy bowed his head to the floor in reverence as a mysterious and unfathomably fast speedster slaughtered the CCPD cops and beat the Flash down. Meanwhile, Alchemy used his telepathy to reach Wally West once more and succeeded, turning him into a cocoon. His master saw a distracted Flash and pinned him to the ceiling, declaring himself as Savitar, the god of speed. As this was happening, Alchemy got up, watching Savitar finish him off.[5]

As Savitar was about to kill the Flash, Joe resisted and shot him but to not avail. As the situation was getting worse, Alchemy started to flee, leaving the scene unharmed. Alchemy's master then decided to "take Barry for a ride" and took off as well.

Identity revealed

Alchemy and Wally

Alchemy and Wally.

During Julian's stay at the hospital, hurt by Killer Frost's attack, Barry visited him, pleading Julian to lie about what happened the identity of Killer Frost (Caitlin, whom he knows as 'Barry's friend'). He complied, but he demanded Barry to resign from his position as the CCPD's forensic scientist. After Barry sadly agreed and left, Julian suddenly heard the voice of Savitar and fell under the speedster's mind control, leaving the hospital to find the mask of Alchemy and serve his "god" once again.[6]

Savitar posesses Julian

Savitar possessing Julian.

Julian then kept the mask in his lab at Central City Police Department, when suddenly he heard Savitar's voice ordering him to become Alchemy again. Alchemy soon becomes impatient and creates a portal for Savitar to come through, as well as restore all the meta-humans from Flashpoint. As Alchemy and his cultists prepared to bring back every meta-human from Flashpoint with a massive ritual using the Philosopher's Stone, the Flashes of two worlds appeared, with Jay Garrick taking Savitar's attention, while Barry Allen went after the unprotected Alchemy, taking the Philosopher's Stone and bringing it back to its box. As the box closed, Savitar disappeared from reality, sealed away with the stone, and Alchemy's host, Julian, lost consciousness. When Barry spoke to Julian, he revealed that he remembered nothing of his actions as Alchemy, and even refused to admit being turned into this criminal at first. Later, Barry returned to Julian's cell, asking if he had any blackouts, unmasking himself to get Julian to trust him. Afterwards, Savitar tried to leave the Philosopher's Stone's box by, effectively, turning Cisco Ramon into his new Alchemy, using the same trick with a specter of a dead sibling that he used on Julian before. Although Cisco released Savitar and was ready to attack Caitlin during a trance in which he thought he's seen his brother alive, Caitlin managed to persuade him to close the Philosopher's Stone box, trapping Savitar once again.

As Team Flash accessed Julian's mind, seeing him as their last link to Savitar, the "God of Speed" spoke through Julian once again, telling Team Flash the truth behind Alchemy and his plans as a whole. Afterwards, Julian discusses with the rest of Team Flash what to do with the Philosopher's Stone, refuting the first suggestion to destroy it, stating it was indestructible, hence why it's still around. Ultimately, Barry and Jay throw the stone into the Speed Force to neutralize the threat of Savitar. Afterwards, Julian declined Caitlin's invitation to the West family Christmas party, but later changed his mind, informing Barry that he talked with Singh and rescinded his resignation from the CCPD.[1]

Julian was working with the Police Department when Caitlin visited him. The woman asked him to help him release her powers, resulting in Albert's strange reaction and refusal. Some time later, he asked the woman to visit him again in the laboratory, where he apologized for his behavior. It was then that he was offered to join the Flash team, which he decided to consider. The next evening he showed up at Allen and Iris's housewarming party, for which he had brought a bottle of wine. At the same time, he revealed to Caitlin that he was working with Cisco on something to help her hold her powers, and finally officially joined the heroes' team.[7]

Working with Team Flash

Julian Albert say Cisco how to overcome Gypsy

Julian tells Cisco how to overcome Gypsy.

Julian helped the team defeat the Electric Gang, marveling at the chaos in the lab. When Flash and Kid Flash returned from their mission, the man wasn't exactly friendly, believing the sprinters could have done it more efficiently and faster in more ways. Then, while talking to Cisco, Caitlin and Barry, he tried to convey that there was no way the boy could get fast enough to save Iris from Savitar in the near future. When much later a certain Gypsy showed up and wanted to convict H.R. for a journey between worlds that is forbidden on their Earth, Albert found an effective way for Vibe to defeat a strong opponent in the challenge, thus saving Wells's life.[8]

