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An unnamed K'hund escaped from Fort Rozz after it crashed on Earth.


The K'hund was arrested by Krypton's military guild, brought before Alura Zor-El, and sentenced to Fort Rozz. After Fort Rozz crashed on Earth, the K'hund escaped, along with many of his fellow convicts.[1]

Arrest by the D.E.O.

The K'hund caught the attention of the D.E.O. and Supergirl when he began leading robberies of armored vehicles carrying gold. During a third robbery, the D.E.O. engaged the K'hund and as planned, they lured him to Supergirl. Recognizing the superheroine as Alura's daughter, the K'hund attacked her. Supergirl easily got the better of him, but decided to let the K'hund go, mocking how he wasn't even worth her time.

The next day, a D.E.O. team led by Alex Danvers apprehended the K'hund. While being taken to a holding cell, the K'hund angrily demanded that Alex not "overestimate [her] worth", revealing that Supergirl deliberately let him escape.[1]

After Non had taken over National City using Myriad and forced Lucy Lane to unlock all of the D.E.O. containment cells, the K'hund beat on his cell wall in anticipation.[2]

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