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"You were right. Something came through. And it's even more powerful than we hoped."
Kit Faulkner on Kal-El.[src]

Kal-El (died early 2022)[1] was the son of a late unnamed woman, the brother of the late Tal-Rho, the husband of Lois Lane, and the father of Jonathan and Jordan-El.

After stealing the pendant of the dictator Ally Allston, Kal went to Earth-TUD25 to destroy her pendant before both versions could merge together, but he got stuck in the Shuster Mines. He was later released by AmerTek Industries and confronted by his Earth-TUD25 counterpart. Eventually, Kal was trapped by Superman in a fortress in the desert, but was freed by the A.I. of Lara Lor-Van to save her children from Lieutenant General Mitch Anderson, who ended up weakening Kal with X-Kryptonite and killing him.


Early life

Kal-El and his brother Tal-Rho were born on Krypton and were sent by their mother to Earth when their planet exploded. Kal has an arctic fortress that contains an A.I. from his mother. At some point, he became a world famous superhero and married Lois Lane. Around 2005, Lois became pregnant with twin boys, Jonathan and Jordan-El. When he found out, he went to a bar in Smallville to tell his brother that he was going to be an uncle and was going to move from Metropolis to a farm Smallville. There, Tal met bartender Lana, they fell in love and eventually got married, with Kal being his best man. Due to his work, Kal was largely absent from his children's lives.[2]

Rise of Ally Allston

Kal with his family.

In late 2021, Kal and his family went to an event and he didn't realize that a man was going to fall off a building, so Jon saved him, revealing his powers. Jon also became a famous superhero and his sidekick, helping him stop bad guys and eventually becoming more beloved by fans. At some point, Kal had trips with President Seinfeld. Later, Kal argued with Jon for acting alone and this led Jon to resent him even more and join Ally Allston's cult. Kal became obsessed with stopping Ally and began using Green Kryptonite to increase his powers, causing Lois to be disappointed and leave the farm with Jordan. Kal became enraged and burned the ranch using his heat breath. Eventually, the prolonged use of Kryptonite had psychological and physical side effects.

Tal visited Kal at the farm, warning him about what the Kryptonite was doing to him and that he and Lana had decided to team up with Ally, Kal felt betrayed and ordered him to leave. When Ally and her followers took control of the government, Kal tracked Lois, Jordan, and Sam Lane to a hidden bunker where they took refuge. By then, the effects of the Kyrptonite had already warped him. He apologized to his family for never being present and said that he planned to steal Ally's pendant (an ancient artifact that was capable of granting the user godhood if paired with its other half) and take it to another Earth, where he believed he could destroy it and stop her from merging the two worlds.[2] After having defeated her guards, including Lana, Kal stole Ally's pendant. Later on, he put on armor, took another dose of Kryptonite, and traveled to the mines, where he went through a portal, ending up in Smallville's Shuster Mines on Earth-TUD25.[3]

In another dimension

Kal within the Shuster Mines.

Despite his intake of Kryptonite, Kal remained stuck in the Shuster Mines in Smallville due to the X-Kryptonite there weakening him,[3] resulting in him being sealed into his armor. His efforts to get out caused several earthquakes in the city and Superman, his Earth-TUD25 counterpart, to suffer seizures with painful headaches, intense visions, and fits of rage.[4]

When several members of AmerTek went into the mines to investigate, Kal killed them all. Dr. Kit Faulkner described him as "even more powerful than [she] hoped."[5]

Kal escapes from the mines.

Later, Kal was able to escape the mines and fought Superman and John Henry Irons, during which time he said "leave me alone" backwards. When Superman started receiving painful visions, Kal did too and flew away to the Fortress of Solitude. When his armor was removed, he resembled Superman, down to a damaged suit with a backwards S on his chest. Kal then said the word "home" backwards.[6]

Kal in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Later, he flew to the Kent Farm to kill Superman, so his visions would stop.[3] After a brief confrontation with Superman and John Irons, he fled and flew to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. There, he was confronted by the Supermen of America. In his battle with them, he killed two of the Supermen, with Tag Harris being the sole survivor. Superman appeared and fought Kal. John Irons attempted to help Superman with his hammer but was struck by Kal, who ran away again. John was later hospitalized because of this.[7]

Kal reveals that he wants to stop Ally.

Kal discovered that Dr. Kit Faulkner was one of Ally Allston's followers and killed her in her office. Lois Lane walked in and he ran away instead of hurting her. He tracked Ally down and tried to kill her, but Superman stopped him, they had a brief fight that led them to the Shuster Mines and knocked him unconscious with a shard of X-Kryptonite. Superman took Kal to Tal-Rho's Fortress, where Lara Lor-Van's A.I. trapped him in yellow energy and was able to give him the ability to speak coherently. When he woke up, he told Superman that he needed to kill Ally before she destroyed his world.[8] He also told how he got to this world and why he's been killing people, to destroy Ally's pendant, but Superman was afraid to believe it.[3]


Kal is killed by Anderson.

Superman and Tal-Rho went to the fortress. Kal was still trapped and remembered Tal's counterpart from the Inverse World, whose wife tried to kill him. Eventually, they were tracked down by Lieutenant General Mitch Anderson, who used X-Kryptonite to give himself superpowers. Superman and Tal-Rho were weakened by red solar radiation and Anderson managed to overpower them and shoot Tal-Rho with Kryptonite bullets. Because of this, Lara Lor-Van's A.I. released Kal so he could save her children. As he fought Anderson, Kal proved to be immune to green kryptonite. Anderson deduced that X-Kryptonite was his weakness and repeatedly hit Kal with X-Kryptonite gas, weakening him to the point where Anderson could break his neck and kill him.[1]


"And now, I'm stuck once again... because of you."
"Not because of me. Because you killed innocent people. Two teenagers."
"Only by necessity."
"You almost killed my friend."
"He attacked me."
"You tried to kill me!"
"Because I needed those visions to stop!
—Kal-El to Superman[src]

According to his son, Jordan, Kal-El once embodied the same noble and selfless nature of a hero as his Earth-TUD25 counterpart. Likewise, he was a loving family man, eager to be there for his family. However, between never having a civilian disguise that his counterpart has and the constant fame and wealth he was showered with, Kal eventually let the ego-boost go to his head.

