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KPJT News is a television news station broadcasting in National City. Their broadcast signal is Channel 3.


KPJT broadcasted live that Flight 237 was in danger due to engine trouble. Later that night, several KPJT news correspondents reported on the Flight 237 rescue.[1]

A week later, KPJT News covered Supergirl's various small, yet meaningful heroic deeds in the city, including foiling a pizza parlor robbery, rescuing a couple trapped in a crashed car, transporting an ambulance with a heart attack victim to National City General Hospital, and saving a pet snake from a tree.[2]

On Thanksgiving day, the channel reported Leslie Willis' condition after being rescued by Supergirl during a lightning storm. Later that night, KPJT News broadcasted that a series of inexplicable blackouts were crippling the city.[3]

In late 2017, Morgan Edge announced on KPJT News his intentions of buying CatCo Worldwide Media.[4]

In early 2018, KPJT News covered a fundraising gala for the National City Parks Conservatory, with Edge giving a statement on his attendance.[5]

During Reign's attempted terraformation of Earth, KPJT News covered Superman saving Madagascar.[6]

Olivia Marsdin's identity exposed to the public

President Marsdin exposed.

In late 2018, KPJT News reported President Olivia Marsdin's exposure as an alien following a terrorist attack at Camp David.[7]

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