Kamilla Hwang owns a camera that was created by Quimby Labs and later upgraded by Cisco Ramon.


During his trip around Earth-Prime, Cisco Ramon visited Quimby Labs in Germany, where he received one of their cameras as a gift for Kamilla Hwang. After making some upgrades, Cisco gave Kamilla the camera.

After she used the camera to take a photo of "Iris West-Allen" and Wally West, the upgrades started working and revealed that Iris is a clone but not the normal human.[1]

Later, Kamilla's mirror doppelgänger used the camera and scanned for the prismatic refractor in Mercury Labs.[2]


The prismatic filter reveals the true form of "Iris West-Allen"


  • Prismatic filter: Mirror clones' true form can be caught on camera when a "prismatic filter" is applied. This filter shows Mirror Iris as a human sized Mirror.[1]


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