Julian was working on the found body of Stuart Holzman, which decomposed extremely quickly. Believing that there might be a meta-human connection with it, and without the proper equipment in the police laboratory, Albert decided to take the body to S.T.A.R. Labs. There, he intended to test them with Caitlin, but the body turned to dust. It was only with the next victim, Julio Mendez, that the body was taken to the facility much faster and the team immediately began investigating, discovering that the strongest decay was on the palm and obtaining the DNA of the culprit - Clive Yorkin. From then on, Julian blamed himself for creating these meta-humans, and when Caitlin was forced to use her powers on Iris to save her, Albert spoke to her, noting that he was going through the same thing. Thereby he helped Snow, saved the journalist and contributed to the capture of the criminal, and at the end of the day he went with Caitlin for a drink.[9]

Julian Albert and Caitlin Snow in Earth-2

Julian and Caitlin Snow in Earth-2.

Julian was working at the police lab when Barry visited him and asked him to hide from the captain for several days. As it turned out, the team intended to save a friend from the parallel world, and that Albert also wanted to survive the journey to another Earth, told the captain that they were going to Blüdhaven together for the conference. Thus, the man went to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he and Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco relocated to Earth-2 near Gorilla City. After a short journey through the bush towards the city of telepathic gorillas, the team was stunned and then locked in a cell. There, Grodd communicated with them using Harry's body, who explained that he needed help to get rid of a certain Solovar who was going to attack Central City because of his hatred of people. Allen agreed to fight the city's leader and won the fight, but chose not to kill the gorilla. This act enraged Grodd, who took command of his race after Solovar's defeat, and decided to use Vibe's ability to infiltrate Earth-1. The heroes, however, tricked into leaving Earth-2, thus saving Harry. After the action, Caitlin went out with Julian for a drink, believing that the man cares about her.[10]

Julian returned to Central City right after his team's sprinters finished training, after which it was revealed that Wally was fast enough to beat Savitar. It was then that Allen announced to the team that he was engaged to Iris when suddenly the sprinters were forced to go to the burning building. On the way, however, Wally was attacked by Savitar, whom only the latter saw. Thus it turned out that the young West had been seeing the enemy for a long time and was hiding it from the team. An upset Barry kicked Wally off the team for this time, saying he didn't trust him. The angry boy discovered that Allen got engaged to his sister only because they were not engaged in the future and thus could turn the tide. After all, the heroes contacted the enemy several times through Julian and found out that Caitlin had stored a piece of the Philosopher's Stone. During this time, Wally was hanging out with Jesse at home when Savitar tricked him into showing himself as Francine. This upset the young man, who without the consent of his friends took the last fragment of the artifact and tried to throw it into the Power of Speed. When the portal opened, he began to drag Wally inside and Flash did not manage to save him. Young West replaced Savitar, who was trapped in the Force of Speed, thereby freeing him once and for all. The sprinters started to fight, but the hero eventually lost, ending up in the laboratory with a large stab wound.[11]

Julian, Caitlin and Cisco talk about Speed Force

Julian, Caitlin and Cisco talk about Speed Force.

On H.R.'s advice, the team decided to try and get Wally out of the Force of Speed. After taking the speed dimension lesson, Albert, Caitlin, and Cisco set about building a device that would pull the sprinter out of the Force of Speed in case of trouble. When he managed to save his friend, the rest, at the request of Jesse, tried to track Savitar with his armor, knowing that they could not allow the heroine to go to meet the enemy herself. All their efforts were shattered when the girl took advantage of the moment of inattention and put her life in danger, then the team welcomed Allen, who pulled the young West out of the speed dimension. Soon after, H.R. recalled Jesse's discovery that Savitar was not really a god as he also felt pain.[12]

Julian helped the team find a way to capture Ara Kadabra, but when Caitlin was hurt by his attack, the man tried to help her. As requested by her, he performed the operation live while being instructed by her. After that, he was left alone with her, admiring her for the courage she showed. When H.R. He returned, the team began a short conversation, after which the girl's condition began to deteriorate and despite many attempts at CPR, Ramon pronounced dead. Julian could not come to terms with the loss of Caitlin, so he took off her necklace, turning her into Killer Frost while saving her life. Sam H.R., Cisco, and Julian were pushed back by an icy blast against the walls and their friend's evil incarnation began to mock them.[13]

Broken kiss Julian and Killer Frost

Broken kiss Julian and Killer Frost.