He became cocky, showboating, self-entitled, and careless. He came to see being famous and beloved as no different than helping people, spending more time working on his public image and endorsements than protecting society. He would pander to the fans so much, he would fail to hear people in need, once letting a person fall to their demise if not for Jonathan's intervention. While still truly loving his family, his shameless glory-seeking unintentionally led to neglecting his family. He only began taking an interest in Jonathan again when his powers manifested. While attempting to teach Jordan to be hero, Kal's efforts became more about promoting his son as part of his commercial brand. With his insecurity at Jonathan become more popular than him and his arrogant control of how Jonathan was to perform as a hero, Kal ultimately further pushed his son away. This continued self-entitlement eventually also led to Lois and Jordan leaving him from his inability see the fame was making him neglect his family and actual hero duties.[2]

Kal would become addicted to the power Green Kryptonite gave him, which ultimately led to his downfall.[2] It made him become very aggressive and reckless. Following his various failings, Kal eventually came to admit to, hoping to make up for all of it. Risking everything, he came to Earth-TUD25 with good intentions, hoping to save both worlds. However, unlike his Earth-TUD25 counterpart, Kal was willing to kill in order to protect the world.[8]

Powers and abilities


  • Kryptonian physiology: As a Kryptonian, Kal possesses special abilities. He may even be stronger than his Earth-TUD25 counterpart, as he has been fighting him on equal terms even while weakened by the yellow sun.
    • Super strength:

      Kal and Superman fight in the air.

      When Kal was beneath the Shuster Mines, his punches at the rock caused several earthquakes.[4] He was also able to equal Superman, one of the physically strongest individuals on Earth.[6][7]
    • Super speed: Kal is able to move at immense speeds, able to match Superman in combat.[6][7]
    • Flight: Kal is able to fly at tremendous speeds.[6]
    • Invulnerability: Kal is incredibly durable, able to endure very powerful explosions, hits from Superman and even intense blasts of the latter's heat vision, with little to no noticeable harm.[6][7]
    • Red sun immunity: As shown from John Henry Irons' attempt to weaken Kal with red solar flares, he remained completely unfazed.[6]
    • Freeze vision:

      Kal and Superman face off.

      Inverse of Superman's heat vision, Kal-El is able to produce very cold beams from his eyes, that can freeze his target and, additionally, create icicles if he chooses to.[8]
    • Fire breath: He is able to produce an amount of fire from his mouth, in a similar but inverse manner to Superman's ice breath.[7]
    • Telescopic vision: From high in the air he was able to zoom in on Dr. Kit Faulkner walking in the street.[8]
    • Green Kryptonite empowerment: As an inverse of Superman, exposure to green kryptonite makes him stronger instead of weakening him.[1]


  • X-Kryptonite: As Kal has an inverse biology to Superman, rather than empower the being, X-Kryptonite weakens him to a certain extent, allowing Superman to knock him out.[8]
  • Yellow sun energy: As Kal has an inverse biology to Superman, yellow sun energy weakens him to a degree rather than increases his power, similar to how red sun energy weakens Kryptonians native to Earth-TUD25.[8]
  • Green Kryptonite addiction: While Green Kryptonite empowers Kal, it also causes him to become more cocky like his son's Earth-TUD25 counterpart, along with other side effects, which ultimately led to his death.[2]
    • Degeneration/Monstrous appearance: While Green Kryptonite makes Kal stronger, it seemingly only extends to his powers, not his durability. Kal's skin became a pale white and the skin around his eyes, mouth and cheeks turned black.[2]
    • Headaches: Prolonged usage of Green Kryptonite gave Kal headaches. These headaches would worsen when he arrived on Earth-TUD25, due to telepathic connection with his counterpart. Kal acted even more aggressive than usual, as he crossed a line he usually wouldn't, killing the teens on Superman of America - even if he believed they were allied with Ally Allston.[2]


Former equipment

Ally Allston's pendant.

  • The Pendant: The pendant is an artifact as old as time, born when the Inverse World and Earth-TUD25 were split.[3] The pendant produces waves of energy when in the presence of Superman.[7] He stole the pendant from the Ally Allston of the Inverse World.[3] It was later stolen by Tag Harris and given to Mitch Anderson.[7]


Superman & Lois




  • He had an orange cat named Krypto.[3]
  • He and his family lived like celebrities. Ironically, J'onn J'onzz of Earth-38 had scolded Kara to avoid that after she gave an interview to Cat Grant; unlike how this attracted Reactron, Kal and his family were able to live peacefully for years.
  • Kryptonite affects him the same way as it did the artificial Kryptonian Bizarro, making him degenerate into a gray form with black eye with enhanced powers; only his irises glowed blue, likely due to his mind not having deteriorated from a coma/brain death. Though he was still as violent as Jane Doe, albeit because his self-restraint was diminished from the psychological effects; much like how Red Kryptonite affects regular Kryptonian by removing the inhibitions.
  • Kal's Kryptonite usage is a parallel to Jonathan's X-Kryptonite usage.

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