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|name = Kahndaq
|name = Kahndaq
|image =
|image =
|location = Bordering [[Egypt]]
|location= [[Africa]]; [[Earth]]
|use = Country
|use = Country
|owner = Kahndaqi government
|owner = Kahndaqi government

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Kahndaq is a country. Its capital is Shiruta. It borders Egypt.[1]


In an unknown year, the Kahndaq dynasty diamond was recovered.[2]

Kahndaq was liberated by A.R.G.U.S. and a multitude of soldiers in 2012. This led to a large amount of sectarian violence.[3]

A nerve gas was manufactured in Kahndaq, then shipped to the United States for Gholem Qadir.[4]

An extremist sect named Onslaught kidnapped a class of girls and killed their teacher.[5] They also went on to execute a number of men in the capital city, Shiruta.[6] Sometime later, the Suicide Squad came in to eliminate members of Onslaught. They took a member of the sect to interrogate.[1] They found Khem-Adam and various soldiers in the Amon-Shu Caves in the Ahk-Ton Desert, where a fight ensued. During the fight, Bronze Tiger was killed, the kidnapped girls were saved and Khem-Adam was taken by The Canary and Nyssa al Ghul.[7]



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  • In the DC comics, Kahndaq is the home of Black Adam, the archenemy of Shazam. Its capital, Shiruta, was named after his late wife.


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