Kamilla Hwang is a former bartender at Liquid Kitty and a photographer for The Central City Citizen. She is the girlfriend of Cisco Ramon and a member of Team Flash.


Original multiverse

While working at Liquid Kitty, Kamilla met Cisco Ramon, whom she served a drink on the house. They talked for a bit and later gave each other their phone numbers and began texting.[1]

Kamilla later went on a date with Cisco at CC Jitters; unbeknownst to her, this happened 52 times in previous timelines, a fact that Cisco was aware of. With the date having begun with a rocky start, they agreed upon a do-over date.[2]

Eventually, Iris West-Allen hired Kamilla to take photos of an Easter Egg for her newspaper.[3]

Cisco confessed to her that he was Vibe and time later told her about giving up his powers.[4] She was made aware about Barry Allen being The Flash, and she has assisted Team Flash as mission control.

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She was aware of Cisco sleepwalking. Cisco was seemingly going to cut his hair, and then Kamilla revealed that he was sleepwalking. Both were about to sleep when Josh arrived to announce that Gypsy died. Cisco and Kamilla went to S.T.A.R. Labs and met Zak.

While Josh and Cisco were using a device to vibe, they saw someone with Cisco's likeness killing her, while Kamilla used the computers to locate a gun and found it in a shelf. She went to where Cisco and Josh were and the gun made Josh suspect more of him. After realizing of what they saw, Kamilla suggested that they saw a doppelganger of him, but Josh did not believe it.

Cisco and Kamilla worked together to uncover his Earth-19 counterpart Echo as the real killer. Cisco tricked him and exposed him as the real killer, and the Collectors arrested him.

While Josh, Cisco and Kamilla were talking about Gyspy's death, they realized that Cynthia planned to bring Echo to Earth-1 so Cisco could uncover him. Josh invited her to her remembrance service and then abruptly left so the two could be alone. With Josh gone, Cisco told Kamilla that he was trying to express his love for her but couldn't. Kamilla said that she loved him too, and they shared a passionate kiss.[5]

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Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Kamilla as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[6] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[7]

New multiverse

The Central City Citizen (Earth-Prime)

Employee of The Central City Citizen

Kamilla, the photographer for The Central City Citizen, aided Iris in investigating Black Hole despite Cecile Horton's protests. She pretended to be Iris in a holographic display so that the killer Dr. Light would attack her while the real Iris confronted Joseph Carver.[8]

Kamilla worked on comms with Chester P. Runk while the other members of Team Flash were preoccupied; the Flash did not like it. Kamilla listened as Barry tried to justify his mean reactions to the changes caused by Crisis, not finding his parents' graveyard, specifically. Kamilla told him to be lenient with Chester because the Flash is his idol.[9]

Kamilla Hwang's camera

Looking at her camera

When Wally West arrives to Central City, she takes a casual photo with a camera modified by Cisco, but mirror Iris orders her to delete it to avoid being tracked by Black Hole. When she goes back with the camera in the Central City Citizen office, she saw that the photo refused to be deleted. The camera requested to apply a Prismatic filter and it revealed that the Iris in the picture was a living mirror, and not the normal Iris. Mirror Iris appeared shortly after and shot her with the Mirror gun.[10]

Trapped in the mirrorverse

Later, Iris finds Kamilla in the Mirrorverse, in its version of S.T.A.R. Labs, and discovers that she owned Cicada's Lightning dagger. Kamilla feared Iris at first, threatening to shoot her, because she knew nothing about the clones; Iris convinces her of her veracity by knowing that only she is allowed to wear Cisco's Chewbacca shirt. Kamilla had not yet adapted to the Mirrorverse, she is still unable to read from reflective surfaces. [11] She did notice however that Iris was gaining the ability to read from reflective surfaces and had her recall the dangers of such a power as Iris sought the location of David Singh who was also trapped in the Mirrorverse. Just as Iris told Kamilla that she found a location on David in the Mirrorverse version of Central City Hospital, she started to vanish; Kamilla yelled her name as she disappeared.[12]


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Kamilla is a supportive girlfriend to Cisco Ramon. She was understanding when he confessed to being Vibe and was encouraging when Breacher wrongfully thought he murdered Gypsy. Both share a healthy relationship.




The Flash

The Chronicles of Cisco


  • Kamilla prefers the decaf Flash drink at CC Jitters.[2]
  • Kamilla wears Cisco's Chewbacca T-shirt and is the only one allowed to wear it.


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