Julius is a criminal from Central City, and an inmate of Iron Heights Prison. He is also one of Marcus Stockheimer's men.


When Henry Allen was asking questions about Marcus Stockheimer, Julius (off-screen) beats him up and stabbed him with a knife, to teach Henry a lesson, not to go and stick his nose into Marcus' business, when Barry learned what happened, he became enraged, when he asked his father who did this to him, he told his son that it was one of Marcus' men; Julius, Barry (under the persona of the Flash) broke the latter out of Iron Heights Prison, to make it look like he tried to escape from prison, knowing that they would increase his prison sentence for 10 more years, and also he would be relocated to a new cell away from his father.

When he was caught by the guards (off-screen) Julius tells them that the Flash broke him out, but they don't believe him.


The Flash

Season 1

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