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Juru, also known as the Dark Valley, is an alternate dimension occupied by a valley containing a dark wooded area. Juru is a sacred land for the Children of Juru, an ancient coven of witches on Krypton. Juru is where the Worldkiller personas reside when their human counterparts are conscious and is the source of the Dark Kryptonians' powers.


Created by the Juru, the Worldkillers lived and honed their powers in the dimension of the same name. When they began to awaken alongside their human personas, the humans were transported to Juru when the Worldkillers awoke. This occurred on one occasion, when Samantha Arias was transported to Juru, fighting her alter-ego Reign. She returned, confronting Reign, who told her to surrender her life before she woke up, as well as threatening to kill Ruby. After the two other Wordkillers found Lena Luthor's lab, along with Samantha, Reign completely took over again and sent Sam back to the alternate dimension as she and the others flew away.[1]

Samantha woke up in the other dimension and found Grace Parker's corpse, as well as Julia Freeman, who she tried to help by looking for safety. Supergirl was momentarily sent there after the Worldkillers began a ritual to eclipse the sun. Meanwhile, Sam and Julia found their way to a location similar to the Fortress of Sanctuary on Earth-38, where they initially forgot details about themselves, but chose to write them down in order to remember. Supergirl, Alex Danvers and Lena were all sent to the dimension using 31st-century technology in order to help Samantha and Julia. A Kryptonian demon scared them, but quickly disappeared. Inside the fortress structure, they found Sam and convinced her to wake up and give them their location. However, in the process, Reign was put back into the dimension in the process, and attacked Lena. Supergirl offered herself but Reign declined her offer, as she prepared to kill Lena. Supergirl, Alex, and Lena were all woken up by Brainiac 5 before they could be hurt. The other Worldkillers woke up from their ritual, realizing what Samantha had done, and beat her, bringing Reign back into control of Sam's body. Samantha returned to the alternate dimension, going insane when she realized that Reign intended to kill her daughter, Ruby.[2]

Samantha later returned to the valley to drink from the Fountains of Lilith in order to energize herself to battle Reign. There, Patricia Arias, her mother, told her which half of the fountain gave water that would strengthen her in order to right her wrongs as a mother, which allowed Samantha to use powers similar to Reign's.

Samantha once again returned with Supergirl and Reign using the Harun-El to enter the valley of Juru and give Reign the water from the fountain of Lillith that would weaken her, causing Kryptonian demons to come and take Reign away as Reign lost her powers.[3]

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Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Valley of Juru was a region on Krypton which gave rise to a group known as the Wizards of Juru, a group well-practiced in magic and sorcery. The valley was located on the continent of Lurvan, which was among the unexplored regions of Krypton. Only a few Kryptonians knew of its existence and even those who did couldn't find it.