Julian tried to convince Caitlin that she was not Killer Frost, but to no avail, forcing him to run away with the rest of his friends into the pipe. From there, Flash saved them, forcing the girl to flee. After all, Barry, fearing Savitar would win and kill Iris, decided to travel to 2024 to find out about the sprinter. This infuriated Albert, who thought Caitlin was the priority. Then Wally helped Allen to open the portal and before he looked back, the boy managed to get back, believing he had a plan even though he still didn't know who was hiding under Savitar's armor.[14]

The team chose to follow their lead and find Tracy Brand, which Julian disliked, who still thought Caitlin was a priority. As it turned out later, Killer Frost attacked friends, which the man later saw in the recordings. He was furious with Cisco for not firing a clean shot even though he had the opportunity. Sometime later it happened again, so Ramon confessed that he had a hard time attacking a friend with whom he had lived so much. Julian, however, persuaded the technician that only thanks to him can they regain their former Caitlin. After these words, during the next meeting with Killer Frost, Vibe successfully knocked Snow to the ground and took her blood sample. Unfortunately for them, Savitar arrived and took the girl with him. Nevertheless, the friend's blood sample was delivered to Albert by Cisco, who immediately set about creating some antidote.[15]

Julian says he loves Caitlin

Julian says he loves Caitlin.

The team had the idea that by wiping Barry's memory they would have a chance to get rid of Savitar, who would also remember nothing. They did so, but the plan failed too much, erasing Allen's memories of who he was. Julian and Cisco tried to fix their mistake, and Allen had to deal with Lucious Coolidge Due to their "ailment", the team decided to help with that, but to no avail. After some time, Caitlin visited them, who said she would help, fearing for Savitar himself. Together, they restored Barry's memory and tried to convince Snow to stay with them. However, these words did not help, and the girl went back to Savitar.[16]

All the while, Julian and Caitlin's mother tried to find a cure for her condition, and finally succeeded. He and his team prepared to fight Savitar by extracting Jay Garrick from the Force of Speed. When the time was right, the heroes fought each other, eventually driving Allen from the future to lower his armor. To the surprise of the others, the final blow was delivered by Iris, who shot the enemy, wiping him out of space-time. Cisco handed Caitlin the medicine and gave her the choice of whether or not to use it, then let it go. After that, the team prepared H.R. a dignified funeral where they bid farewell to a brave friend and let Caitlin go and find their own new path in life. They were going to rest together when the Storm Force of Speed began to rage over Central City. Seeing no other solution and knowing the reason for her occurrence, Allen decided to stop her by going to the speed dimension. He said goodbye to his friends, and as he entered the portal, the storm subsided, forcing the team to think.[17]

Returning to London

After Savitar was erased and Caitlin decided to find herself, Julian eventually left Team Flash and went back to London.[18]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Julian, as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[19] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[20]

New multiverse

At some point, Julian Albert worked for the CCPD investigating meta-humans, but was reassigned and eventually left.[21]

During the investigation into Frost, Cecile Horton recounted Frost's kidnapping of Julian and taking him to a meat-packing facility. This incident was one of the charges brought against Frost. It is unknown how this incident was reported as in the original multiverse, Julian was sworn to silence but this may have changed.[22]

Curious about CCPD's handling of meta-human related cases such as Rainbow Raider, Kristen Kramer looked through the case files and those assigned to them. She saw that Julian was reassigned at some point from working on meta-human related cases along with Patty Spivot which piqued Kramer's curiosity and concern with CCPD.[21]

Erased future

In the year 2024 of the timeline in which Savitar killed Iris, Julian remains at S.T.A.R. Labs to keep Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost in the pipeline as her caretaker. He was a bit distraught over the disbanding of Team Flash and Iris' death, which made him focused on his science work thoroughly in after seven years. After the Flash from 2017 arrived in the future, he was surprised to see present Barry and stated that he hadn't seen Cisco and Barry in a while. He told Barry that he come to the wrong place for answers, but he was willing to show Caitlin in the pipeline locked up and being incarcerated. Later he eventually reformed Team Flash and helped the two Flashes to stop Mirror Master and Top.[14]


"You know why I don't actually like you, don't you? I don't trust you. And I don't like things that I don't trust."
—Julian Albert to Barry Allen[src]

According to Julian himself, he doesn't like people or things he doesn't trust. He took a quick dislike of Barry Allen on the grounds that he can see that he hides secrets from everyone else. He seems to take great pride in his scientific expertise, to the point of refusing help when carrying out important investigations, although Barry claims that he often dumps on him all the paperwork he doesn't want to do himself. Ironically, he disliked the Flash because he consistently outperforms the entire police force, and believes that the Central City Police Department has become lazy and lethargic as a result. However, after Barry began trying to open up with Julian and worked on a case together, to which Barry would save him and later Julian nearly killed a child, only to be stopped by Flash, Julian began to see the "two" in a different light. Accepting that Flash is a symbol of hope for Central City, he also decided to give Barry a chance, becoming more civil with his coworker.

