For the television station of Earth-1, see KSFZ Channel 8.

KSFZ is a television news station broadcasting in National City on Channel 14 and Channel 25.


In late 2015, an unnamed woman presented a story on KSFZ on market manipulation.

The next day, KSFZ reported on the Flight 237 rescue.[1]

A week later, KSFZ reported Supergirl causing an oil spill at National City Port. Maxwell Lord, who donated to the cleanup fund, gave a statement on the trouble Supergirl would bring to National City, much like Superman did in Metropolis.

Later, KSFZ reported on Supergirl stopping a robbery spree, interviewing Carly, an apartment resident, about the event.[2]



Season 1


  • KSFZ may be the Earth-38 equivalent to KSFZ Channel 8 on Earth-1, as they have the same letters in their name and are both television news stations.


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