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Justin Whicker (died late 2012) was an expat of Starling City who ran a sex trafficking ring operating out of Moscow, Russia. His name is on "The List".


Justin Whicker ran a sex trafficking ring from Moscow, Russia, with help from Irena Poutchkova, a ballerina who would "recruit" young women into his business under the guise of giving them an opportunity to attend ballet academies in Starling City. Justin arranged for all of the kidnapped women to be shipped to his clients The Glades. Presumably due to these activities, his name ended up on The List.

In late 2012, The Hood traced Justin's smuggling ring to Moscow and confronted him in his penthouse, where Justin was about to rape one of women he kidnapped. Justin attempted to flee with the woman as his men engaged the vigilante, but failed and was cornered outside his car. Justin attempted to stall as he reached for his gun, claiming that even if he died, someone else would take his place since he is "necessary" in providing a "service" to satisfy his clients. He then drew his gun and attempted to shoot The Hood, but the vigilante killed Justin by shooting an arrow in his chest.[1]





  • Justin Whicker has the same surname as another character, Brandon Whicker, who is also on "The List", but it is unclear whether or not they are related.