Julian has shown to be extremely tactless at times, as seen when he openly accused Frankie Kane of having attacked her foster father, John James, causing her to trigger her alternate personality "Magenta" in the middle of the police station, potentially placing many lives at risk just to prove himself right. He also chastised Barry for wanting to leave two minutes earlier for his date with Iris West, which hints that he might be a workaholic to a fault. This is also shown as Julian is a bit outraged that despite nine violations, Barry is able to get off with a 15-second warning. While not heartless, his sense of justice and morals is still considerably higher, agreeing to keep Caitlin Snow's meta-human rampage a secret for Barry only under the condition that he resigns from law enforcement, believing Barry is too random in his views.

Julian's perfectionist tendencies appear to stem from insecurities in his life. Not fitting in with the glamorous lifestyle of his family, Julian was determined to make a life for himself in his own way. Despite his persevering and studious nature leading him to become a top-level forensic scientist, he became distraught when the meta-human outbreak changed everything. He came to hate meta-humans because the vast majority of them went on to become criminals and made all his work and research seem irrelevant by comparison. At the same time, he envies them because he wasn't one of the "chosen" who got such remarkable abilities, only wanting to help the world as best as possible.

After learning of Barry's identity as The Flash, and who saved him from Savitar's control, Julian was initially left with deep shame, knowing that he was essentially responsible for many crimes as Alchemy. Wanting to redeem himself, he accepted Team Flash's offer to join them. Upon which, enjoying the feeling of people accepting him in a closer relationship than merely associates, he began showing a kinder and more open side.

Despite his tactlessness at times, Julian's perfectionist tendencies do serve him well in avoiding repeats of his past mistakes. Since joining Team Flash, Julian has shown himself making considerable efforts to improve his social skills, though they often come at the expense of him making a fool of himself in the process, much to his chagrin and the occasional amusement of his newfound friends. From his regular interaction with Caitlin and her constant support, Julian has begun to develop feelings for her, enough to risk his life to keep her safe.

Julian is also a true scientist at his core; though not as bombastic or enthusiastic as Cisco Ramon or Barry, he has a genuine passion for discovery and learning, having a quiet enjoyment of his work. To which, Julian shows a strong adventurous side, immediately and excitedly deciding to join Team Flash on a rescue mission to a parallel Earth against super intelligent apes, even disguising for the adventure.

Powers and abilities

Former powers

"Alchemy is the one that gave Clariss back his speed."
"He's kinda like a doctor that way, don't you think? Come on, don't pretend like "Doctor Alchemy" doesn't have a nice ring to it.
Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon[src]
  • Philosopher's Stone empowerment: While under the possession of Savitar via the Philosopher's Stone, Julian became the powerful sorcerer known as Alchemy.
    • Parachronal retrocognition: Alchemy is able to remember the Flashpoint timeline and is capable of making individuals, such as Edward Clariss, remember their alternate lives.[2] Dr. Alchemy was able to perform this despite the fact that the Flashpoint timeline was reset by Eobard Thawne.
    • Psychokinesis: Alchemy has shown multiple times to be able to carve his name into mirrors and other surfaces without touching them, or even being present for that matter. However, it is implied that this may be a hallucination, as Iris West wasn't able to see it when Wally West was during while being called on by Alchemy.[1] By extending his arm, Alchemy stopped the Flash's super speed, keeping him in a standing position unable to move long enough to summon his Philosopher's Stone to his hand to blast the speedster across the room. He then sent Flash sliding across the floor with a wave of his hand.[2]
    • Telepathy: Alchemy is able to communicate with anyone regardless of where they are, but it is revealed that Savitar was really channeling Julian to do this.[2] However, Alchemy himself is susceptible to enforced and apparently one-sided telepathic communication by his master Savitar.
    • Transmutation: Alchemy is able to biologically alter individuals to give them meta-human powers, the individuals emerging from and leaving behind a "husk" in their place after being granted their powers. Acolyte Craig claimed that Alchemy can also take powers away from meta-humans,[6] although whether this is true or not is up for debate. He also revealed Alchemy's powers were greatly amplified if he chooses to; for example whereas The Rival in the Flashpoint timeline could only match the much slower Flash (Wally) and struggled to keep up with a weakened Flash (Barry), in the new slightly altered timeline, the Rival's powers were increased to the point that they could compete with The Flash.[2]


