"Mother has a theory. I am the answer."
"Wait! You'll die."
"Then it is Eva's will.
—Kamilla Hwang's last words to Iris West-Allen[src]

Kamilla Hwang (died 2020), nicknamed Mirror-Kamilla by Allegra Garcia, was an entity who is the mirrored doppelgänger and a cloned counterpart to Kamilla Hwang. She was created by the Mirrorverse and shares the same memories as the original Kamilla although a few other traits are in opposition to her Earth-Prime counterpart. She manipulates the real Kamilla’s friends while secretly working with Eva McCulloch and Mirror Iris West-Allen towards an ulterior motive. She sacrifices herself so that Mirror Iris and Mirror David Singh could collect the blood of Bloodwork.



Kamilla was created some point after Mirror Iris got rid of her original counterpart using the mirror gun after the real Kamilla discovered the true identity of Mirror Iris.[1]

Working with Eva McCulloch and Mirror Iris

Eva commands Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla

"Kamilla" and "Iris" talk with Eva.

Shortly after having a conversation with Mirror Iris, Eva appeared to them and gave them instructions to carry out her plan and Kamilla quickly agreed. Kamilla went to Mercury Labs with "Iris" to interview Tina McGee but they were interrupted as Sunshine attacked. The true objective was to acquire the prismatic refractor.

Ultimately, Kamilla brings the refractor to "Iris".[1]

Kamilla and "David" help to place mirrors throughout Barry and Iris's apartment with "Iris"; they later discuss how Barry tried to use a prismatic filter to prove Iris' identity, but Eva helped to fool the others with a quick switch.[2]


Mirror Kamilla sacrifices herself for Eva's will

Mirror Kamilla sacrifices herself for Eva's will.

Kamilla went with Iris and David Singh to visit Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork as Eva needed his blood to escape the Mirrorverse. Under Eva's orders, Kamilla walked into the protective shield around the MAC to temporarily destabilize it, killing herself in the process.[2]


When Cisco Ramon learned of the existence and death of "Mirror Kamilla" during a meeting of Team Flash, he proposed the possibility that Kamilla may be dead along with the others who had been replaced. [3]


"Wait! You will die!"
"Then it is Eva's will.
—Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla[src]

Kamilla was a robot; the totality of her personality was being an extension of Eva McCulloch and serving her will. To that end, Kamilla was perfection and absolutely obedient, having no hesitation about destroying herself towards making sure that Eva got whatever she wanted.

Powers and abilities


  • Connection to Eva McCulloch: As she was created by Eva, she has a connection to her as she scratches herself when Eva does the same. [1]


  • Skilled photographer: Like her Earth-Prime counterpart, Kamilla is a skilled photographer.[1]



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