Jupiter's Rings Trailer Resort is a trailer park located near the Blackmore area of National City.


After Lyra Strayd attempted to frame Winn Schott for stealing The Starry Night painting from the National City Art Gallery, Alex Danvers and James Olsen questioned Worris at Al's Dive Bar who told them that she could be found at the trailer park.[1]

Winn went into her trailer and questioned her to see if their relationship was real or not. When she shot him down, he exited the trailer and James, as Guardian, tried to apprehend her. A fight then broke out at the trailer park between James, Alex, and Winn against Lyra and some gang members causing massive damage to nearby trailers and the entrance sign. The gang members got away, but Lyra was captured and taken to a cell at the D.E.O.[1]



Season 2


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