"I'll tell you what, when I figure it out, I'll enlighten you then, shall I?"
—Julian Albert to Barry Allen[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Expert tactician/Expert investigator/Expert scientist: Despite his high-standards, Julian views are often well-founded from his natural insightfulness. Very shrewd, he is able to perceive both the situation quickly at first glance and likewise quickly determine an effective means to handle it. The genius Cisco Ramon referred to him as "the best."[2] Ignoring his initial dislike of Barry, he quickly began to realize that Barry was hiding his true nature, not surprised when he finally learned that Barry was The Flash. Since joining Team Flash, his methodical and calculating nature is also shown him to be an effective tactician, offering optimum choices on how to act like how he coached Cisco for his impending single combat with Gypsy and even determined the best way for the former to best the latter in spite of the gap in power and experience between them. Like Barry, Julian is highly skilled in forensics, sometimes even superior to the former, praised even by Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon. Very detailed oriented, he is able to comprehend much of a crime scene after an initial inspection. Specializing in meta-human forensics for the CCPD, Julian is also well-versed in the various reports of meta-human activity. He is an accomplished archeologist and historian, his dissertation on the Brahmastra being among those featured on Oxford University's website. Julian is also very advanced in mathematics, able to calculate Barry's ability to increase his speed given his current rate.
    • Computer specialist: Julian is shown to be very skilled in computers, able to program an algorithm to locate people with potential connections to Alchemy from a laptop in only moments after Caitlin abducted him.
    • Skilled engineer: He was able to assist Cisco in crafting a meta-human power dampening necklace for Caitlin to suppress her Killer Frost side.
    • Skilled physician: During his time in the military, Julian served as a field medic, able to patch up minor injuries. Combined with his advanced knowledge in biology and Caitlin's instructions, he was able to successfully remove shrapnel lodged deep inside her abdomen.[13]
  • Skilled marksman: Julian had four years of military training under his belt. Because of this, he has experience with a handgun.[3]


Former equipment

  • Philosopher's Stone: Alchemy uses Brahmastra, or the Philosopher's Stone (a stone made of calcified Speed Force energy[23]), to project concussive energy blasts that could send opponents flying through the air. It also turns Alchemy's "chosen" ones into cocoons should they choose to reclaim their Flashpoint powers by touching it.[2]
  • Alchemy outfit: Julian worn this outfit to conceal his identity while being controlled by Savitar as Alchemy.


The Flash

The Chronicles of Cisco



Concept artwork


  • Julian Albert is the second character introduced who was a historian by profession, after Nate Heywood.
  • During his time with Team Flash, Julian developed affection for Caitlin Snow. When she transformed into the murderous Killer Frost, Julian was almost killed by her sadistic freezing kiss. When she helped the team restore Barry's memory, and therefore Savitar's, Julian confessed his feelings to her, briefly bringing Caitlin back to the surface.
  • He enjoys opera.[13]
  • When he first began working with Team Flash, Julien reminded Cisco Ramon of Hartley Rathaway.[16]
  • Julian is played by the same actor who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. They share many similar traits, such as apparent narcissism, dislike of the protagonist (who even share many personality similarities themselves between Barry and Harry) and contempt for said protagonist being seen as the "golden boy" or star of their respective environments.

Behind the scenes

  • The character's name was originally supposed to be "Julian Dorn" but was changed in "Paradox".
  • Tom Felton has expressed interest in reprising his role as Julian.
  • In DC comics, Doctor Alchemy is the alter-ego of Albert Desmond (Julian's middle and last names), a friend of Barry Allen who, due to a personality disorder, sometimes lapsed into a life of crime, using an object called the Philosopher's Stone to physically reshape objects into any form of matter he desired. One of his other villainous identities was "Mister Element," in which he could generate any chemical element to help him in his crimes. Additionally, after Desmond was cured of his personality disorder by Barry Allen, the Philosopher's Stone created a phantom construct Alchemy named "Alvin Desmond", that pretended to be Albert's twin brother. Desmond also had a number of successors, such as Alexander Petrov in the guise of Mister Element, and Curtis Engstrom in the guise of Dr. Alchemy. He also had a precursor named Zobar Zodiak, nicknamed "the Alchemist", who was one of the original wielders of the Philosopher's Stone.
  • Tom Felton's role in a plot concerning a Philosopher's Stone is reminiscent of his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, of which the first movie was released in the countries outside of the USA under the title Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Other parallels between the characters were shown as well such as both being British, not getting along with the protagonist at first but that changes down the line, coming from old money, as well as being the heir of a family who held to old values, though in Julian's case he considered himself the odd duck for not wanting to go down the same path his family did compared to Draco.