The jump ship is an emergency transportable containment in the Waverider for use of time travel.


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The jump ship is presumably built along with the Waverider. As the recruitment of the Legends in 2016, the Legends frequently used it to travel across time and space separately or without being noticed.

After the Legends’ confrontation with Vandal Savage in 2166, he used it to take Kendra Saunders and Scythian Torvil to London in order to murder Miranda and Jonas.

In 2017, Sara Lance used it to travel back to 1942 to get Amaya Jiwe back on the team.

Sometime after that, Martin Stein used it to travel back to the present to meet his grandson as he thought none of the Legends noticed his actions however they did.

In 2018, John Constantine, along with Charlie and Zari Tomaz who disapproved this action used it to alter the timeline for own purpose as they finally gave up due to the timeline gets worse every time they alter.


The original jump ship has 8 seats along with a pilot suit in the front. This variation had a door opened on the right side on the back and 2 pair of landing gears attached to the front and back of it.

At an unknown time, the Legends either made a new jump ship or modified to former one. The new variation had the same amount of seats. The difference are the way how the door opens and the landing gear has the same design as a helicopter's landing gear.

In 2018, the Legends got a different jump ship which had 2 doors on the sides and 1 on the back with the same landing gear design as the previous one. However, it is unknown if this was the same previous one.


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